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Learn how to make bedroom design! TOP-100 best photos interior bedroom. How to choose a wallpaper and curtains for the bedroom. How to correctly arrange the sleeping space.

In the bedroom, a person spends about a third of life. It is logical that the room that we use so often, should be not only convenient, but also stylish. Consider the photo best one bedroom design. Everything about the choice of wallpaper, ceiling, furniture, curtains and other elements for the interior of this room.

Bedroom design


Interior bedroom of a small size

The most comfortable bedroom - small. The bedroom is not the place to loud noises and hectic. And to create a comfortable space is not so difficult to sleep and rest as it seems.

The problem of small bedrooms not careOnly residents of the apartments with the standard layout. From the closeness suffer equally and Muscovites, and the Londoners and New Yorkers. World-famous Western designers have come up with not one, not two, but hundreds of bedroom design projects.

Read more about the design of a small bedroom.

Photo bedroom design
Photo bedroom design small size
Photo bedroom design small size
Photo bedroom design small size
Design a small bedroom
bedroom 10 sq m project
Photo bedroom design small size

Select the style of the interior for bedroom

Small rooms though intended for processing in a rustic style. Of course, no one needs to put in a corner and read a spinning wheel at Lucino, as vodilos in Russian villages. But lovely simple pieces from natural materials and homespun fabric can transform a bedroom into the most comfortable place in the world.

For categorical opponents of the village in all its forms will suit the style of hi-tech or low-key classic.

Unfortunately, the bedroom project of 10 square meters in fashiondirections Loft or chalet will not be able to perform - they are organic and natural look only when you make more space. But certain elements and objects in these styles can fit unobtrusively into any interior.

Features bedroom design styles
Style Character traits
modern Practicality, comfort, combination of elements from different styles
Classic Textiles, king size bed with headboard, complex shapes and patterns, luxury and wealth, the unity of composition
Provence Pastel colors, natural materials, floral motifs, baubles
Japanese style White, red, black, plus a neutral tone, the unity of style and philosophy, only natural materials, nothing more
Minimalism International Japan. Pastel colors and a few accents, simple shapes, functionality

Modern style, or modern

Practical design - time requirement. And the desire for simplicity and clean lines appears stronger with the increase in the pace of life and the complexity of problems that arise in front of us every day. Yes and place sophisticated design in a small bedroom is simply no place. The smaller objects in the room - so it seems more spacious. It is on this principle, and "works" Art Nouveau design.

The main advantages of the Art Nouveau style:

  • No complex requirements for coverage;
  • comfort and convenience of furniture - one of the ideas that lie at the basis of the style;
  • technological innovations are organically combined with the direction of the design;
  • It can be used any materials - natural or synthetic;
  • space for imagination - modern can intertwine traditional and trendy interior.

Note! Nouveau - a universal style, suitable for any room, regardless of their size and destination.

Bedroom in modern style
Modern style, or modern 1
Modern Style or Art Nouveau 2
Modern style, or modern 3
Modern style, or modern 4

Bedroom in classic style

In the classical interiors designers tryrepeat the luxury and comfort of the imperial bedrooms. The main emphasis in the room - a bed with high headboard. Not even a bed, but the bed is not designed for ordinary sleeping, and to indulge in luxury and leisure activities. If you like the rich decoration, a lot of frills and curtains, cushions and bed with high headboard - the classic interior of a bedroom is the perfect solution.

Key features of the classical style:

  • a lot of textiles - From handmade carpets to drapes on the walls, on the curtains to cover the multi-tiered and flat on the bed;
  • snow whiteEmphasizing the status of the landlord;
  • huge bed, Always with headboard (usually lavishly decorated);
  • All items constitute a single composition.

In a small bedroom classic interior can create a sense of closeness and clutter the space. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the project and to think carefully about the composition.

Bedroom in classic style
Design of a small bedroom
Bedroom in classical style 1
Bedroom in classical style 2
Bedroom in classical style 3
Bedroom in classical style 4
Bedroom in classic style 5

Bedroom in the style of Provence

Where is the romantic note more appropriate than in the bedroom? And which style can be more romantic than the Provence? Interior in the style of medieval France - a gentle pastel colors, flowers in vases and prints, furniture from natural wood and a lot of useless, but nice souvenirs on the shelves. A little old-fashioned, but light and airy interior will give an opportunity to at least briefly forget about the difficulties of modern life.

