The bathrooms are in different styles: it looks like a bathroom in the style of Art Deco

This popular style is displayed modernist twentieth century, in which perfectly combines extraordinary lightness and exoticism with modern progress. Bathroom in the style of Art Deco create an atmosphere of comfort and reliability in this manner will allow room always nice and unforgettable time. It should be used marble, stainless steel and glass.

Decoration Materials

To finish the wall surface using colorivory, satin, image snakeskin or leopard patterns. Ceramic tile is an excellent finishing material. On it can be applied to the image, the surface is embossed. As an analog tiles can be used colored plastic, moreover, it is more affordable. Bathroom in the style of Art Deco can have walls with imitation marble. A good complement styling becomes asymmetrical mosaic.

In the room it is better to use the originalFlooring: huge marble slabs of rectangular or other shape can be made in white or black. They can be laid with a geometric pattern. You can use plastic analogs to decorate the floor.

The window in bathrooms in the Art Deco style It should be large without division into sectors. You can use a small chrome frame thickness, through which the spirit of New York skyscrapers will be reflected.

When placing the ceiling should not be usedabundance black pattern. Try to give preference to geometric ornaments relief tiles. He should have a bright surface without gloss. You can paint the ceiling coating in light color and use the original frame for it. ceiling will adorn the chandelier from chromed steel.

The bathroom is decorated in this style direction, use a modern door, adorned with chrome elements. Well, to fully meet its details decoration.

What is the best equipped bathroom

Of course, that everything in the style bathsArt deco is to be used special plumbing. Bath should have curved lines, be streamlined and massive. Preferably, it has an acrylic or steel.

shell can be used to supplement it withconcise angles. A particular distinction is octagonal style toilet. Taps, faucets and shower hose can be made of chrome-plated steel.

Pick up the furniture in the bathroom

Bathroom furniture in the Art Deco style shouldlook elegant. These properties are achieved by the use of glass and metal items. An excellent decoration of the bathroom will become shiny steel shelves. Well, to a large indoor Mighty cabinet has been installed. In any case, the style characterized by luxury and brevity, which should be reflected in a steel finishing items.

An important feature of this style are greatmirror, enclosed in an exclusive frame. The shell and the lower part of the bath should have a practical finish, which would allow them to keep in cleaning products and different things. You can visually transform your bath into the pool, if you take care of lining the bottom. A widespread use of steel handles, locks and inserts will create a perfect imitation of the cabinets.

Optional accessories bathroom canbecome a bright picture with a picture of a skyscraper, as well as the sculpture of the small size. You can decorate the room with the help of a fountain or a high-quality simulation. With a little effort and engage the imagination - your bathroom will amaze any visitor!

The bathrooms are in different styles: it looks like a bathroom in the style of Art Deco
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