Decorating the bathroom ceiling PVC panels

Each apartment owner wants as quickly as possible to complete the repair. Installation of PVC panels in the bathroom will quickly and accurately performceiling finish. In addition, the installation of this material is simple, so you can make it with their own hands without any problems. Let's look for the start of the main advantages of plastic panels.

Why is everything for ceiling use PVC panels?

PVC panels have a number ofmerit. First of all, it is easy to install: everything for ceiling coverings do not require any special skills. In addition, the material is different affordability and variety of colors for the best type of coverage.

Another advantage - plastic panelafraid of high humidity. They were easy to take care of: periodically enough to wipe them with a cloth moistened surface. Panels let you mount them built-in lights.

At the same time ceiling coverings characterized by certain disadvantages. For example, when it is necessary to make arrangement of the frame, and it will take a few centimeters height of the room.

Features plastic panels "Gloss White"

This kind of PVC panels will be in place on the ceilingcleanliness of the room. Today, the building materials market, they presented the products of many manufacturers. Material shines strongly. Thanks to him, a small-sized room seem more spacious, and the level of light in them increases. And although the actual border push will not work, you will be able to visually increase the height of the room.

Today, there are many shades of white,and products from different manufacturers may differ. So you can take a tour of the building stores and choose the right ceiling covering for you. Installation of the panels is carried along or across, some of them set on the diagonal. You can use the method with a minimal number of scraps. For this account the size of your bathroom and make uncomplicated calculations.

Attaching plastic panels

Finishing bath panels PVC photo It involves the production of carcass and consolidation tohim finishing material. Mount Type will largely depend on the type of frame. Thus, the construction of wooden slats may be treated with impregnation, which protects the wood from rotting. In this case, you do not need to fear that the careless neighbors will forget turn off the faucet and you will flood. Another popular material for the manufacture of frame - galvanized profile.

To fix the panels on a wooden structureYou can use wood screws or simple furniture stapler. With the help of latest tools, you can do the job much faster. Let us consider in detail the features of securing panels of polyvinyl chloride on a wooden crate.

First, use the building level anddetermine the evenness of the surface of the ceiling in the bathroom cleanliness. Next apply a mark on the wall surface height, which will be used to secure the PVC panels. Secure the perimeter of the room by wooden slats, their thickness 25 mm will suffice. The next step is to fix the frame through a half-meter cross rails. Together with the future of plastic panels, they should form a right angle. Along the perimeter of the room is set mounting bracket, which will start the installation of plastic panels.

If you need to install spotlightsthen use a simple crown on metal or timber of appropriate size. As can be seen, finishing the ceiling surface in the bathroom using the plastic panels is not a big deal. even beginners can cope with the execution of the work.

Decorating the bathroom ceiling PVC panels
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