The key feature of the interior in the style of Provence -Naturalness. Here everything should be simple and understandable, without excess pretentiousness and pathos. All the same, Provence is one of the variants of the village style. So, silk curtains are better for changing to calico in a discreet flower, and the floor is lined if not with natural parquet, then at least with laminate, which simulates well the aged tree.

Design of a bedroom in the style of Provence
Bedroom in Provence style 1
Bedroom in Provence style 2
Bedroom in Provence style 3
Bedroom in Provence style 4

Little Japan

Japan is not a country, it is a philosophy. The idea of ​​simplicity, closeness to nature and the desire to understand oneself is reflected in design. Interior in the Japanese style - this is all you need, but nothing superfluous. Technological materials should be avoided, giving preference to wood. In contrast to a bedroom with a Provence style, in a bedroom in Japanese style, silk is the most relevant material. Try to think: what materials were available to the Japanese in the 18th century? Bamboo, wood, stone, porcelain and silk thread. They should be used as much as possible when decorating a room.

The Japanese are masters of mysteries and omissions. They see not so much light as the shadow that it generates. This is evident in the lighting rules for the interior in the Japanese style. Instead of a chandelier or a bright top light, spotlights or candles are used, arranged with those objects that fall into the bright zone. At the same time, the light is always muffled, matte, not revealing all the secrets of the bedroom.

Interior colors in Japanese style - contrastingWhite, red and black, and complementary neutral gray. You can make the room warmer by adding restrained natural shades - brown, coffee with milk, delicate beige. The bedroom in the Japanese style is one of the few interiors where black furniture will be in its place.

Features typical of a Japanese-style bedroom:

  • Strong enough, but with dim lighting;
  • All materials are natural;
  • Nothing superfluous - every object should have a meaning, purpose and a clearly defined place;
  • Ornaments fit the idea. You can hang on the walls of Japanese fans, sit on the shelf doll in national clothes, add a screen - but all elegant items should directly or indirectly send thoughts to Japan.
  • Simple geometric shapes of furniture. Excesses in the Japanese interior look ridiculous.
Design of a bedroom in Japanese style
Bedroom in Japanese style
Little Japan 1
Little Japan 2
Little Japan 3
Little Japan 4
Little Japan 5
Little Japan 6
Little Japan 7

The style of minimalism

Minimalism in something close to the Japanese style. For both directions, the rejection of excesses, the desire for simplicity of form and the emphasis on free space are characteristic. We can say that minimalism is an international variation on the theme of laconicism in design. Lovers of lush classics and non-constructive luxury minimalism is unlikely to like. But the inhabitants small apartments in panel houses will appreciate it. This is the style of choice for many business people who are inclined to organization and order throughout.

From Japanese-style minimalism migrated and low bed, and natural shades.

Variations on the theme of minimalism can be set. This high-tech and high-tech metal colors and innovations in interior design, or ethnics, where the remains of a minimalist bent for natural forms. In contrast to the Japanese style, minimalist design to permit a broader palette of colors and bright accents. Although the design is better not to use more of the three primary colors, and is often the dominant traditional white. The classic version - the ideal combination of white with pastel gray or brown. The emphasis is on small bright objects. It can be cushions, headboard or flower vase. The main thing that the rest of the interior was decorated in shades of light and unobtrusive.

The bedroom in the style of minimalism
The bedroom in the style of minimalism 1
The bedroom in the style of minimalism 2
The bedroom in the style of minimalism 3
The bedroom in the style of minimalism 4
Bedroom in a minimalist style 5
Bedroom in a minimalist style 6

How to choose furniture

Choosing furniture for the bedroom, especially ifsquare meters indoors bit becomes a real problem. Like it or not, and without the cabinet and do beds in the bedroom. A full bedroom set with tables and a dressing table in a small bedroom will look ridiculous. How to reach the cabinet, if the path is a dressing table? Give up the whole set of furniture for the benefit of individual items. Furniture (unless you are setting up the room in Japanese style) is better to choose light colors that do not "eat" space.


The best option is a built-in wardrobe. Opening the door will not interfere with the movement of the room. A mirrored cabinet doors to help visually expand a bedroom. The less noticeable it will be against the background of the walls - the better. If the plan involves a wall niche - because it can get the perfect wardrobe. Learn more about choosing a wardrobe for the bedroom here.

