What mistakes in the design of the room, we tend to avoid

Undoubtedly, the manifestation of imagination and the ability togo for bold experiments will help to create an original design to any room. But there are principles and design laws, the violation of which can negate all your efforts on the decoration of the room. Let us try to understand the basic design errors and see how you can fix them.

Try to move away from stereotypes

It so happened that in many apartments furnishedbuilt along the walls, does not worry about the creation of the original interior design of the room. But sometimes placed in the center of the room items can be quite useful. Some do not have the courage to experiment with color schemes, especially if it is an unusual color. That is why we have so many dissimilar interiors in beige or white. And what prevents you to use shades of green or other colors?

Do not underestimate the value of the blinds in the interior of the entire premises, because they decorate the only source of natural light. Artfully decorated window will give the entire room a suitable style.

The interior should be not only beautiful, but also functional

Be careful with the use of artificialcolors. After all, if the living will bring into your home clean and fresh, it is unlikely that this can be said about artificial. In addition, they can collect dust, which makes them even hazardous to health.

Pobespokoytes that the chairs and sofas werecomfortable and nice trim. After all, their mission does not end with the addition of a certain style, they should be nice to sit. In addition, they may drop the food or spilled drinks. It is always necessary to consider when choosing them, especially those who are constantly everything goes wrong ruk.Hotya carpets and can decorate a room, however, an error in the design of the room It would be to use them in the form of a crumpled. Especially it concerns small items that may now and then be moved around the room. To prevent this, you can put on carpets furniture legs. Think about how rastavit furniture in the room.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

A well-chosen picture can bebeautiful decoration of any room. However, if they hang too high, they will only irritate. Placing them ideal height that at which the composition center located solely on the same level with the eyes. In addition, care should be taken and that the various accessories are not dazzled, and they were not too much. The same principle applies to your photos. But with them must be careful - good pictures I want to hang a lot. It is therefore important to know the sense of proportion.

From competent lighting depends on many things. Even you can give the room a bright gray appearance assuming mistakes in the arrangement of light sources. Remember that it is not necessarily limited to one lighting device, even if it is sufficiently moschnyy.Pomnite that all furniture should belong to the same style. Of course, sometimes it would be possible to mix two close stylistic decision, but it would an error in the design of the room use items belonging to a completelydifferent styles. This also can be attributed to problems of inappropriate together furniture. All items in the room must comply with their intended use.

Cluttering will only hinder

Some hard to part with things. It happens that an object is not used for a long time, but we are afraid to throw it away - and suddenly come in handy? Do not be afraid. Some arrive at the following rule - if the thing during the year had not been used, it should get rid of. and outdated furniture can be attributed to such things. If it is more than one generation, it is worth it to either upgrade or even replace the upholstery.

Another problem - the desire to use asmuch furniture in confined spaces. As a result, a room can simply be crammed with a variety of items that did not get used for other purposes: the cabinet doors can not be opened due to lack of space, the table can be obstructed passage. Remember that your moving nothing should interfere with the house also must always be open access to the main areas.

Since today is so much different householdtechnology, a great many cables can breed in an apartment. Even if you can not reduce their number to a minimum and try to disguise them or simply place the outlet more often. A correct choice of material for the floor will in this way we can.

Try to develop a design for a roomthemselves to you in the first place it was nice to be in. Do not neglect the hallway. If the slippers are beginning to be worn out, try to get rid of them. In addition, remember that the entrance - this is the place that is the very first catches the eye of your guests and they will make it their impression of you.

We have reviewed the most common mistakes. By paying attention to them, you will be able to achieve success in the creation of the design of the apartment and to create an original decoration of the room.

What mistakes in the design of the room, we tend to avoid
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