How to select bathroom furniture

In what room we go afterYou awake? And before you go to bed? Most often, this room is a bathroom. Its design often has an impact on the mood of the whole family. Therefore, the choice bathroom furniture should not be treated lightly. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the bathroom - this particular room where the humidity level is higher than usual. So, choosing the furniture, this fact can not be avoided.

Furniture, which will last a long time

For bathroom furniture characterized by highmoisture resistance, used for its manufacture wood-shaving plates (DSP), which is made with laminated coating. Another practical material is MDF, which is created with several layers of moisture-resistant enamel.

The second point to keep in mind when placing bathroom furniture- Is its distance from the potentially wetplaces. If there is a risk of moisture, then in any case, do not install the furniture against the wall, and the minimum distance to the nearest object should not be less than three centimeters. Even in areas that are relatively protected from moisture (e.g., between the rear wall and tiles), the distance should be at least one centimeter. The pedestals podstolya should not be the back wall. In this case, the best option will be vertical slats which are made water-resistant chipboard used

What to choose furniture for the bathroom

In a typical set of furniture consists of a mirror, a locker,cabinet with sink, extra floor stand, pencil case and a safe suspension. As we have said, the bathroom furniture is operated under high humidity conditions, so before you buy you liked the headset, make sure that it has adequate quality and durability. Note that there are no streaks of paint as evenly colored object. Pay attention and fittings, give preference to those products in which the handles, hinges, etc. made of chromed metal. Many were disappointed when acquired excellent bathroom furnitureAnd fittings which is made of plastic, but with gold or chrome coating. Unfortunately, very soon cover "peeled" and hygiene room has lost its appeal.

We turn to the choice of the sink. What you should pay your attention? Usually reputable companies offer a shell of European manufacturing. This is due to the fact that domestic production is not yet produces shell at the proper level. Good advice when choosing a sink - examine it in the light, it will look for possible chips and dents. In addition to specifying external defects on the eye, you can check a subject even at the hearing. A pleasant chime will report that there are no internal cracks. If the sound is dull, then the sink is not necessary to purchase.

Of course, everyone is free to choose furnitureyour bathroom, especially when it comes to its design, color scheme, the presence of images, etc. But to comfort and functionality, experts offer several recommendations.

What to consider when choosing furniture

In that case, if the floors in the bathroom areheating, while preferring the locker or cabinet on legs. But the choice of model cabinet or table depends on several factors: available space bathroom, your preferences and family size. If you live alone, but not en suite is large, then a good option would be the cupboard under the sink with two doors. If you stop your choice on it, then try to choose a product with adjustable height shelves. In such a bedside table is always a place for the necessary household accessories.

In the case where no tub is largesizes, and you already have a small family, a good option would be a small cabinet in which there are several compact drawers and laundry basket. And to achieve additional savings help roomy hanging locker, which can be placed on the washing machine. In this case, you are effectively using the unactuated mesto.Esli in your bathroom is enough space, then before you open vast breadth of proposals for the selection of different canisters, outdoor cabinets, the whole complexes of furniture and cabinets.

As you can see when you make a bathroom needtake into account many factors: the material is high-quality furniture and its features, functionality and aesthetics of the product, size and operating conditions. Especially consider to be interior for small bathrooms. And as a reward your family will receive comfortable, functional and pleasant accommodation, of which just do not want to leave.

How to select bathroom furniture
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