How to equip a bathroom

Today, no apartment and no house is notdo without a bathroom. In this room, we start the morning, wash the eyes, thanks to him, provided personal hygiene and cleanliness. With the right arrangement of the interior bathroom will be comfortable and practical island, where you can relax and rejuvenate. Therefore, we consider in detail how to build a bathroom photo.

How to choose the color

If you have decided to equip this room, the first withwhere to start - to determine the color scheme. First of all a lot depends on taste preferences. It should seek to ensure that the selected color scheme in harmony with the design of other rooms of the apartment.

Thinking bathroom design, better stop yourchoice on pastel colors: pink, turquoise and similar colors will be out of place. These classic rooms never go out of fashion. Subtlety lines, elegant form, a touch of fantasy - all this will help to create a remarkable and unique atmosphere.

But classic - not only acceptable solution. Many people want to learn, how to equip a bathroom photo Art Nouveau. In this case, try to get a bright room. There can not do without improvisation and experimentation. Many trying to combine nesochitaemoe, have made great strides. This style involves painting the walls in different colors.

Determine the bathroom

Next time we touch, the choicebath. Here, too, need to be guided by their tastes. Modern plumbing shops offer a variety of models: angular, long, equipped with hydro-massage, etc. Products can be made in a classic white and black can be in the caller. In general, accessories are represented in a wide range of colors. When choosing a color bath it is important to remember that it was combined with a washbasin.

If possible allow the premises to equipseparate shower and bath, you should not combine them. Separation quick rinse and a long rest will play an important role in the design of the room.

Pick up furniture and lighting

Try to increase the functionality of the bathroomroom. To do this, use all sorts of shelves and cabinets, through which the room will get its uniqueness. Some acquire modular products, others prefer the ready sets of bathroom furniture.

heavy marble or specially treated wood can be used for the production of furniture. Sometimes even the handy plastic used.

At the end of the interior design is the timethink about the world. It will affect not only the lighting devices on and mirrors. Well, when in the bathroom are not limited to the use of overhead lighting, which is complemented by the lighting around the mirror and above the sink.

Who said that the bathroom should be onemirror? There may be two! For shaving or makeup mirror is convenient to increase the effect. The second can be a great and allows you to see yourself in full view.

We have considered, how to equip a bathroom photo. Remember, do not underestimate the smallaccessories, with which you will be able to give the room completeness and make available accessories for daily use (soap, toothbrushes, etc.) to make every effort, you can create a room where you can always relax and have a good time.

How to equip a bathroom
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