Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 2)

We continue to consider the features of registrationbathrooms. In the last article we talked about the details of the workflow, the peculiarities of the implementation of lighting and wiring in the room cleanliness. We will continue to consider Design bathrooms and detail the design of the room surfaces.

How to make the bathroom ceiling

When all described in a previous article the operationwill be made, you can proceed to finish the bathroom surfaces. This stage is the most impact on the design of the room. Remember that the ceiling surface finish, choice of flooring and wall covering mainly contribute to the creation of an interior room. An important step will be the selection of color solutions for the bathroom. This is what we have already said in other articles, so it will not stop.

Since the small apartments can notboast spacious bathrooms, lining their surfaces are made of bright finishing materials. Design a small bathroom, where the ceiling is decorated in bright colors more in comparison with the floor and walls, will allow visually increase the height of the room. Before starting finishing the ceiling surface, it is necessary to align it. The same is true for the walls and floor. Bathrooms offer a good solution would be the use of a stretch ceiling. As a good option you might consider finishing of PVC. This material has such strengths as resistance to alkali, acid, salt and wet exposure, besides its dielectric properties at altitude.

Option walls in the bathrooms

Design photo Bath will be particularly attractive and original,if the walls are to issue a shiny ceramic tile. Due to the reflection of light rays space will appear larger. Before installation work necessary to prepare the surface of walls correctly. To do this, they plaster. Use as ceramic tile surfacing material is more preferable than the use of PVC. When laying the material will be made, perform grouting.

If you want to visually increase the heightroom, use ceramic tiles with a vertical pattern. But the use of curbs are best avoided - they are visually reduce the height of the room. Of particular originality of room attached mosaic.

When repairing bathrooms performing finishing withusing ceramic tiles, preferably carried out by her laying combined, will look good coating of material of various sizes. Mirror and bath can be distinguished by the mosaic.

Facing the floor in the bathroom is preferable to performusing tile. In this case, the surface needs to be appropriate preparation: it is necessary to treat the soil composition, make tie and cover it with a layer of waterproofing. It is important that the floor tiles for the bathroom had anti-slip effect. You can pick up color floor so as to be darker than the other surfaces. If you have decided to use light flooring, for its decoration, you can use a dark carpet.

Choosing a design style bath

Today there is a huge variety of stylesfor the registration of premises. So, the bathroom is best to issue directions in the following style: Japanese style, modern or minimalist. In this case, the room will be used particularly efficiently, you can get the maximum functionality and ease of design objects. In one of the articles we have discussed the various styles of design bathrooms.

Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 2)
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