Bath Design room with toilet

Before repairing the bathroomit is important to decide on what you want to see in the long run. For the results presented as accurately as possible, it is necessary to perform measurements of the room, as well as define and used in the sanitary products. toilet and bathroom design may be performed in different ways depending on whether the separate or combined space. We look at an example where bathroom and toilet are in the same room.

Features combined bathroom

Combined bathroom and toilet more oftenThey are used in the one-bedroom apartments. However, there a number of other cases where the apartment owners decide to dismantle the partition separating the toilet and bathroom. Bath Design room with toilet It allows for different ideas andin different ways to arrange all kinds of accessories. There can be used as a standard plumbing and exquisite items, such as a jacuzzi bath, and a regular closet or dresser.

Identifying with the room design style

Each of us has their own preferences andhabits. As a result, there is no universal design bathroom and a toilet that would suit everyone. Since the toilet area is quite small, the main burden falls on the designer bathroom. Let's look at those interior styles that are popular.

Classic style is characterized by mutedshades. The materials are distributed to granite, marble and high-quality imitation. Sanitary accessories and pieces of furniture have different shapes.

Art Nouveau inherent straightforwardness of angles and lines. different colors are used here. However, they should be clean and devoid of tones: red, brown, blue and others. Sanitary accessories and furniture items made with sharp shapes, they are devoid of frills and quite functional. This style is characterized by originality and elegance.

A huge diversity inherent in the eastern style. In its implementation can be used ornament, mosaic, and floral motifs. In such combined lavatories used saturated colors: gold, red, turquoise, yellow and blue colors.

Many of our compatriots have decided to equipWC in the Japanese style. It is characterized by his usual brevity and simplicity. Often when implementing tub recessed into the floor bathroom. As the finishing materials in the implementation of Japanese-style rice paper is used, natural stone and twigs.

Determine the plumbing

In the next step the question selectionplumbing. Ask all family members if they would like to see in the bathroom shower or bath are more preferred. Perhaps they want to install a bidet.

Some decide to installmultifunction gidroboksom, which involves the use of the shower enclosure, combined with a bath. When you have decided on a preferred set of plumbing and measure the dimensions of the room, you can begin to think of the future location of the items.

To determine the optimal locationitems in the bathroom to help design a special program. They are designed in accordance with the data entered 3d model that reflects the future location of the accessories. Typically, these programs are fairly simple to use and has an intuitive interface. In addition, they allow no special design skills to get the desired result. With their help you will be able to develop appropriate Bath Design room with toilet.

Bath Design room with toilet
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