Wallpapers for bedrooms

Find out what more suitable wallpaper for your bedroom! Selection of the best photos wallpaper design for the bedroom. What is better to choose wallpaper, expert advice.

Bedroom - it's not just for sleeping room. Many are accustomed to combine a bedroom with an office, dressing room, sometimes - the living room or library. In any case - a bedroom, a small little world of its own, where you can relax and comfortable, and productive work, and read a book. Comfort - here the main criterion in the design of such facilities. On the overall look and feel may significantly affect the choice of wallpaper. To learn how to do it right, armed with these tips, and will be an article.

Wallpapers for bedrooms


Select the wallpaper for the bedroom

Kinds of wallpaper a great many today! At first glance - it is easy to get lost among all the diversity. But in order to understand what is best suited to your bedroom, you must become familiar with their classification.


They are called washable. The basis of such wallpaper - paper or fleece and the outer layer - polyvinyl chloride (PVC). By the way - this is the same polymer used to produce PVC windows and ceilings.

see also Photo ceilings gipsoartona bedroom.

This layer provides the unique properties of PVC vinyl wallpaper (resistance to detergents and water, environmentally friendly, high mechanical strength, durability

To all this, the bottom layer of wallpaper allows relatively easy sticking to the wall. Nevertheless, should entrust the decoration of walls experienced craftsmen to the result pleased.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom


These wallpapers are also dual-layer. And its name, they borrow from the lower layer - it is of non-woven fabrics. The top layer - this is usually fine pore vinyl.

By the undoubted advantage of wallpaper can be attributedeasy to work with them. After the glue should be applied to the wallpaper themselves - just one layer of glue on the walls. This significantly reduces the time papering walls. And dry cloth convenient stick, so the joints in these wallpapers are more accurate and smooth.

Non-woven wallpaper - a great option if there are small scratches and bumps on the walls. All the defects of the walls will be successfully hidden.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom


For the manufacture of paper wallpaper used paper and pulp. These environmentally friendly materials, do not cause allergy and have the ability to pass air and steam.

Other pluses include paper wallpaper easiest application, a variety of colors, affordable price.

Unfortunately, paper wallpaper have significant drawbacks. These are: low strength and short lifespan, susceptibility to mechanical stress and the influence of moisture.

Paper wallpaper in the bedroom


They represent a roll laminate, the front side of which - the fabric and the inner layer - fleece or paper.

Top fabric wallpaper composition is verydiversity: it is cotton, linen, silk, wool. From what kind of materials used in the production of wallpaper, depending of the cost, operational features and appearance.

Advantages of textile wallcoverings:

  • High decorative appeal
  • The proximity to nature (natural)
  • Creating a favorable climate in the room

The disadvantage is their high cost, complexity and sticking property to collect dust.

Photo Textile wallpaper in the bedroom

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How to successfully choose the wallpaper to the furniture

Wallpaper and furniture - these are the basic elements of designany room. For the best outcome is to take care of the right combination of colors of the walls and furniture bedroom sets. Thanks to the harmonious combination of the room will look nice and cozy.

Bedroom with light furniture

The options can be many. It depends on the desired end result and from the floor area.

If the room is small, then a light furniturePick up the bright wallpaper. This will keep the feeling of free space. Otherwise, the room can turn into a dark "box." White, golden-beige, light green, ocher, muted orange - all these colors are excellent partners for light furniture set.

If the room is large, it is possible to play on the contrast of light and dark furniture to choose wallpaper. Important caution when choosing this design option.

To all looked integral and coordinated follow a simple rule: the warm colors and shades Pick up the warm colors, the cold - cold.

Wallpapers bright furniture

Master bedroom with dark furniture

Also available are a variety of options for combinations. Most often, dark furniture in warm colors, so use the advice listed above - choose wallpaper warm colors and shades. Variants of green, brown, beige, sand-colored should first draw your attention to, among other options.

Wallpapers dark furniture

Successful solutions for choosing the wallpaper in different styles


According to the chosen style of the room, in this case, the wallpaper must:

  • Being fashionable design
  • Do not have a figure in excess
  • It is made of a modern eco-friendly materials
  • Serves as a backdrop for the environment

Clearly a classic combination with wallpaper or furniture,game of contrasts - you decide. It is important to keep the right balance of design: for a modernist style involves competent combination of all interior components.

Wallpaper Art Nouveau

See more photo bedroom design.


