Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 3)

Consider the final part of a series of articles, which address bathroom design photo for a small apartment. We have a thorough understanding ofstages of repairs and their sequence, and seen especially finishing surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings. In this article, we will focus on how to choose the setting for the bathroom, given its limited space.

Features space saving

Now we come to the stage where you want toinstall the sink, tub and toilet. To save space of the bathroom can give preference to the shower. If you do decide to use a bath, its shape and size you need to satisfy completely. In these apartments themselves are well proven corner bath. Of course, no one stops to use the classic rectangular accessory, which will be pressed firmly against the wall surface. Here it is necessary to consider the location of the sewer pipes.

You can arrange a bath close to the wall,even make it built cabinets are ideal for storing cleaning products and detergents. If you replace the bath shower, you can free up additional space. In this case, the area that appears, you can install additional furniture or washing machine. With glass doors, you can increase the space.

We determine the choice of shell

The modern market of sanitary productsIt offers a wide range of shells, which are different features of the installation and form. With the console shell you will be able to save an additional area, but their use remains visible plumbing communications.

Thanks to you, tulip shellsYou can hide the pipes and fittings. Another good option - use the built-in sink. This design is specially designed for small bathrooms. The use of glass sinks will become the original decision and enliven the room. Many experts recommend the use of transparent, mirror and shiny surfaces.

Install other accessories

Now go to the toilet installation. This task can be different methods. Using a squat toilet has become a classic. You can also set the attached product, equipped with concealed cistern. However, such models are more expensive.

Bathroom design photos of small apartments is meant to connect the washing machine,installation of faucets and furniture. Keep in mind that the bathroom - this is not the best premise for cluttering accessories. Try to place the necessary things in pedestals, cabinets and pencil case. A good solution to save space will be the use of wall cabinets and shelves. Try to choose a height for them, which will facilitate their use. At their disposal, try to avoid the clutter effect.

The modern bathroom is difficult to imagine withoutmirrors. Thanks to them, you can visually enlarge the space. You can even perform lining one wall entirely of mirrors. The room is well Vannes to choose an accent. Try to make it original and harmonious element in the room. To do this, you can use a stand or a lamp, as well as brightly colored towel.

We reviewed the particular design of bathroomsrooms in small apartments. Correctly identified with design elements and selecting the optimum location for them, you will be able to efficiently use the limited space.

Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 3)
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