Decorating Bathroom

As is known, a bathroom - it's one of the mostpersonal space at home. It expresses the character of the owner, his tastes, lifestyle and more. The process of creating an interior in the bathroom usually begins with the development of design - project. This is the dreamy and pleasant, but at the same time, the best is not an easy process. During development is defined as a room should look in the final result. It begins with the selection of colors and selection of functional zones. And it ends with the original design of the room, that is decorating a bathroom. Because of this, your bathroom is not like many people you know. After all, just with the help of individual elements and decorations expressed the individuality and creates a personal comfort.

expression of individuality

Type of decoration should be chosen according tothe style in which the room holds. Jewellery and various forms of decoration should emphasize the style and create the desired atmosphere. Not necessarily decorations - they are separate independent elements. It is necessary to decorate the same functional parts style bathroom. For example, a mirror that combines a functional object, and the object of decoration. It is produced in the form of whole leaf or divided into several adjacent parts. Mirrors are manufactured with different shapes and colors to blend in with the surrounding components in the design of the bathroom. Special decoration mirror - is its frame. It also can be made in different styles and variations. Part of the decoration style and the bathroom can be heated towel rails, shelves, soap dish, faucets, cabinets, or even jars, selected in the same style.

In this room will feel good about yourselfmoisture-loving plants. However, we should remember that fresh flowers are placed not everywhere, but in places with good lighting. Fresh flowers grow in flower pots and pot also requires a design approach. It must integrate harmoniously with the overall design of the bathroom. And if you want to add romance and mystery, then this will help you candles and nice music. You can use the built-in speakers with protection from water, they are some of the latest innovations of the interior bathroom. Today you can not only listen, but also to watch your favorite films and programs with special LCD monitors. These trends more able to plunge us into a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.

Exposure to light

Lighting - an important vidovdekoralyuboykomnaty. It onovliyaet perception komnatyvtselom. one can distinguish obektyvkomnate Light isdelatmeneezametnymi others. It helps change formuobektov idazhe zritelnopovliyat on the size of the room. Of course, the lighting should be in harmony with the interior of the room, hiding his faults and emphasizing dignity. It is believed that the bathroom should always be illuminated brightly. For this purpose, directed and diffused light. There should be a combination of upper and lower light. As the top can serve as lights built into the ceiling, which are ideal for small and low rooms. Today in vogue fluorescent lamps, they are used in areas requiring smooth and bright lighting.

The most common type of low lightthe so-called wall lights. When repairing the bathroom is very appropriate to place them near the mirror. However, this option is used more as a lighting function. Decorative Lighting - This is all possible illumination of individual objects, such as aquariums, sculptures, paintings, flowers or separate room area. An interesting solution is the floor lights, which create a feeling of weightlessness. Light from lamps located under water in transmission waves will appear chaotic to the ceiling and walls. The main basis for a light color scheme. Under it is necessary to adapt to choose the kind of lighting. It may, as emphasized by the color of the room and change it.

Artificial light can be divided intowarm and cold. If it is properly matched, colors of the interior can be distorted to a great extent. For example, if you set the warm lighting, then it will turn blue to gray and nondescript in decorating the bathroom with blue color scheme. But do not be afraid of fixtures with certain color shades. The main thing - to pick them so that they could enhance the overall color scheme of the interior, or its individual zone.

This, of course, not all types of decor,that exist in today's world. But, nonetheless, they all share one thing: the ability to create the necessary space, a pleasant atmosphere and mood. So do not be afraid to experiment with the design during the repair bathroom because your imagination along with a small amount of knowledge will be able to create a unique individual design - design and realize all your dreams come true.

Decorating Bathroom
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