Design bedroom - photo 1
Built-in wardrobe - a solution for small bedroom


Even if you have chosen a classic design -note on the bed without legs. The lower your bed, the more free space remains on it, and the lower bed stands out. Covers and structural elements, as in the case with the cabinet, should not coincide with when the wall color, the blend with it.

To save extra 20-40 cm, buy a queen-size bed (160-180 cm) instead of a double.

Design small bedroom - draft version

Bedside tables

They are best avoided entirely, replacing hanging shelves. Be careful when placing the shelf above the headboard. Design Design and accidentally fallen from the shelves decoration can permanently discourage thinking about the beauty of the interior, switching thoughts with aesthetics to health.


Instead, floor lamps and ceiling chandeliers betteruse recessed wall lights. Thus appears the additional clutter up the space of elements, and the light level in the room can be easily adjusted.

Project design bedrooms
Fixtures - photo 1
Fixtures - photo 2
Fixtures - photo 3

Design of male and female bedrooms

Rather, "design for boys and for girls." Agree, no matter how romantic was the guy in the pink bedroom with Barbie dolls on the shelves will look a little strange. For the design of a young man bedrooms perfect minimalism with ethnic elements. From the decorative elements can be dispensed with altogether. Their role is to successfully fulfill accessories for the young man needed a hobby or sports equipment.

Men appreciate sofa beds, but often choosewhole bed. It's a paradox, but the bed is really simple: it is not necessary to add in the mornings and in the evenings to disassemble, but it is this practical feature is appreciated by men.

Most likely, in the men's bedroom need a small work desk with adjacent socket (men more often than women work at home in the evenings).

Surrealism and bizarre decorative items,who could tell about the "strangeness" in the nature of women's room, the men's bedroom look appropriate and "talk about the deep inner world, men." At least, many women feel that way.

The color scheme for the men's bedroom consists mainly of dark cold tones. Firstly, the dust less noticeable. Second, when properly spaced accents is not a "gloomy" and "solid".

Design men's bedrooms

In the interior of the bedroom more often femalebright and light colors. Although an excess of pink, too to anything. But the girl no reproach for the bedroom "flowered" in Provencal style and love of the many wooden birds on the shelf.

Bedroom cabinet in the female must be greater thanmale - and always with a mirror. The most mistress is not very convenient to choose the outfit for the evening, if after each dressing have to run out of the bedroom into the hallway with a mirror in all growth.

Women's bedroom can be maintained in any of the styles. It is desirable to provide more lockers, drawers and shelves for cosmetics and accessories.

The design of the small bedroom

Interior bedroom with balcony

Small bedroom, and it small balcony? If you think, this is the ideal plan forcreate a bedroom in Provencal style. Balcony can be converted into a cozy place for a summer vacation with a book and a cup of tea, put on his rocking chair, blanket and adding a small lamp for the garden.

You can remove the partition between the loggia andbathroom, turning the "external" space in high-grade interior. In this case, the niche "balcony" should be framed in the same way as the bedroom - in the same flooring and wallpaper.

Design a bedroom with balcony

Another practical option - build onwon the "square" a small private room to work. Inner sill terrace is easily converted into a laptop table. Working area is visually separated from the main bedroom space - blinds, Color or even the texture of wallpaper.

Master bedroom with balcony is easily converted into a bedroom with children's bed. Perhaps retrofitting the balcony - the easiest way to identify the child in the parents' bedroom.

Read more about the design of children's bedrooms.

How to combine the bedroom with the living room

Allowing outsiders, even onesfriends, the bedroom is not very desirable. But in a small apartment have to look for a way out. There are several techniques that help to combine the bedroom with the living room and keep the functionality of both premises.

The one-room apartment where the bedroom isat the same time and everyone else, the easiest way to allocate a separate area for sleeping, bed and hide behind the curtain or blind. A similar, but more reliable option - registration niche alcove for sleeping. For more easy to build a partition of the drywall.

You can limit the visual zoning - conditionally separate bed from the rest of the space by means of shelves, racks, or simply limiting the space on the floor mat.

If we abandon the bed to sofa bed and a wall mounted TV bedroom - day room will be little different from the living room.

