Create a bathroom design for the business person

Choosing bathroom design, you musttake into account the way of life owners of the apartment, their habits and preferences. For example, for the business person who spends most of his time at work, home bathroom should be a place of relaxation after a busy day.

First and foremost, you must take into account the dimensionsbathrooms. Very few people are fortunate to have spacious bathrooms. However, even the smallest of bathrooms, the design of which is made in a minimalist style, look quite elegant. Pathos items will not look properly in the small size of the room, so they have to give up on.

If the comfort and functionality for youdressing room, give preference to modern products. For example, bath ( acrylic, equipped with hydro-massage, will be indispensable after the working day. The product will not only be an attribute of your bathroom, but also charge you with vital energy.

Create a bathroom design for the business person Create a bathroom design for the business person

In that case, if the bathroom area is notallows you to install a full-size tank, consider buying a shower enclosure. This solution is very popular among the modern families. Even such a tank can be equipped with sanitary panel with jets for massage.

Sinks for bathrooms choose not in form and onconvenience. The cup should have such dimensions, with which you will be comfortable to wash and wash your hands. Beautiful hand washing does not always correspond to the requirements of full use. Wash can be mounted on a table-top bathroom furniture. Thus, you will save space and use the space under the bowl efficiently.

Buy for the restroom, make theircompatibility. All items must be executed in the same style, have the same color and similar shape. To achieve a harmonious appearance, choose products from a single manufacturer's collection. View on the modern design of the bathroom, the equipped products Keramag can on site.

Create a bathroom design for the business person Create a bathroom design for the business person

As cladding materials for wallsUse the tiled covering. The color is selected individually. It is important to remember that the design of bathrooms in the style of minimalism involves light colors. For small rooms are perfect glossy coating soothing shades. To add a style, you can mirror blade, located on one of the walls. Proper positioning of fixtures can play a positive role for the visual expansion space.

Create a bathroom design for the business person
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