Design bathroom with shower

Today, many people have an ideainstalling the shower in the bathroom. Such a desire is quite clear and corresponds to our era, which is dynamic and very swift. In addition, the washing in the shower, not in a full bath, you can greatly save not only time, but also water, which is quite important for those homes where meters are installed.

Design bathroom with shower dusheyvoy: the main advantages

The main advantages of a bathroom with a shower installed are the following:

• Replacement of bulky, massive tubs compact shower will significantly increase the space in the room, which had always enough.

• That the space that previously occupied the bath, can be effectively used for mounting stiralki or else some additional elements of plumbing.

• In addition to its compact size, showerCabin is also a very simple installation process, as well as a high level of functionality. It is worth noting that to install a cabin just connect it to utilities.

• Without exception, just showersabundant variety of functions, such as hydro-massage, steam bath, and even radio. Moreover, showers provided with pallets still quite deep, which in some cases can be used also as a full bath.

Shower cabin in the interior of the bathroom - itvery economical, but at the same time, also quite troublesome option. The essence of such "trouble" is the need for regular cleaning of the surface of the walls with special brushes.

The layout and design of the bathroom with the shower installation

In that case the space in the bathroom simplysorely lacking, it is possible to mount the shower without a special pallet. In this case, the water will be collected in a special hole made in the floor. Also, save room for the shower enclosure can be installed instead of full curtains or wall unpretentious as any partitions. Can altogether dispense with railings - arrange the shower in a cup so that the drop height from the edge zone shower until the catch opening was not less than 3 cm Visually this area with a shower can be identified using the contrasting color of materials, for example, laying the floor. or part of a wall mosaic or tile.

Expand the free area in the bathroom, andalso refine the interior will help free the floor. In the case without a shower tray, such a design can be supplemented with another console toilet (hung on the wall) and a wash basin without pedestal. It should be noted that although such designs at first glance seem to be very fragile, they are actually able to withstand fairly heavy load in a couple of tons.

In the same case, if you want the maximumto use all of the available free volume of the bathroom, the shower stall in the selection should pay attention to the possibility of mounting on wall construction special transparent shelves and towel. Thus, it will be able to largely save free space in the bathroom.

bathroom design with a shower also includes effectiveThe use of any decorative element, even if it is an ordinary mat. Note that to select an element should be the tone of the walls lining, in fact it will greatly assist with the arrangement of color accents, and will also allow quite successfully beat the available free space.

Very effective in the design of the bathroom with a showerbooth can use a special mirror cabinet that can be installed over the sink. This decorative element will perform two functions:

• functionality. In this cabinet you can put all the necessary medicines, as well as use it as a mirror.

• Aesthetic. The mirror surface of the cabinet allow to decorate the room, especially when combined with a properly placed lighting elements.

In addition, this interior design can be veryMore efficient use of conventional mirrors. Such structures are usually fixed to the wall, thus, that it was possible to change the angle of tilt - it allows for the most interesting of the external effect.

Also, bathroom design with an installed shower involvesalso use various kinds of transparent materials. These elements also contribute to an increase in the volume of the room, at the same time, facilitating visual interior. One of the most common elements of the decor, which are made of transparent materials, can be called a special hanging shelves and transparent doors for showers.

Design bathroom with shower
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