The bedroom in the style of Provence - it's pretty cozyroom with elegant (more often - light) furnishings and intricate patterns on textiles and wallpaper. Options for selecting the color of wallpaper a lot. Blue and shades, white, beige, golden yellow, light green. It is possible that in drawing wallpaper meet all colors inherent style.

It is important to only comply with the measure: if the veil and the curtains in the room has assumed a fine pattern, the wallpaper should be a monotonous backdrop for all of this.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence
Wallpaper in the style of Provence


Classic reception in the embodiment of style loft - itpart of the walls in the "intact" when the visible bricks. It is an imitation of brickwork (hardly a real naked brickwork will look aesthetically pleasing). The rest of the walls of the room should be framed in a more calm and neutral version (plaster or bright wallpaper).

Drawing on the wallpaper as such should not be. In other words - choose the wallpaper in one tone or abstraction. If you want to see on the wallpaper image, then it should be dim, better geometric shapes, small and often repeated on the canvas.

Wallpaper in the style of a loft


Wallpapers of this style is to chooserespectively the general direction - bright, warm colors, often - flowered or cage (it is about them, you can say, "merry colors"). It is important not only oversaturate interior small details and observe moderation. After a bedroom - a place to rest. A vacation should be and eyes.

An excellent choice may be muted-colored wallpaper (even slightly faded) colors with understated pattern.

Picture wallpaper for bedroom country style
Wallpaper in the style of the country

Japanese style

In order to adequately implement this style, you need to stick to its basic principles.

  • Laconic details
  • Minimalism in the decoration
  • Use of natural materials
  • Interior design in neutral colors

With regards to the "clothing" for the walls to make a choice: either it's wood paneling, wallpaper or ethnic pattern.

Wallpaper in Japanese style


This style involves precise repetitive pattern (often - and more ornate "pathetic").

The color scheme ranges from the lightest shades to rich and deep.

Wallpaper in the classic style
Wallpaper in the classic style


Since this style involves the mostlaconic interior, and the wallpaper in the room must comply with this rule. The color of the wallpaper can be almost any (it depends on the total range of the selected color space). But with the drawings is better to be cautious. It is best to choose a wallpaper without pattern, in one color (monotone help compensate fine texture of the wallpaper) or with dim abstraction. As an option - to place on one wall (or part of a wall) larger image, which will play the role of an independent interior.

Wallpaper in the style of minimalism

The colors of the wallpaper in the room décor options and their features


Bright and simple, unlimited colors and easy. This is - the choice of the true romantics.

Its properties can be attributed mainlycalming effect. In contrast to his "cousin" blue it does not seem dark and even in abundance will not crush and oppress. Very good for small rooms, as it visually expands the space.

Blue wallpaper in the bedroom


This color is very popular in the design of bedroomsrooms. Helps to cope with the negative and irritation, promotes rapid relaxation and recreation favorable. Natural natural color, which is always pleasing to the eye. That is why it is used in the design of any room.

Green wallpaper in the bedroom


It is chosen by self-confident, strong people. Regardless of the number, it dominates in the interior design, sets the atmosphere of the room. This color is very good for the decoration of the walls in the living room, kitchen. In the bedroom, he can also look well, if you combine it correctly with other colors (light).

Red wallpaper in the bedroom


Popular cold color. However, it is calming and reduces the activity. Excellent will look great in the bedroom (to help make it more comfortable), but is contraindicated in small bedroom (as the optically reduces the space).

The blue wallpaper in the bedroom

The black

Very controversial color bedroom designroom. On the one hand - it looks even more intriguing and mystical, with another - "pushes" its richness. Best to apply it in combination with other colors. The most successful variant combination - a black-and-white palette.

Black wallpaper in the bedroom


Universal color in terms of freedom of action. After all, it can be combined with almost all the rest. By itself, it brings a sense of openness and lightness, but may look rustic and dull colors without partners.

White wallpaper in the bedroom


Accommodating partner for many other colors. A good option for small spaces and rooms with little natural light.

Yellow wallpaper in the bedroom


We can say that it is permanently in the date color registration bedrooms. All shades of brown calming effect on the psyche, helps to relax.

Brown wallpaper in the bedroom

The color of the wallpaper and light side

  • The windows face south. This means that a lot of light in the room. Accordingly: select the wallpaper should be rich, dark colors (purple, blue, dark blue, chocolate, muted terracotta).
  • Exposure to the northern side. The lack of light can compensate for the choice of wallpaper warm colors: purple, yellow-green, light orange, golden yellow.
The color of the wallpaper and light side

Combined wallpaper - bold decisions for best results

There are several options combining wallpaper and stickers:

  • Horizontal layout
  • Vertical location
  • individual inserts
  • Niches
Combined wallpaper in the bedroom

For successful results follow an important rule combined gluing wallpaper: choosing different colors (hues), take a single texture.

