How to decorate the tub with plastic panels

In the last article we looked at how to get startedbathroom renovation PVC panels. We examined in detail the advantages of the arrangement of battens for fixing material. When the base is ready, you can proceed to the next phase - installation of PVC elements. Let's take a closer look at, how to decorate the bath with plastic panels.

How to cut the plastic material

Here are some recommendations. We have already determined that the optimal arrangement of panels - vertical. At their installation is not needed to avoid cutting of the material. The reason is simple - the length of the sheets does not coincide with the height of the bathroom. To perform a cut using a hacksaw with fine teeth and a knife. It is better that both of these tools are at hand. Hacksaw help you perform at the ends of the panel cuts. This is the most rigid structure of the leaf.

Then you will need a ruler, which must beattached to the front side of the material and to perform accurate cut. Further, the panel formed by an incision in the place, flipped and cut appears on the back side in the place of inflection.

Other recommendations for the proper installation of PVC panels

You will need two additional elements -start and end angles. In addition, it is important to decide on the angle from which you will begin to install the panels. To do this, you need to identify the most conspicuous place. Generally, the angles, which are mounted towel rails and shelves. Okay, so they were equipped whole panels, trim the preferred is less visible areas.

Bath Decorating plastic panels photo It has a simple circuit. When the installation is complete starting angle, in the recess of the element is installed fasteners small width of the first part. After that, her wide end is fixed to the manufacture of the frame. For fastening of screws or nails are used.

As a self-install plastic panels

When the first panel is secured, itinserted into a narrow shelf of the next element. To secure it using screws. When an element is firmly hold on, you can begin installation of the following construction.

After installation, the narrow side of the last element in the groove of the previous one, its widest part is set in the final corner of the groove. This panel is secured with screws - and so it is secure.

How to fix the plastic panel using liquid nails

If you decide to fix the plastic panel on the glue, cover utilities and wiring you do not get.

Let's look at some best practices forexecution of works. Before attaching the wall finishing material cleaned from fat and building dust. Not every adhesive suitable for fixing plastic panels, so it is best to use liquid nails. You can not apply the adhesive mixture with organic solvents.

Clay must be treated equally allsurface finishing material, whereupon it to lean against the wall. Hang panels of PVC and can be pre-manufactured crate. In this case, you can hide the liner pipe. Do not forget about the production of the ventilation holes in the floor and ceiling, because the pipes will produce condensation that needs to erode.

Plastic panels allow you to quickly and effectivelycarry out repairs in the bathroom. Besides finishing material is available at a price that is highly attractive and hygienic. And set it quite capable of even novice. Why not try your hand and try to perform the repairs in the bathroom?

How to decorate the tub with plastic panels
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