Furniture for bathrooms

150 photos of bathroom furniture. The choice of material and style. What furniture should be in a modern bathroom?

Bathroom design is rarely limited solely to plumbing. Anyway, but you definitely need furniture in the bathroom. Do not know what to choose? Be inspired by our photos!


  1. General recommendations for choosing bathroom furniture
    1. From tree
    2. Of metal
    3. From glass
    4. From plastic
    5. Of MDF / chipboard
  2. Identify with the style of furniture for the bathroom
    1. Classic
    2. fusion
    3. Country
    4. Ethnic
  3. Choose a sink
    1. Conventional shell
    2. Sink with curbstone
  4. Choosing a storage system
    1. Curbstones
    2. Suspended lockers
    3. Pencil cases
  5. Bath or shower?
    1. Bath
    2. Shower cabin
  6. General advice on arranging furniture in the bathroom
  7. Bathroom furniture to order

General recommendations for choosing bathroom furniture

Bathroom - the most intimate room in the whole apartment, because even in bedroom You are probably with your loved ones, butAll the bathroom procedures are custom made alone. That is why the bathroom should be comfortable, so that the process of self-care delivers joy, not irritation and difficulty.

It so happened that the bathroom(Large rooms can boast only owners of private houses, huge apartments in new buildings or united apartments), and secondly, is a place of storage of items not only personal hygiene, but also home (meaning a household Chemistry for care of habitation). It's good or bad not to judge us, but it's necessary to take it into account.

Despite the requirements that you personally will show to furniture in the bathroom, you can allocate the necessary minimum, which is required to be present:

  • Furniture in the bathroom should be designed for the aggressive impact of a moist environment and be moisture resistant.
  • Bathroom furniture should be functional, so that even in the tiniest and miniature bathroom, all the necessary things are stored compactly and easily.
  • Bathroom furniture should be easy to wash and quickly cleaned, otherwise the mold that has multiplied on its surface will not only spoil the appearance of furniture, but will also harm your health.
  • Bathroom furniture should be stylish and beautiful,To please you and your loved ones. It is not recommended to be among ugly interior items, as your mood and psychological health directly depend on it.
Bathroom furniture - 1
Bathroom furniture - 2
Bathroom furniture - 3
Bathroom furniture - 4
Bathroom furniture - 5
Bathroom (furniture) - 1
Bathroom (furniture) - 2
Bathroom (furniture) - 3
Bathroom (furniture) - 4
Bathroom (furniture) - 5

From tree

Bathroom furniture made of wood - traditionalOption, because from time immemorial interior items were manufactured exclusively from this material. Wooden furniture will give your bathroom the charm of naturalness, naturalness, harmony. Furniture from a tree can be painted, however modern interior designers prefer natural appearance of a tree. Most often light trees are used:

  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Maple

But you can choose darker wood (cherry, walnut) and make furniture to order.

Furniture for a bathroom made of wood must be specially treated and impregnated with moisture-repellent compounds. Otherwise, it will become unusable for several years.

Wooden bathroom furniture - 1
Wooden bathroom furniture - 2
Wooden bathroom furniture - 3
Wooden bathroom furniture - 4
Wooden bathroom furniture - 5
Bathroom furniture made of wood - 1
Furniture for bathrooms made of wood - 2
Bathroom furniture from a tree - 3
Bathroom furniture from a tree - 4
Bathroom furniture from a tree - 5

Of metal

Metal furniture is perfect for building Interior in the bathroom In the style of hi-tech or minimalism. And if you use stylish forged bookshelves, you will get a great furniture ensemble in the style of country or provence. In any case, metal furniture is quite strong, and modern metal processing processes will allow it to last a long time.

Please note that the metal case is prettyHit hard, so try to choose metal furniture streamlined shapes and position it so that the probability of collision and impact was minimal.

