Decorating the bathroom tiles room - photo examples of design, planning tile layout

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

Repair of the bathroom - a process troublesome andvery costly. It is important to choose the color scheme, decor items correctly, with all the features of the room. The fact that the best material for finishing the bathroom is tiled, there is no doubt, because the wear resistance, environmental friendliness and safety tiles are widely known. It's amazing how diverse design tiles in the bathroom - Photo in numerous brochuresdazzling. Just like in the variety of textures, shapes, colors and patterns to orient the normal buyer? It's hard to make a choice, relying only on your own taste. From the harmonious combination of all elements depends on the final result. To protect themselves from possible mistakes, it is desirable to get acquainted with the peculiarities of bathroom design in advance.


  • Stages of development facing the project
    • Planning the layout on paper
    • Selection of tiles for decoration
  • Useful tips for future finishers

Stages of development facing the project

  1. layout planning.
  2. Determination of the color gamut.
  3. Selection of the shape, size and nature of the surface of the tile.
  4. The choice of tiles and decorative elements.

For a small room the bathroom is relevantthe question of visual expansion space. The desired effect can be achieved using a glossy tile light colors for walls. Choosing a floor tile, you should pay attention to the large monochrome tile. Use in interior bathroom small tile or mosaic is suitable for a spacious room. Such rules should adhere to and the choice of mirrors: a large mirror visually enhances the space, small cabinets with small mirror doors help to create the opposite effect.

Design a spacious bathroom

Decorating a spacious bathroom with mosaic

Planning the layout on paper

To rationally use the surface andthe most spectacular way to position all the decorative elements, bathroom tile decoration process should start with layout planning. To do this, move to the exact dimensions of the room paper, proportioning.

Do not leave unattended niches, ledges, dimensionsdoorway and plumbing layout. It is important to ensure free access to the pipes (it is desirable to consult with a plumber in the hatch location issue), select the hatch on the plane. Include ventilation outlet, water heater and washing machine location. The plan is ready.

Selection of tiles for decoration

The next stage - the selection of tiles. Go to choose a tile with a prepared plan of the premises: the seller will be easier to navigate with counting the number of tiles, and you navigate to the size of the elements. You can watch several versions with different color combinations. It is advisable to take a photo of collection of interest to consider once again at their leisure their decision. Do not rush to buy a tile, first think over the color layout.

The most common variant - the decorationWall tiles one collection, with the transition from dark to light shades at the bottom at the top with a decorative border between them. It is possible to improve the proposed scheme, using the vertical division of space, and is located along the walls of a number of dark floor tiles, supplemented by a number of thin solid color border and continue laying tiles light shade.

Repeat in the masonry dark curb above the ceiling will give a complete view of the total picture. Consider a few options of the original solution to the question of finishing bathroom tile bathroom.

An example of a vertical division of space

An example of a vertical division of space with the help of a tile

There are many solutions to furnish the bathroomroom, you can use the soft neutral tones and include contrasting elements, all depends on the preferences of the owner. suitable for both warm and cold colors, with which you can expand the space visually, create a mood, to place your accents for the bathroom.

Playing with color and texture tiles can beto decorate a bathroom in any style: from laconic minimalism to baroque ostentatious luxury. Some accents in the ethnic style, a mention or marine theme flower is enough to revitalize the design of the room, give it a personality and a special charm. You can choose the soft quiet shades of color to create a relaxing atmosphere or to realize the idea of ​​creating a modern dynamic environment bright color combination.

Useful tips for future finishers

A dark floor tiles contribute to the visualthe expansion of space. Decorating options are countless: mix tiles of different shades of one color with alternating strips of decorative borders, or play on the color contrast. Surface can be visually divided into zones. Transfer all conceived on a plan to scale: for ready-painted horizontal rows of tiles draw the plans will not be easy. Above layout put down arrows indicating the direction of tile laying.

Especially important to the location of the central angles. If you start laying tiles on the opposite side, the central angle may fall pruning, which will affect the aesthetics of the image as a whole. The next step - the purchase of tiles. It is best to purchase a tile with a small margin, to find out about the possibility of returning residue. Another important point: the tile hue by the same manufacturer, the same collection, but the other party may be slightly different. This fact is yet another argument in favor of buying a tile with a margin.

Large tiles in the interior

An example of horizontal division of space

If you choose, you must first payattention to the target application, ie, tile must comply with the conditions of the premises and the type of surface. For example, you should not buy an expensive bathroom tile frost resistance, or use a glossy wall tiles for floors. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the tiles in the bathroom should have the necessary resistance to moisture and excess to chemicals. Resistance to water is determined by the porosity of the tile, which is determined by its class and is indicated on the packaging. Also, the packaging is indicated thickness, strength and durability degree tiles.

To summarize. Getting to planning a bathroom renovation, above all, it is necessary to read in advance with the available range of tiles, make a plan and a sketch of the layout, all calculated and prepared, and then bravely take on a responsible job.

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