How to make the lighting in the bathroom

Not one day of our life is not withoutVisit the bathroom: here we bathe, wash, smarten up and take care of herself. Therefore, if you do not regret forces to create the room of beauty and comfort, all our efforts will pay off handsomely over time. Undoubtedly, an important role is played by the texture of walls, ceiling and floor, as well as the selection of colors, but still remains the main Lighting in the bathroom.

The lighting in the room should be for hygieneso that your home and you do not feel any excess or lack of light. We must strive to ensure that it was warm, soft and moderately bright. If the lighting is done in cold blue colors, even if the skin will appear unhealthy. In those cases where small size tub, a lamp would be sufficient. If its size is not too small, then one light source do not succeed.

Fixtures primary and secondary

Often, the main lights placed on theceiling. For this purpose, it can be a few small lamps built into the ceiling, but you can use a larger source of light. The main feature of the built-in ceiling lamps is that their hardware is located in the ceiling, which is understated by 15-20 cm.

If you want to perform Lighting in the bathroom large size can be considered as a variant ofWall lamps or sconces. This type of lighting spreads the scattered light, which casts no shadow, different soft and cozy atmosphere. In some cases, additional lighting set and a mirror. In cases where the light comes from behind the wall, it is not always possible to get a clear image. Therefore, if the primary light source will be behind you, think about how you can mirror lighting.

Divide the space into zones

With the help of lighting fixtures can bathroomlarge area divided into zones. Usually they try to allocate zone sinks, mirrors and bathtubs. It is possible to arrange the lighting so that light only in the zone in which are considered vy.Rabochey zone near the mirror. At this point, the light has to be the most striking, however, did not hit the eyes. A good solution in this case would be a lampshade made of plastic or glass.

In our eyes a good influencediffused light. The mirror area, use only white light, since color can distort the mirror image. To the lighting was uniform, for these purposes, you can use multiple fixtures located on both sides of the mirror. During the site selection for the light, pay attention to the fact that the reflected light from the mirror is not blinding and does not annoy you. Not far from the mirror, choose a location for the switch, but make it so that it does not leak water.

With the help of a light beam can be identified bathroom area. Lampshade made of stained glass, will help achieve this effect. Experts do not recommend to install lighting directly over the bath. Remember that if the lighting installed on the floor, it can be quite original, but often only a minimal benefit from it. If you have a desire, you can select any zone in the bathroom.

How to choose lighting for the bathroom

Unfortunately, the choice of lighting fixtures for thisroom is not that big. You can not pick up any chandeliers, no tensioning system or floor lamp. With the help of a flat base can be mounted on the ceiling overhead lights. Their shape can vary significantly. Various versions have built-in lights and: light bulbs with directional light, small lamps and even a round shape square section, which are set rotating lights.

Broad popular small halogen bulbs, with which you can get a soft and bright lighting for bathrooms. Such articles may be open, or may be embedded in the ceiling. Most popular and received spotlights that have adjustable rotation angle.

From light, much depends in the bathroom. No matter how original and quality would not repair, poor lighting can ruin everything. On the other hand cozy lighting in the bathroom can give a good mood and joy. Try to light emphasized the benefits of your bathroom.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom
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