Bathroom furniture, metal
Bathroom furniture, metal
Bathroom furniture, metal - 3
Bathroom furniture, metal
Bathroom furniture, metal

From glass

Glass bathroom furniture - incredibleStylish. Similar to the frozen surface of the water, it is like a continuation of the streams of water, which are specially frozen for your comfort and coziness. Glass furniture makes the entire bathroom as weightless, and the glare that spills over its surface, and the bizarre play of light each time allow you to perceive it in a different way, especially. In addition, such furniture will perfectly match with the shower cabin, creating a harmonious ensemble.

At first glance it may seem that the glassFurniture is fragile enough and unsafe, but modern manufacturers (for example, Ikea) use ultramodern tempered glass for its creation, which is almost impossible to break.

The only significant drawback of glassFurniture is the need for special care for it. Since the water on the glass surfaces is very much a lime scale, it is better to wipe the water regularly with a dry cloth. And to keep the glass shining in all senses, use special glass care products during cleaning.

Personal hygiene items are not always desirable to be flaunted. Therefore, the lockers in which these items will be stored, it is better to choose from opaque or opaque glass.

Furniture made of glass - 1
Furniture made of glass - 2
Furniture made of glass - 3
Furniture made of glass - 4
Furniture made of glass - 5

From plastic

Plastic furniture - very convenient from the point of viewCleaning. Such furniture does not spoil from the impact of water and retains its appearance for a long time. In addition, in comparison with furniture from other materials, it has a fairly reasonable price. However, plastic furniture may not look cozy and elegant, and sometimes even completely - associated with hospital Toilets. In addition, if you need to make additional holes in the cabinet with a sink for pipes, with plastic this will make it more problematic than, for example, with wooden furniture.

Furniture for bathrooms from plastic - 1
Bathroom furniture, plastic - 2
Bathroom furniture, plastic - 3
Bathroom furniture, plastic - 4
Bathroom furniture, plastic - 5

Of MDF / chipboard

Furniture from MDF or chipboard looks no less stylish,Than wooden, however it is much cheaper. But this furniture spoils much more quickly from water. Especially it affects in those places where it is necessary to make special cuts, for example for pipes. To furniture from MDF / chipboard does not creep, the slots need to be treated with a sealant.

Bathroom furniture from MDF / chipboard - 1
Bathroom furniture from MDF / chipboard - 2
Bathroom furniture from MDF / chipboard - 3
Bathroom furniture from MDF / chipboard - 4
Bathroom furniture from MDF / chipboard - 5

Identify with the style of furniture for the bathroom


Classic style in the interior - topElegance and elegance. A feature of the classic style is that it does not go out of fashion for years. Even after twenty years your bathroom will look like it is not ultra-trendy and ultra-modern, but it is actual (unless the plumbing will be better replaced by a new one). For an interior of a bathroom in a classical style it is appropriate to give preference to natural pastel shades - beige, sand, olive, gray, blue. Bathroom tiles In this style should be fairly light, but furniture can be chosen darker.

Classic furniture in the bathroom - 1
Classic furniture in the bathroom - 2
Classic furniture in the bathroom - 3
Classic furniture in the bathroom - 4
Classical furniture in the bathroom - 5
Bathroom furniture in classic style - 1
Bathroom furniture in classic style - 2
Bathroom furniture in classic style - 3
Bathroom furniture in classic style - 4
Bathroom furniture in classic style - 5


The combination of the incompatible is precisely thisThe key leitmotif of fusion style. In this style, you just need to use a variety of textures, textured materials, saturated color palettes. This style will be to the taste of free, creative, expressive personalities. In the online store Leroy Merlin you can find the brightest, most unusual, stylish building materials for decorating your bathroom.

Fusion bathroom furniture - 1
Fusion bathroom furniture - 2
Fusion bathroom furniture - 3
Fusion bathroom furniture - 4
Fusion bathroom furniture - 5
Bathroom furniture in fusion style - 1
Bathroom furniture in fusion style - 2
Bathroom furniture in fusion style - 3
Bathroom furniture in fusion style - 4
Bathroom furniture in fusion style - 5


This style originated in Western Europe at the beginningThe last century, when mass migrants from rural areas and villages arranged urban dwellings as close as possible to their homes. Gradually, this style has become fashionable and today is one of the most popular (especially in the production of furniture for the kitchen). Country style assumes exclusively natural materials:

  • Tree
  • A rock
  • Forged Iron

To create an interior in the country style in the bathroom, buy a stylized brass sanitary ware from the beginning of the last century.

