How to choose a tile design in the bathroom (Part 1)

Ceramic tile is available in a huge range. Huge selection of sizes, a countless number of colors, a variety of styles - all this does not mean that tile design in bathroom It will be easy to pick up. As practice shows, often problems arise during the selection of color combinations in the interior of the bathroom. A huge variety ceramic often leads to difficulties when it is selected.

Today there are many options for the design of bathrooms. In this and the next article we will look at the most successful of them.

We determine the color scheme

There are various combinations of colors that allow you to create amazing designs of ceramic tiles. Let's look at some of them.

An excellent look different bathrooms,decorated in chocolate shade. It would be appropriate soft white, yellow, blue and green colors and shades of brown. This method allows you to get in the room a strict atmosphere in which using neutral shades can achieve perfect harmony select other colors.

Tile in bathroom design photo, Decorated in the style of the sea with pink frosting,green or purple shades can be exactly the solution that you need. With this solution you can create an atmosphere of serenity and amazing ease in the spacious bathroom, and in a small room.

Another solution would be a combination of modernwhite with blue, pink and light green color. You can use the floor tiles with bright colors, which effectively complement the white walls, with strips or patches of the primary colors of the floor. If you're staying on this together, remember that it can perfectly fit the abundance of mirror surfaces that can be equipped on the floor, wall and ceiling coverings.

The latter color solution - is to usecombination of pale yellow and natural green color. With this color you can create a semblance of a green lawn, which is surrounded by trees with green foliage.

How to get the original color scheme

If you are not staying at any of the above ways to bathroom design, try using some simple tips to design your own room.

To start with the basic colorsolutions. Combinations of green, yellow, orange, blue, red and purple hues will become particularly relevant. Other colors to use is dangerous, because they have a significant contrast. But it is dangerous - does not mean you can not! Here, everything is in your hands.

The next step is to determine thetriads of flowers. Beneath them involve three colors, which contrast perfectly with each other, creating a harmonious appearance. Here are some of the classic triad of red, yellow and blue colors, are also suitable tricolor consisting of brown, green and purple colors. With the help of these color schemes, you can achieve unprecedented brightness in the design of the bathroom, as well as to create in the room an exciting and original atmosphere.

Use warm colors for dilutionprocessing facilities. This principle is especially important for bathrooms, decorated in cool colors, such as blue. To give the room an extra comfort and warmth, use its decoration yellow, orange and red colors.

Let the colors for the bathroom design willbright. Do not settle for neutral Color, such as gray, white, black, etc. With bright colors, you can achieve a unique design.

One last tip. Let the choice of colors for the bathroom 60% of its area is decorated with one voice, and the remaining 30% and 10% - respectively the other two. These figures include not only the color of the surfaces, ceramic tiles or other covering, and plumbing accessories, furniture, etc.

How to choose a tile design in the bathroom (Part 1)
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