Design of a small bathroom: ideas for a visual increase in the interior

Tips for equipping the bathroom from the expert! The best photo of the bathroom interior design is small in size from the best designers. Find out how to design your bathroom!

To create an interior design for a small bathroom is very exciting. Options even more than it may seem, consider the 50 best photos of bathroom repair ideas.

Design of a small bathroom: ideas for a visual increase in the interior


Interior design of bathroom combined with toilet

Is it possible to have a cozy and stylish house withoutSparkling and inviting bathroom? Most likely not. Boring old tiles and rusting pipes do not cause a desire to enjoy taking a bath, but want to quickly wash and run away. Even more frightening is in this room, if the bathroom is combined with a toilet. Therefore, it is very important for a good housewife to select a bathroom design of a small size so that it would be nice to be in and it could be proudly exhibited to guests.

In a spacious bathroom you can walk and applyVarious design ideas and modern technologies. But even those who have a very small bathroom, also want to design it stylish and the most useful to use every corner.

A small combined bathroom is a problem for many owners of Soviet Standard apartments. What is there to do? I want to live beautifully! So, we will think how to add such a chic and shiny bathroom.

Bathroom picture of a small size
Bathroom picture of a small size
Bathroom picture of a small size
Small bathroom design photo

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You can not change the toilet bowl and bathtub to other places. This will require coordination in the BTI, and there will be no permission. We will leave it as it is, and we will work with walls, floors and ceilings, and also consider different models of sanitary ware.

Tip! What materials can you cover the walls and floor in the bathroom? The standard answer is - tile!! But, fortunately, not only! Now there are many materials for creating a magnificent, exquisite bathroom design.

Popular materials for interior:

  • decorative plaster;
  • Mirrors;
  • mosaic;
  • marble;
  • ceramic tile.

In our opinion, For a small space, the use of mirrors or decorative plaster will be very successful. Mirrors will increase the space, thisunderstandably. They can be placed around the perimeter of the room. Thus, the effect of volume space is obtained. Mirrors can be combined with any other material, because completely to decorate the walls is not practical: it will require careful daily care, otherwise splashes, stains and stains will literally destroy all splendor. An alternative to conventional mirrors can be matte or corrugated glass.

Small bathroom design photo
Photo of a small bathroom design
Photo of a small bathroom design

Decorative plaster differs in thatTo put it much faster than to lay out the tile, thanks to it you can create any color transitions, and with the help of stencils to apply various drawings. Does not this give the sophistication of the most standard and prosaic bathroom? It seems that such an option will amaze our imagination!

Mosaic in Design

Mosaic and marble are the most expensiveMaterials. If you "serious" seriously, this is it. In itself, putting mosaic is a serious matter, at all times was considered art. Blue, gentle pink or lilac in combination with white will create the desired effect of space and will simply delight the eye.

Mosaic in design
Beautiful bathroom interior
Beige design of a small bathroom

If you like the mosaic, but "in moderation", then you can limit yourself to mosaic tiles. It looks also stylish, but it will be much cheaper.
It's another way to stand out - is to lay out yourA miniature marble bathroom. As far as it is practical, it is better to decide independently. In any case, the marble bathroom will look extraordinary, besides this material is very reliable and will serve "faith and truth" for many years.

White bathroom design combined with a toilet
Shower cabin in the combined bathroom
Spacious bathroom with toilet
Interior design of a combined bathroom
The design of a small bathroom combined with a toilet

How to enlarge a small bathroom with a proper ceiling

Thinking about the bathroom interior, we can completely forget About the ceiling. It seems that no one looks at him. But you should make a mistake, and she immediately catches your eye. What should not be allowed in the design of the ceiling of a small bathroom?

  • At low altitudes, you can not select dark tones.
  • Give up the temptation to make multi-level ceilings.

If suddenly the height of the ceiling is "good" (this happensIn old houses), then you can beautifully contrast the colors. For example, we make a light "bottom and dark" top ". But when the ceiling is normal, at the entrance to such a room it will seem that he is about to crush us. These are unpleasant sensations, and they should be avoided.

Modern interior design

Fashionable and, of course, beautiful multi-level ceilings in a small bathroom will look cumbersome.

We want to achieve at least some kind of space, at least visual.

What will help us in this?

  • Use light colors or transparent materials.
  • Bright lighting.

