Recommendations on the choice of material for the repair of a bathroom

If you plan to carry out repairs in the bathroomroom, you need to determine the choice of material. This is not always easy, because the modern market offers them a wide range, and the room itself is quite specific - because there are often differences of temperatures. Well, to the repair of apartments in St. Petersburg carried out highly skilled craftsmen, however, and the right choice of materials should not be neglected. Consider the basic parameters that must be considered.

Review of modern materials for the bathroom

The classic material for finishing bathroomthe room is a ceramic tile. Ever since the Soviet Union, it is familiar to most of our fellow citizens, so to call it something can not be innovative. However, the material has a lot of strengths, and a wide variety of models allows everyone to make their choice. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for those who prefer to use classic materials for finishing the bathroom.

Another good option - it's lining. Its advantage lies in the ease of installation, because installation of the material simpler than lining. Run a job can be quite his own efforts that would lead to considerable savings. If, however, give preference to bunk, then you need to take care of special treatment of its surface.

Modern materials for finishing the bathroomare the PVC panels. Products are easy installation and indifference to high humidity and temperature changes. Compared with the previous two materials, plastic panels more affordable, it is not surprising that they enjoy a certain popularity.

If desired, you can restrict the use ofconventional fillers. However, it is important to achieve a perfect surface smoothness, only then can treat the surface of latex paint. This is the budget option. Even if you decide to stay on it, think about the option oblitsevat wall near the washstand and bathroom with ceramic tiles or other materials listed above.

As you can see, there are many options for finishingbathroom surfaces. Get to know their strengths and weaknesses, everyone will be able to choose the most suitable type of lining. We hope our article will help you make a conscious choice.

Recommendations on the choice of material for the repair of a bathroom
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