Methods combining wallpaper
Vertical A vertical bar can be monochromatic orvariegated (it depends on what the colors of the second type of wallpaper). Classic vertical stripe zoning walls - this is when the bandwidth coincides with the boundaries of the bed. The height of the band can be up to the ceiling, or go to the ceiling (or even to move to the opposite wall).
Horizontal Quite a popular way of zoning wallsusing wallpaper. Combining a plurality of options exist - both combinations wallpaper and a method for separating walls apart. Most often, the lower part of the walls hang wallpaper with more complete and dynamic picture, the top - more moderate in tone and coloring.
Inserts Usually, the wallpaper paste from another (differentfrom the main) color or a bedside table. To complete the effect, insert often framed by baguette. Inserting shape may have a square, rectangular, oval.
Niche If a niche in the room is provided with a decorativetarget (and not to install it in the enclosure, for example), it should combine with the walls stylistically. To do this within the same niche pasted wallpaper that were used for the decoration of the room walls.
Photo combined wallpaper in the bedroom
Combined wallpaper
Combined wallpaper

Fashionable wallpaper 2017

The trend of the current trends, a number of:

  • Herbal items (this trend migrated to the list of fashion from past years)
  • Volume figures
  • Black and white large images (most often - a photograph retro-star)
  • Geometric patterns
  • Photo wall-to-order (using your own photos)
Fashionable wallpaper 2017
Fashionable wallpaper 2017

Photo Wall Mural

Harmony - that's the most important rule photowall location! Only one wall is recommended to use the images for location, otherwise the room will look congested.

Principles photowall location:

  • "One wall". The classic version - the location of the picture behind the bed.
  • Minimum decor. The wall with the image do not need to make furniture, it will spoil the overall impression.
  • Harmony with the rest of the walls. Since the wallpapers are the most striking element of the walls, the rest of the premises can be wallpapered in one tone (they must be combined with each other!)

To the choice of image is very serious. Think about what you're willing to see on the wall of your bedroom every day.

Photo wall in the bedroom
Photo wall in the bedroom
Photo wall in the bedroom
Photo wall in the bedroom

Wallpaper for children's bedrooms

When choosing a wallpaper nurseryIt is important to take into account the following parameters:

  • Colour. In fact - you choose the background, where the child will live. Think, what function should perform color (relax or awaken activity) and make your choice from these considerations.
  • Environmentally friendly (safety). This is an obvious and important parameter, because the child spends much time in his room.
  • Age. The smaller the baby, the more easy is to choose the color of the walls. Older children can draw the wall in the room in rich colors.
Wallpaper in the nursery
Wallpaper in the nursery

Room boy

Topics for decoration of the walls in the room a lot of boys. The most popular are:

  • Adventure (Treasures, pirates, sea theme)
  • History
  • Fantastic
  • Technology (cars, planes, ships)
  • Cosmos (stars, sky, space ships, planets)
  • Sport
Wallpaper in the bedroom boy
Photo wallpaper in the bedroom boy

More photos design child for a boy.

girls Room

In general design of the walls in the girls room brightermalchukovye options. After all, as the subjects are usually chosen scenes from the beloved cartoon image puppets, fairy princesses and castles. On this basis, stick to the rules:

Multicolored large images well in tune with solid walls.

Wallpaper in the bedroom girl
Wallpaper in the bedroom girl
Wallpaper in the bedroom girl

More photo design rooms for girls.

Rules wallpapering

Variety selection is striking modern wallpaperconsumer. This also applies to colors and species abundance. However, there are a number of rules that can be called universal for any kind of wallpaper. Below we present them in the order in which they are useful to you when pasting.

  • To the old wallpaper is easier to remove from the wall - soak them with water. Once or soggy - proceed to the "stripping the walls."
  • Irregularities wall before papering necessaryeliminated. SHpatlevku need to impose sweeping movements, and to remove the excess. Plastered walls sanded and primed. Then they have to dry out.
  • Choose a glue that is right for your wallpaper. This will affect the quality of the result of pasting.
  • During pasting wallpaper the walls in the room should be no drafts.
  • Apply wallpaper should be joint to joint.
Wallpaper in the bedroom
Wallpaper in the bedroom
Wallpaper in the bedroom
Photo wallpaper in the bedroom
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