Remembering this, you need to choose the right optionsFinishing the ceiling in the bathroom. The material must withstand a constant exposure to moisture, temperature changes and be strong. It is unlikely that anyone will want to do an annual repair and reflect on another design project. Therefore, we need to focus on proven and popular ways of decorating the ceiling:

  • Tension ceiling;
  • Rack aluminum ceiling;
  • Mirror ceiling.
White ceiling in green interior

We chose the ones that will best decorateThe interior of the mini-bathroom will make it delightful and cozy. And with a stretch ceiling it's easy, because any drawing and pattern can be implemented. With his help, instead of the ceiling we can have a blue sky with clouds or a clearing with flowers. Built-in spotlights will scatter the light and give the interior mystery and romance.

Spotlights on the ceiling

Reechniy aluminum ceiling - a squeak of a fashion and a findFor those wishing to create something like this on standard square meters. Certainly, these beautiful "tricks" will perfectly suit our tiny room. Long glossy panels are simply created in order to create the illusion of high ceilings and a large area.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

Mirror ceiling, as well as walls, visuallyWill increase the bathroom, and, in addition, they look very stylish. But! The main thing here is to keep the balance and not overdo it with mirrors. Otherwise, the highlight of the interior will disappear, or rather, the "raisin" will be too much, and this is no longer interesting. Leave either the mirrored walls or the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling in green interior
Spotlights in the pink interior

If the finish is a bit clear, then you can think about furniture.

Choosing furniture

This part of the apartment we love very much, and we want to arrange there some necessary things, for which it is completely inconvenient to constantly run into the room. Just perfect would be to put in the bathroom a roomy nightstand and hang shelves.

Design of small bathroom furniture

Usually in small baths, the empty space remains under the sink, as well as on the walls. This should not be forgotten, because for us every centimeter of space is important.

Light design

There are a lot of lockers on sale thatAre placed under the sink. Most often they are sold with her. Therefore, changing the bathroom environment, it is best to buy a new sink with a built-in bedside table. There are very comfortable sets with a long table top, which is located on the bathroom.

Brown furniture in the interior

It is possible that there is room for high andNarrow cabinet-pencil case. If there is no place to cram it, then you need to use free walls. This is over the toilet (in the combined bathrooms), over the sink, bath or washing machine.

White furniture in a small bathroom

Of course, shelves or lockers should not beHeavy and overloaded. We will use them to store towels and hygiene products. In a standard cabinet, you can put a bucket, basin and detergents. Usually, all this is stored in the bathroom, but nobody wants to see the household things in sight and disfigure the interior.

Basic requirements for furniture:

  • compactness;
  • ease;
  • strength;
  • moisture resistance.

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Where to put the washing machine

We, the housewives, are very comfortable when the laundry is held traditionally in the bathroom.

Washing machine with vertical loading near the bathtub

But it seems our bathroom is unable to accommodate a washing machine. And what if there is nowhere else to put it? We'll have to look for a way out.

If there is no free space, you can putTechnique under the sink, only not ordinary, but flat-shaped. Smart manufacturers have already foreseen such a way of saving space and began to make sinks under a certain size of washing machines. They can be bought in the kit and installed simultaneously.

Comfortable furniture in a combined bathroom

In addition, there are narrow models of machines withVertical loading, it can be squeezed between the sink and the wall. But only not very close, a small gap must always remain for ventilation.

With the placement of the washing machine in the small bathroom options are few. If there is a place, then you are very lucky. If not, think of something else. At least you can sacrifice a sink.

Without a mirror in a small bathroom, nowhere

Indeed, is it possible to manage in a large bathroom without mirrors? Even if we choose a mirror finish as a design, but it will not be above the sink, it will still have to be hung.

Discussing the furniture, we said that all possible lockers would be well placed on the wall. Here they are practically equipped with mirrors. Buying one of them, we solve two questions at once.

Put everything you want into a compact bathroom will not work. You always have to give up something. If you do not put the washing machine along the wall, then you can hang a large mirror in full growth.

Mirrors can be of different shapes and "work" on the basic idea of ​​design. With a pronounced marine theme, it would be good to find a mirror in the shape of a fish or a sea animal.

A huge mirror on the whole wall
Another mirror for the whole wall of the room

If the bathroom is dominated by certain geometric shapes, then it is desirable to choose the same mirror.

The huge mirror in the bathroom
Mirror over the sink

What are the important details to consider when choosing a mirror?

  • Will the mirror be well lit (take care of the lighting).
  • Who will take care of him (maybe buy a model with heating, and forget about the spots?)
  • Long it will serve (for the bathroom there are special mirrors, resistant to moisture, and the usual quickly lose sight).

REMEMBER! A lucky mirror will "save" any interior!

If the bathroom has a shower cabin

Shower cabin for home - a brilliant invention. This is what you need for a small bathroom. There are a lot of models of such booths, we are most suited for corner or simple, but compact. Fortunately, there are a lot of them on sale.

