How to make the countertop for the bath

Modern materials and technologies revealopportunities for creativity. Thanks to them you can without too much trouble to make your own designs, while achieving considerable cost savings. And the bathroom countertops are no exception. However, there are some simple rules, the use of which will not just make the object the desired shape and size, but also protect it from the ravages of many factors, increasing durability.

Countertops for the bathroom, you canown design. With its manufacturer should have no problem, because the product is characterized by simplicity of design. On the other hand, high-quality table top can be extremely functional object. Let's take a closer look at the main stages of its manufacture.

Getting to the manufacture of countertops

First we need to perform a series of measurements. You need to know the size of the future of the product and its height. Removing measurements, it should be noted that the structure should not be made back to back. The reason is simple - the best quality wood is required to swell, so move this product will be very difficult.

Now you need to determine the type ofused wood. Whatever the case, it must have a high resistance to moisture and be durable. Besides it is necessary to treat the tree with various substances that make it immune to the emergence of parasites. Remember, fungus and mold extraordinarily like a moist environment, therefore, not taking care of protection against them, you deliver yourself in the future a lot of anxiety. Good open timber with paint or water-resistant varnish.

The next step is to determine the number ofcompartments, and then you can go to the store to purchase a suitable material. In that case, if you use the drawers, then you need a special rack. If we can limit ourselves to the simple doors, then just buy racks and pins.

Now you need to count the number of bolts and nuts, which you will need. Before starting work again, make sure that you have everything in stock.

When working with wood care should be takenSafety - when drilling not to put pressure on him, but saw off if the product is, the edge in any case can not break off. Otherwise, you will only hurt the design, and will have to buy new material for countertops. It is not recommended to use in the iron hammer, and tools should be safe for the treatment of wood.

How to make the countertop for the bath
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