Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 1)

Today, many of our compatriots living in small apartments. Of course, the apartment with the layout has its own specifics, which is expressed in a very small size of the room. therefore bathroom It has certain features of registration. Let's see what can be done to get that is aesthetically attractive and functional room bathrooms.

Typically, the area of ​​bathrooms 2-3square meters, quite a bit. The ceilings in the apartments with a plan do not exceed a height of 2.7 meters. Noteworthy is the fact that this area involves the arrangement of combined bathroom. Therefore, to obtain a comfortable and aesthetic design bathroom will have a good try. It is important particularly efficient use of a small area at the time of the placement of plumbing and furniture. Try thus be possible to use the bathroom cleanliness few people.

The general procedure for carrying out the work

Development of design and its implementation in the roomcleanliness is a multi-step process. You must first remove the old coating ceiling, the walls, get rid of the pipes and plumbing accessories. Next, consider the finishing of all surfaces.

The room is a bathroom to be usedrationally and be functional. As practice shows, it is better not to be limited to using a single light source. It is important to think carefully and to conduct electricity. In older homes the reliability of the electrical wiring and the quality leaves much to be desired, so a responsible approach to the implementation of electrical work. It is important to take care of all waterproofing materials and designs. Cables in corrugation or PVC pipes. Try not to use in the hygiene room outlet.

Because the room is smallsize, bright illumination is preferably used therein. Use it to perform zoning space. Some use a multi-level lighting. If you set the center of the ceiling of the room only, this would lead to a decrease in visual sized bathroom. Try to position light sources evenly over the roof surface. So you get a uniform diffused light. When poor-quality lighting is better to give up finishing the interior in gray-white color. But the use of the towel warmer will improve usability bathroom.

replace the pipe

When repairing bathroom, try to replacepipe. To increase the size of the room they hide in the walls. The correct choice depends on a lot of pipes. Using the products of copper or PVC for hot and cold water supply system will increase the duration of their operation. Undoubtedly, copper pipes are expensive, but they are particularly durable. After the pipe installation can install the towel warmer. At this stage of work you can consider using an autonomous heating system. It will ensure a constant temperature in the bathroom.

If you are interested in bath in a small apartment design, You need to start small - considerthe main order of the repairs in the room. What we have done. Before you can finish the ceiling surface should be thoroughly cleaned and protected against moisture. Use ceiling light shades allow visually enlarge the space. In the next article we will talk in detail about the design of the floor, walls and ceiling in the bathroom.

Design bathrooms in a small apartment (Part 1)
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