The shower cubicle provides the following advantages:

  • Space saving;
  • Saving water (when consuming a shower it is consumed less);
  • Comfortable washing process (especially if the model has a hydromassage function);
  • Modern, stylish bathroom.

Replacing the bathtub with a shower, we can find a place for a washing machine, and for some small closet. However, I want to warn lovers of everything to make and litter!

Even the most spacious bathroom can be so clogged up, it will seem like a shed. In a small room, such a risk increases many times.

Modern shower room

It is not necessary to put something in every corner. Better we put in the bathroom only the most necessary. And only then it will look more spacious, and go into it will be much nicer.

The only drawback of this decision is the lack of space for bathing small children. Here you can offer two ways:

  • Or put on the bottom of the cabin a small bath;
  • Or wait until the children grow up.

Another escape route is a bath with a showerCabin, they are ideal for a large family, in which there are fans of the shower, and taking a bath. But putting it in a cramped room, we will not save space. Although, in general, such a combined version is very convenient.

Project with shower and bathtub

The decision on the appropriateness of all this must be taken individually. And this time you have to choose between comfort and spaciousness.

Ideas for repair for residents of Khrushchev

In apartments with such a sonorous nameDesigned two types of bathrooms, so in three-room apartments we have a separate bathroom with a tiny bathroom, and in one-room and two-bedroom - the toilet and bathroom are combined.

The tiny bathroom of the "treshka" destroys all attempts to fantasize about its arrangement. Here all the advice that we gave about the decoration of walls and ceiling in a similar room is applicable.

Basic moments:

  • Use several spectacular mirrors;
  • Make a glossy stretch ceiling with spotlights;
  • Discard dark shades;
  • Do not hang shelves and cabinets (one over the sink will be enough);
  • If possible, change the bath to the shower.

The successful design of such a bathroom implies maximum simplicity, the absence of unnecessary parts and piles.

Combined A bathroom In hrushevkah more roomy. Opposite the front door there is a toilet, next to the sink and bath. Next to the door there is an empty seat, which is usually taken away under the washing machine.

The design of a bathroom for a Khrushchev or a panel house
Bathroom design in Khrushchev

What can be done with this prosaic situation? How to add to her chic and shine?

Option One

We change the plumber. We choose a toilet bowl, a washbasin and a bathroom of a square shape. It is advisable to find a sink with a long table top, passing to the bathroom. On it you can arrange all the hygiene products and other necessary trifles.

Mirrors above the bathroom and the sink are also desirable to hang square. The ceiling is finished with aluminum rack panels. Floor and walls are spread with mosaic tiles.

Unsubstituted bathroom in hruschevke

Option two

Install the toilet with a wall mount,We select a flat sink complete with a washing machine, above them we hang a large mirror. We replace the bath with a corner shower, and between it and the wall we put a narrow high rack. The wall next to the door is left free, there you can put only a small laundry basket.

We offer walls and ceiling to be covered with decorative plaster of pastel tones, and the floor should be laid out with a tile of contrasting shade.

There can be a lot of design ideas for a combined bathroom in a bathroom. Fortunately, now there is all the material for the implementation of any dream.

Bathroom interior in Khrushchev
Bathroom is small in size - photo

Bathroom in a private house

When designing a bathroom in your house, you can plan in advance where to put the plumbing and furniture. There are no restrictions for an apartment building.

If the house is wooden, then the walls and the ceiling can be sewn with a moisture-resistant wooden strip. The floor is best covered with ordinary tiles in the tone of the tree.

Great, if the bathroom has a window, in a small room it perfectly enlarges the space. It can be originalized with roll or Roman curtains. This will add a coziness to the bathroom, which at times seems "cold" and moist.

Very nice design, but expensive

An important function of the window and in the possibility of airing and drying, which is especially important with wood trim.

In a brick house, the walls of the bathroom should be "ennobled" with ceramics or stone. The ceiling in this case can be decorated with any kind of suspended ceilings: they are aesthetic, reliable and inexpensive.

Bathroom with windows
Spacious bathroom in a private house
White bathroom in a private house
Small Corner Bathroom

Private house is good because it can be repaired in itDo and remake endlessly: neighbors can not hear anything. However, I want to perform repair qualitatively, so that all elements of the interior served for many years, until they get bored.

To do this, you just need to use reliable materials and follow our advice.

Ways to increase the space of a small bathroom
Ceiling Use light shades, make tension with spotlights
Walls Decorate with decorative plaster or mosaic tiles
Mirror Hang one big or several medium size
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