How not to do repairs in the bathroom

It is believed that the bathroom renovation is one of thethe most labor-intensive and key stages of repair of an apartment. When repairing the bathroom need a professional approach, because the repair of bathroom - a complex process and can prevent a lot of mistakes in the repair. Especially difficult, if accompanied by a bathroom redevelopment: the demolition of walls between the bathroom and toilet, an extension of the bathroom in the corridor, or at all, and its creation on the former site of the room. Before you start a repair in the bathroom need all zaranee plan. To repair the bathroom first need to understand what you are going to do. Developing bathroom design - one of the important conditions for the start of work. Therefore we must all decide in advance how should look like a bathroom in the works eventually. The first step repair - it is necessary to decide what it will repair, will be minor or major. Next, you must choose a design bathroom. Then you can start to make a list of necessary materials, as well as counting the number of them.

To determine the amount of cladding coatings, for example - the tiles, it is necessary to know the exact dimensions of the room.

For this purpose, measure the height, length and width of the wallsand on the basis of the data needed to calculate the area of ​​a room. To find out how much to water and sewer pipes and electrical wires, it is necessary to draw their circuit assembly, and then on this basis to calculate the length of each system. In order to make an estimate, ie, - To determine the total cost of repairs, pre-visit construction markets and shops and select specific materials based on your financial capabilities and aesthetic preferences. Decide what you need to repair the bathroom, the number and value of the required, you can begin to acquire it. Purchasing materials should be with some margin. This will help you avoid shortages, such as the fight of ceramic tiles or problems during installation of utilities. Since the bathroom is a place of high humidity, on this basis in the performance of finishing the bathroom should be applied only to appropriate technology. To repair works were carried out at affordable prices and with perfect quality, you should contact the company Turnkey. Construction and repair company Turnkey engaged in the construction and repair work in Moscow and the Moscow region for a long time and its high-quality services managed to win the trust of customers. Turning to the company Turnkey You will receive high-quality bathroom renovation services for children, terraces, bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms turnkey. Before you begin any repairs, you need to consider everything in advance and make a plan. Which bathroom renovation you want it, what materials are going to use in the course of work, where to buy mortars and other consumables. Turnkey Company performs repair and finish bathroom and turnkey of any complexity, as well as any size.

How not to do repairs in the bathroom
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