Country bathroom furniture - 1
Country bathroom furniture - 2
Country bathroom furniture - 3
Bathroom furniture for children - 4
Country bathroom furniture - 5
Bathroom furniture in country style - 1
Bathroom furniture in country style - 2
Bathroom furniture in country style - 3
Bathroom furniture in country style - 4
Bathroom furniture in country style - 5


Ethnic style in many respects echoes withStyle country, but its distinctive feature - the stylization of certain national dwellings, inherent in this or that people. The basis can be selected Japanese, Arab, cowboy, Indian or other motifs.

Stylized ethnic bathroom furniture is not always easy to find, so it is better to make an ethnic bathroom cabinet or a bathroom box for individual sizes to order.

Ethnic bathroom furniture - 1
Ethnic bathroom furniture - 2
Ethnic bathroom furniture - 3
Ethnic bathroom furniture - 4
Ethnic bathroom furniture - 5
Bathroom furniture in Ethnic style - 1
Bathroom furniture in Ethnic style - 2
Bathroom furniture in Ethnic style - 3
Bathroom furniture in Ethnic style - 4
Bathroom furniture in Ethnic style - 5

Choose a sink

Conventional shell

A sink without a curbstone can be fixed like a console,That is, with the help of special brackets on which it is hung, or "tulip" type, when the base of the shell is a special foot on which it is installed.

Sizes of shells
Length Depth
Large 75-125 cm 48-61 cm
Medium 55-75 cm 35-48 cm
Small 40-55cm 12-35 cm

Small shells are very compact, but there is a possibility that all the spray during its use will end up on the floor.

If the space in the bathroom is more thanEnough, you can install a large or even a two-seater sink. However, in the second case, so that it can be used by two people at the same time, the distance between the central points should be at least ninety centimeters.

Of great importance is at what heightThe sink is fixed. For tall men, it should be higher, and for women and children - lower. The footsteps or curbstones limit the possibility of adjusting this height, but the brackets will allow the shell to be fixed to the optimal height for all family members.

To avoid water accumulating on the sink, it must be installed at a small angle. However, this angle should be minimal, otherwise everything on the sink will fall from it.

Common sink - 1
Common sink - 2
Common sink - 3
Common sink - 4
Common sink - 5
Ordinary bathroom sink - 1
Ordinary bathroom sink - 2
Ordinary bathroom sink - 3
Ordinary bathroom sink - 4
Ordinary bathroom sink - 5

Sink with curbstone

A sink with a curbstone can be built in whenIt is installed in a special niche in the cabinet itself, or the washbasin can be made in the form of a bowl, which is simply installed on top of the table top.

Adjust the height of the arrangement of such a shellIt does not work, since it is determined by the height of the curbstone. However, in terms of functionality, this option is very convenient, because everything you need will be kept at hand. The presence of a curbstone under the sink is critically important for tiny bathrooms, where every square centimeter on the account.

To save space, you can buy a sink with a built-in washing machine. However, such models are quite expensive.

Sink with curbstone - 1
Sink with curbstone - 2
Sink with curbstone - 3
Sink with curbstone - 4
Sink with curbstone - 5
Cupboard with sink - 1
Cupboard with sink - 2
Cupboard with sink - 3
Cupboard with sink - 4
Cupboard with sink - 5

Choosing a storage system


Bathroom cabinets - good storage spaceSomething that you do not have to often get. It can be towels or household chemicals. But keep in mind that the pedestal should not interfere with the movement of the bathroom. In addition, there must be enough space for it to open normally, without obstacles. Very convenient from this point of view drawers that allow you to immediately take a look at all of their contents.

