On pricing on interior design projects

The peculiarity of pricing in the field of designthe interior is that the exclusivity of the project does not actually affect the cost of the designer. This is clearly established markets, each segment of which has its own specific features. There are three main segments, which are fundamentally different quotations: the budget - the cost of up to $ 50 / sq. m, average - up to $ 100 / sq. m, and the elite -. from $ 100 / sq. m.

Consider Bole detail the specifics of pricing for each of the following segments:


The cheapest segment of the market designIt is designed for customers with average income, unpretentious and not demanding. Features of the project level - is very low detail, the use of medium-quality materials. Successful implementation of such development depends on the conscience and integrity of developers.

As a rule, work in this directionNovice companies that are ready for a relatively small amount of money to develop a "project of any style." The target audience of the budget segment - the owners of apartments in apartment buildings, small studios and the private sector.


This segment represents companies thatwork in the field of design of 5-8 years and already have a good customer base. In such organizations, there are some staff who carefully study each stage of the project development of a city apartment, country cottages, and even restaurants, offices.

As a rule, companies in the mainstream segmentwork in any particular direction, but do not take up all in a row. Detailed worked particularly psychology of the customer, his lifestyle, taste preferences. Already on the technical development phase, the design of all components: water and electrical, air conditioning and ventilation. We use expensive materials, equipment, modern technological innovations.


The third segment of the market design - a kindkind of "Olympus", home to professional designers. The objects of their development are not only within our country but also in Europe. Customers elite designers - politicians, businessmen, pop stars. The works of these artists are shown in various printed publications, and the names are always at the hearing.

Designer with this level can always revealthemselves fully to implement all the ideas and plans. Accordingly, and their work is estimated to amount to many zeros. But most importantly - the specialists of this level on its way to excellence have been two previous segment to "otochit" their skills.

Architectural studio "design Trajectory"It is working on a design project of any of the above segments. Continuous development and the pursuit of excellence - the key to the successful implementation of projects of varying degrees of complexity. And the use of new products and building technology market - the opportunity to become a reality, even the most courageous decisions.

On pricing on interior design projects
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