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Why there is a bathroom, we allknow, what should be its design and what equipment to choose? In this article, we will not deal with the choice of equipment and accessories - the choice is great and it all depends on the purse, although in the same Germany, there are entire museums which show the form of faucets and toilets. The most important thing at the beginning - everything should be solved in a complex and consistent with the overall content and fabulous kolichesvo stilyu.Mozhno spend money on the tile and equipment but the results did not get, can be made of inexpensive materials materials to do something unique.

Once we decided on the style should beto think about the color, as in the interior of the bathroom and toilet you can apply bright colors, which colors and combinations - a lot of information on the Internet, the main thing is not to overdo it and pick them gramotno.Mnogoe depends on the nature and taste (rhetorical question) One customer told me - design design, and a naked woman on the wall should be displayed.

Quite often, architects like to dothe layout of the tiles 200 x 200 or 100 x 100, alternating different colors, although the idea is not new, but always look fresh or tiles of various collections and original decomposed gives stunning effekt.Mozhno use one collection, but different colors or waterjet cutting of and make interesting abstract and not only kompozitsiyu.Kak option may be a combination of different decorative techniques with tiles and mosaics - a great number of ideas, but the man must decide closer to him.

Many people use the services of a tilerthe designer - the results are different and good and not very good, but of course better to order the layout of the designer - I am for the division of labor, if the person is a lifetime hammers nails means he is in a virtuoso. The ceiling is better to make a stretch and matte tile, as in operation (not seen salt after showering), grout for joints is desirable to use color because it gets no aesthetic vid.Shvy over time between the tiles should be at least 1.5 - 2 mm but without fanaticism (such as watching a funny and sad picture - the customer took a job with a tiler with a bar-compass, when he explained to that the perfect tile not found in nature, he had long resented - both because it costs $ 80 per square meter and must all be the same).

Basically price tile does not depend on the exactthe size and quality of the clay, dyes, coatings, freshness and collection fabriki.Kazhetsya bath room is relatively large, but working with him a lot and you need to think through every detail - because design should please more than one year. So I wish you all good luck and most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment.

Bathroom Design
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