About baths and their aesthetic value

Is it possible to imagine our home without bathroomroom. Bath - a special place in the apartment where we draw the energy in the morning and relax in the evenings, so there must prevail the internal harmony of beauty and comfort. A well-designed and well-made bathroom design It guarantees your comfort. For each comfort is completely different concepts. For some it's the warm tones of the walls of the room, and for some - under-floor heating. But still bathroom interiorAs well as the entire apartment, must express the personality of its owner.

Daily treatments become much more pleasantit is a room that meets your aesthetic tastes. At the same time various accessories are an inherent part of every bathroom. For example, a variety of patterns on the tiles will become for you a reason to go back to the bathroom again and again.

Now let's talk about the most important in the bathroom- The bath, because it plays an important role in the interior of the premises. Selecting this is undoubtedly a major part depends entirely on your taste. As is known, baths come in various shapes - round, oval, rectangular, etc. Depending on their shape bath carries a certain mood.

Round bathtub

This form is more like a pool than the bathtub. It fits into almost any finish bathroom. Sometimes it is even set in the yard. Another advantage is a classic look and shared. The latter can be seen as a disadvantage, because in many modern apartments of multi-storey buildings set like a bath is simply unrealistic. The minimum length of the product without a podium is 150 centimeters, which is the problem. Therefore, round bath - a frequent guest in the cottages and country houses.

Bath developing are often optionalequipment such as hydro and air massage, lighting and much more. Its price depends on the size, the material, the number of functions it can perform, and additional features.

corner bath

Corner bath, as you may guess,installed in a corner of the bathroom. Although sometimes there are options with mounting on the floor or installing a bath in the middle of the floor with a show around her. This is considered to be the original and innovative solutions. This selection does not depend on aboutTrimming bathroomBut at the same time preserves the convenience and functionality.

Corner bath set to save spacein the room that can accommodate a variety of accessories for maximum comfort. If you pay attention to the quality and the material is the best choice for this form it will cast iron bath. Cast iron has high strength and durability. But this considerable drawback is the large weight of the bath. There is also another option - steel baths. Their weight is much smaller, but it is also very significant.

Oval bathtub

oval bath flowing lines quite effectivelylook, but because it is advantageous to allocate the product of a number of similar products. Oval bath combined with any modern equipment. And yet it is the best choice for decoration bathroom interior in modern or retro style. In addition, its installation will help give the room a unique originality and individuality. Bath oval looks good as the central figure of the space. Regardless of the features they look harmoniously as the main parts Bathroom Design. In the category of oval tubs are products of acrylic, cast iron and cast marble, which are available in two versions: a free-standing and built.

The rectangular and hexagonal bath

The rectangular and hexagonal - this is the mostcommon forms of baths. They are suitable for any type of space and the bathroom. Installation can be made as close to the wall or in a corner or in the center. This form of the bath is the easiest way to mount in the floor. Accordingly, it makes little effort to perform all installation work.

Rectangular bath - the most popular choicedomestic and foreign buyers. Its side walls, as a rule, are made decorative panels that hide the internal mechanisms and baths are a wonderful decoration of the entire product. Also, make a smooth transition in the corners, you can give the bath a modern, elegant style. If you want to give your bathroom design unusualness of the room, it is advisable to choose this type of bath. Its function is practically no different from the rectangular baths.

About baths and their aesthetic value
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