How to choose material for the floor in the bathroom

Making a decision about repairing the bathroom,special attention should be paid to the flooring. It is generally known that the requirement to the floor in the room is quite different from the requirements in other rooms. And at the forefront among the various characteristics of the moisture out. Before turning to the professionals should understand the technology deck flooring, it will not only pick up the perfect material for the floor in the bathroom, But also to avoid cooperation with the hacks.

As practice shows, the floor covering inbathroom on the level should be lower than in other rooms in the apartment. Thanks to this solution in the case of water leakage or overflow of the difference in the level of the water will prevent leak or spill to neighbors in other rooms of your apartment. Moreover, when selecting material for the floor in the bathroom we must remember that it should be able to havehydraulic protection and retain some of the water. Therefore, in the bathroom waterproofing has received increased attention. When choosing flooring, try that it meets the following criteria: aesthetic appearance had been wear- and moisture-resistant, and, of course, were you can afford.

Wood and tile - one of the most popular wood coatings

If you want to do the floors in the roomwood, then be very careful when choosing a timber. It is known that a large number of wood afraid of water. However, if the timber contains a large amount of smog, it is absolutely insensitive to moisture. These rocks are Yreka, teak and Vanga.

A traditional material for the floor in the bathroom a tile. Although it meets all requirements for flooring, yet if it will drop a heavy object tiles can give a crack. Ceramic tiles made of baked clay, offers a wide range of textures and colors. Today it is considered one of the best options for flooring in the bathroom. Plastic floors have several advantages, but they may be scratched. And fans of the exotic can be considered as an option natural wood or marble.

Natural materials can become a real decoration of the room hygiene

A good appearance has a naturala rock. Limestone or sandstone can be polished or roughened surface. Stone has always been distinguished by high strength, but due to the porosity of its surface is sometimes quite difficult to remove stains. Moreover, a long stay in a humid environment leads to the fact that the natural material may darken over time.

Marble is the most popular naturalFloor coverings in the bathroom. These floors look great, they also have high durability. But due to the fact that the stone warmed slowly enough, to be a suitable heating system. A moist environment promotes browning of the material. And if on the floor to put the dirty things, then it may leave traces.

Glazed Granite also deserves ourattention. If we compare it with the conventional granite, it includes in its composition a smaller amount of quartz sand. That is why the glazed granite is more resistant to moisture. As a floor covering can be used and Italian travertine.

Artificial materials to replace the natural

However, you can replace the natural stone suchcomposite materials such as Corian or artificial granite. These components have good wear resistance, strength, moreover, they are resistant to extremes of humidity and temperature. Corian is characterized by resistance to abrasion, it is not afraid of strikes, has a non-porous structure and prevents bacteria. He is not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity. Corian can both mimic natural materials, and create any color solutions.

Flooring Mosaic

Another way for a variety of designbathroom is mosaic. She is not afraid of water, so it is ideal for floors. And its decorative possibilities it simply has no rivals: it can help to lay out panels or ornament.

The most common material for mosaicSmalt is. It is characterized by high strength and resistance to aggressive cleaning agents. Besides smalt opaque, but her every cube in shape and tone is different from the others. As a result, on the surface, lined with smalt one color, creates a three-dimensional appearance. You can create a mosaic of images from any complexity and velichiny.Effektivnym material in a humid environment can be a glass mosaic. It is known that the glass is characterized by minimum moisture absorption value.

If you want to create an atmosphere in your bathroomthe beach, it is not necessary for the room to scatter stones from the coast. All you need - a mosaic tile that mimics the sea pebbles. The characteristic bright colors give a real flavor of this coating. water absorption coefficient of this material is about 3%, in addition, it is resistant to temperature changes.

Today is available a huge variety of materialsto create a floor covering in the bathroom. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Acquainted with them, you can choose for her room hygiene is the flooring that meets your requirements.

How to choose material for the floor in the bathroom
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