Cupboards for bathroom - 1
Cupboards for bathroom - 2
Cabinets for bathroom - 3
Cupboards for bathroom - 4
Cupboards for bathroom - 5
Bathroom furniture (pedestal) - 1
Bathroom furniture (curbstone) -2
Bathroom furniture (pedestal) -3
Bathroom furniture (curbstone) -4
Bathroom furniture (curbstone) -5

Suspended lockers

Suspended lockers are generally located on theEye level. In the bathroom it is better to use not very wide lockers, so that all the contents can be put in one row. It's not very roomy, but everything you need is always at hand. At the same time, all personal hygiene items will be hidden from prying eyes.

An alternative to the hanging cabinets can be exposed open shelves. But in this case everything that is stored on them should also perform an aesthetic function, that is, be beautiful in appearance.

It is very convenient to make small corner shelves inBathtub or in the shower, then you do not have to constantly stick out of the bathroom during bathing to take a shampoo or shower gel. And foam with water will fall less on the floor, and slip and fall less likely.

Suspended lockers and shelves for bathroom - 1
Suspended lockers and bathroom shelves - 2
Suspended lockers and shelves for bathroom - 3
Suspended lockers and shelves for bathroom - 4
Suspended lockers and shelves for bathroom - 5
Lockers in the bathroom - 1
Lockers in the bathroom - 2
Lockers in the bathroom - 3
Lockers in the bathroom - 4
Lockers in the bathroom - 5

Pencil cases

The best option for storing things inBathroom - this is a pencil case. It allows you to fully use the bathroom footage and store everything as compactly as possible. Moreover, the pencil boxes combine drawers and lockers. The only drawback - not every bathroom will fit.

Packaging for bathroom - 1
Packaging for bathroom - 2
Cases for bathroom - 3
Packaging for bathroom - 4
Pencils for the bathroom - 5
Bathroom furniture (pencil case) - 1
Bathroom furniture (pencil case) - 2
Bathroom furniture (pencil case) - 3
Bathroom furniture (pencil case) - 4
Bathroom furniture (pencil case) - 5

Bath or shower?


Advantages of using a bath:

  • You can soak in the clouds of foam
  • Convenient for bathing children
  • It is possible to conduct medical procedures
  • Better flushes dirt from the body

Disadvantages of using a bath:

  • Requires a lot of space
  • It takes a long time to wash
  • Significant water consumption
Bathtub - 1
Bathtub - 2
Bathtub - 3
Bath - 4
Bath - 5
Bathroom furniture (bath) - 1
Bathroom furniture (bath) - 2
Bathroom furniture (bath) - 3
Bathroom furniture (bath) - 4
Bathroom furniture (bath) - 5

Shower cabin

Advantages of use Shower cabin:

  • Takes up less space
  • Low water consumption
  • Due to running water is more hygienic than a bath
  • Quick bathing
  • In closed cabins there are many additions (steam generator, aromatherapy, radio)

Disadvantages of using a shower:

  • You can not relax like during a bath
  • You can not use small children for bathing

A compromise option can be a bath combined with a shower.

Bathroom furniture (shower cubicle) - 1
Bathroom furniture (shower cubicle) - 2
Bathroom furniture (shower cubicle) - 3
Bathroom furniture (shower cubicle) - 4
Bathroom furniture (shower cubicle) - 5
Shower cabin - 1
Shower cabin - 2
Shower cabin - 3
Shower cabin - 4
Shower cabin - 5

General advice on arranging furniture in the bathroom

  1. If the bathroom floors are heated, it is better to use furniture on the legs.
  2. Do not put furniture as close to the bathroom, otherwise from the constant direct effect of water, it will deteriorate faster.
  3. AT Small bathroom It is better to use curbstones with sliding doors and hanging lockers.

Bathroom furniture to order

Perfectly fitting and perfectly matchingWith each other bathroom furniture will have, most likely, a very long time to look. To save time and effort - you can order its production from the masters. And so that furniture does not come quickly to be worthless - be sure to specify exactly where it is created. In this case, the wood will be specially treated with moisture-repellent compounds, and metal elements - with anti-corrosion agents. In the manufacture of bathroom furniture under the order is a very important advantage - it will be specially fitted to all the ledges and pipes in the bathroom.

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