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What is the best mirror for the bathroomthe room? A variant may be many: cosmetic, wall and even a built-in wardrobe. What is so good, such a model? Is it worth it to buy a large mirror in a small bathroom?

Types of mirrors for the bathroom

Innovative mirror. It is not always a mirror reflective surface. Some manufacturers will integrate over the surface of the built-in backlight that may eliminate the need to buy additional fixtures. And some even inserted into the TV, allowing you to listen in the bathroom the latest news, going to work.

• Wall-mounted mirror is the most popular. They can choose the shape and size. Such mirrors may have a simple geometric shape, the shape of fish, starfish and even ships. You can find a solution with or without a border. The most popular today is the model for the bathroom mirror with shelf.

• Cosmetic mirror incredibly easy touse. They are equipped with a holder through which easily bend or even turn on the 180. There are also bilateral model, on the reverse side of which is a mirror with magnification.

• Built-in mirror are part of furniture,As a rule, the cabinet, located above the sink. By his choice should be approached very carefully. It is important to consider both a component and a mirror, and a safe. Reflection may not like it. This will depend on the quality of the mirror. That is why this cabinet is better to buy directly in the store. Built-in models are suitable for those who do not want to look at the wall of the free portion.

Mirror Wall. Not every family can afford a separate bathroom for parents and children. Therefore, choosing a mirror, keep in mind if you have small children in the house. It is also important to think about what the child can not see myself in the mirror high. The best solution for those who do not have very young children, will be mirrored wall. People of different heights can see myself in the mirror.

The size of the mirror

Proportional area. You can buy a large mirror only if you have a large, spacious bathroom. In a small room it will look ridiculous. In any case, there must be many svbodnogo space in front of the mirror to see yourself almost in full growth, moving away.

Place the mirror

Light - side or front. Decide where will fall off the main light, before installing the mirror. It is important that you do not obstruct. Mirror with built-in lamp is very convenient. As a rule, it is placed over the reflective cloth. But sometimes the two lamps located on either side of him.

Mirror as a bathroom decor

Mirror - one of the most important elements in the bathroomroom. In addition to the functional, the mirror can carry and aesthetic value. Mirror interesting in those cases where there is an interesting nonstandard shape or frame. It is better to do a mirror under the order. In this case, it will be a real interior decoration. The frame may be delicate ornamental flowers or nails and bolts. It all depends on the style you selected.

attraction point. A mirror can be a key element in the whole house, distracting attention from the modest interior, simple furniture and sanitary ware. Hang it in front of the entrance and put it in a luxurious frame. But it is important not to overdo it, because any style decision requires relevance. You also need to think about what parts of the interior bathroom will be reflected in a mirror.

Quality mirror

Hang long. As a rule, repair the bathroom is rarely done. That is why you need to choose a mirror that will last you until the next replacement of tiles and sanitary ware. Especially look good special mirrors designed for wet areas. In conventional models, there are stains.

Select the mirror
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