How to impose bath tiles

Overlaid with ceramic tiles bathroom, youYou can get a comfortable room for the operation, which will be different beauty and hygiene. However, with the tile finishing can be performed not only in all areas, but also directly to the bath. To perform this work, you can use the services of a specialist, and you can do it on their own. Let's consider, how to impose bath tiles.

We produce surface finish

To begin, create a base that willTiled. Size of the bathroom will determine whether you have one or two walls. To produce a surface that will be subject to finishing, it is possible to use brick or particle board. Using a brick, you can get the design with high reliability, which can strengthen the bath. But on the wall arrangement of chipboard it takes less time.

Producing a brick wall, the material must beput on edge, its bonding cement-sand mixture. Use a plumb line to pinpoint the location of the outer wall surface. It is important to take into account the thickness of the mortar and ceramic tiles. The most complicated procedure for laying bricks - this arrangement of the top row. This is due to the thickness of the material used - it must be split by the sharp end of the hammer or the neatly cut grinder with diamond wheel. After putting some walls should be leveled with a solution.

Strategically located in the opening equipthe wall, you can store under the bathroom small household items. Above the opening, you can put a brick on the corner of the metal. Set the frame wood around the perimeter of the opening, then fasten the door. Consider its size and location so that it could be on some sticking of ceramic tiles. This structure must be opened freely.

From chipboard wall perform an order of magnitude easier. For this it is necessary to cut the required size of the material portion. Okay, so when installing a bathtub a little pressed its rim. Protect tiles from warping: inside attach to the surface of vertical bars that are a few centimeters will not reach the top. After that, the inner plate segment should be painted with oil paint and proolifit.

CPD is necessary to prepare for tile stickers: on the outer portion of the material is beaten reinforcing mesh, which is most often used for plastering. Next, using a silicone adhesive plate is installed in its place. If you want to in the future use of the space under the bath, take care of the manufacture of doors. After drying, the adhesive plaster slab should be. To do this, put on her tile adhesive. After its hardening, you can install tiles.

Getting obkladyvat bath

Installation is performed by tile of the lower row. To do this, apply tile adhesive to the small thickness of the prepared substrate in two rows high. Similarly layer necessary to cover the tiles and then press it against the surface. Small impacts tapping on it with a mallet. Between adjacent elements set plastic crosses, which will get an equal thickness of the seams. For cutting tiles use the glass cutter. To do this, apply the material in the line strongly push and draw a line tool. After this tile is taken by the edges and breaks on the corner of the table.

To close the joint between the wall surface andbath can be by adhesive tape. However, it is not always possible to reliably fix. There is a more reliable method. He is filling the gap with foam, after which pour the excess material is removed at an angle and shpaklyuyut grouts.

Thus, we examined in detail, impose a tiled bath. In carrying out work in the recommended sequence, you protect yourself from the rework and be able to right the first time to get the desired result. I wish you success!

How to impose bath tiles
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