The design of the bathroom: what to prefer luxury or shy?

In today's world, where there is simply noshortages of goods and materials, each person has all the possibilities to transform his apartment in the most genuine comfort and a very pleasant stay for the whole family. Bathroom DesignWhich is an integral part of planning apartments, deserves special attention and a specific approach in terms of design.

Bathroom DesignAnd it may cause quite arrangementa lot of the most diverse complaints, in particular related to the relatively small area of ​​the room and, quite often, the ill-conceived plan. However, it should be noted that with the correct alignment of all functional and decorative items, as well as choosing the most harmonious design style, you can even the ugly little room to turn into one of the most comfortable rooms throughout the house.

Classical: and are back in fashion!

Stone mosaic, bas-reliefs, columns - all these elements of the interior are able to give the bathroom a certain solemnity. It should be noted that the classical bathroom design It is able to emphasize the conservatism and traditionalism owner of the house, its taste and refinement.

When making a classic-style bathroom useOnly the highest quality materials, such as natural wood, bronze, and various kinds of decorative items. If we talk about furniture and accessories, the classic style is most often the choice falls on polyurethane. This material is very practical and all the characteristics significantly superior to its nearest relative - plastic. For lighting in a classic design of the interior of the room is often used crystal chandelier made of natural materials or expensive glasses. It looks great in this style and various bronze lamps that mimic candles.

Brave east - Japanese style bath

Bathroom is decorated in Japanese style,just the same, full of deep philosophy, which is framed on the unity of man and nature. That is why, when you make extensive use partitions, various screens and curtains that can be easily shifted, thus transforming the interior style.

Bathroom Japanese-style - a combination oflight, bright colors with natural materials. This style is just perfect for small bathrooms, because thanks to its simplicity and accentuated even certain minimalism in the details, as well as a muted color palette of style, they will always appear more spacious.

For bathroom design in the Japanese stylejust perfectly suited materials such as ceramic tile wood, straw, sisal, bamboo and textured plaster and paper. All the furniture and plumbing elements must be compact and, where possible, to hide behind the special screens.

Minimalism - no nonsense

Functionality - that is the main feature of thisstylistic solutions like minimalism. Thanks to this quality, the interior is decorated in a minimalist style, very comfortable and pleasant stay. For this bathroom styles characteristic of the thesis that "smaller is better" from which swim all their beneficial principles, in particular cost-effectiveness, functionality as well as serial and zoning space.

Design a bathroom in a minimalist style includes:

• The complete spatial freedom with a small number of items of furniture and accessories.

• Carrying out the zoning premises, in particular by means of a multi-level lighting.

• Styling minimalism inherent in bright color palette, which is based on the game of semitones. Palette still complement the natural tones of wood, glass and metal.

• When making a bathroom in a minimalist style natural decoration materials with a rough texture are used, such as brick, stucco.

• For minimalism inherent in simple lines and shapes without decorative elements.

Modern - glamor, brilliance, beauty

Art Nouveau design of modern bathroomIt allows you to make a cult of beauty, which subordinates everything to the interior of the harmonious combination of lines and shapes. The most important thing when creating this design - it is not to miss the original idea of ​​smooth lines, as well as the use of only natural, natural motifs and harmony to create the most complete picture of design.

At the heart of such styles as Art Nouveauis a thesis that puts a form on a higher level than the content. Such a style characterized by elegance, sophistication, as well as, in some way, impermanence. Accordingly, here, and a specific set of colors - they are in this style faded, slightly muffled. Also, the bathroom, decorated in modern style, inherent in such a finishing material such as chrome in combination with glass, as well as the predominance of rectangular and square shapes.

The design of the bathroom: what to prefer luxury or shy?
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