Design living room bedroom

Design a bedroom in a small apartment

Tiny rooms in small apartments -the curse of many generations. But for them to fit all projects developed based on small bedrooms of 10-12 square meters. They also work all the rules of registration of small bedrooms - less furniture, nothing more to see, more lights and mirrors to increase the space.

Design a bedroom in the Khrushchev
Design a bedroom in the Khrushchev - photo 2
Design a bedroom in the Khrushchev - photo 3

How to make a ceiling

If in the living room and the kitchen we do not pay attention to the ceiling, but in the bedroom is not the case. Waking up, we first look up - and often see the white plaster with cracks.

The apartment with low ceilings really the best shade for the ceiling will be even lighter tone. But not necessarily white. Add design solution can be by issuing ceiling wallpaper.

Wallpaper on the ceiling
pros Minuses
Dense wallpaper hide cracks and uneven ceiling After a few years will have to replace the wallpaper
An inexpensive and quick way to diversify the interior Contents wallpaper can only be a ceiling in a room with smooth corners

By replacing the wallpaper can be painted artceiling. If not particularly whitewashing porisuesh then on striped background, executed paint, will look great large element ornament repeated in other parts of the interior.

How to arrange the bedroom

How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper - a universal method of wall decoration. Functional Requirements for wallpaper for the bedroom there. They can be embossed, smooth, washable or fabric. The main thing - it is the color. To close the bedroom should choose bright wallpaper. Large or medium drawing will make a small room even smaller. Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper will help expand the space, vertical - "raise" the ceiling. One embodiment of this idea - sticking two strips of wallpaper. It is important to keep an eye to the wallpaper roll width is not broke off abruptly at the corner of the room, and all the "stripes" are the same width.

Example of a small bedroom

Photo Wall Mural

The bedroom Khrushchev are not many places toexpress individuality and to create an atmosphere with the help of decor. Replace it can Mural. The wall is easily converted into London's urban landscape or yield on a tropical island. With the help of photo wallpapers can be converted to a bedroom all in the wild jungle - or a hot beach. It is important that the wallpaper theme combined with the general idea of ​​processing facilities.

Examples of best small bedroom designs

Choosing curtains

Bright sun - not always a welcome guest in the apartment. Especially if you are trying to sleep after a busy day.

Curtains in a classic interior should becomplex, multi-tier, with tassels and curtains. For the high-tech interior blinds more suitable to match the walls and to the style of Provence - lightweight translucent curtains. In a small bedroom curtains should not be too different from the color of the walls and to be as light as possible. When choosing curtains often forget about the fixtures. Cornices should also be minimalist and match the color and shape of furniture.

Learn more about choosing curtains read here.

Curtains for the bedroom 1
Curtains for the bedroom 2
Curtains for the bedroom 3
The stylish bedroom design

A good option for a small bedroom - Roman, or blindsThat day hiding under the ceiling and down only at night.

Bedroom in a private house

Country house requires a lot of space - which means virtually limitless options for designer fantasies.

style can be anything, but it was logicalto emphasize the differences in the country homes of the apartment. The bedroom has a private home can be even more natural materials and elements reminiscent of the wild world - hides or decorative branches. The owners of a country house can afford a great addition to the interior of the bedroom - a wood-burning fireplace.

Interior Natural Conventional compensated emphasized comfortable and large bed.

Design bedroom country house
Bedroom in a private house 1

How to design their own hands

If you have a taste issue and designthe bedroom is simple. Before the beginning of the development of the project to vote a few examples of professional designers - this will allow you to choose the appropriate style. Then measure the bedroom, so you know exactly what size furniture you need, and estimate their approximate location on the plan. The next step is to view the catalogs of furniture and wallpaper, which are available in the shops in the neighborhood, the selection of suitable options and proper repair.

How to organize a renovation in the bedroom

Doing a full refurbishment in the bedroomalone - a gamble. But even if you are planning to hire professional builders - a minimum knowledge about the repair bedrooms need to control the quality of work.

Design bedroom - photo 1
Design bedroom - photo 2
Design bedroom - photo 3
Design bedroom - Picture 4
Design bedroom - photo 5
Modern bedroom interior 1
Modern bedroom interior 2
Modern interior of a bedroom 3
Modern bedroom interior 4
Modern bedroom interior 5
Modern bedroom interior 6
Modern bedroom interior 7
Modern bedroom interior 8
Modern bedroom interior 9
Modern bedroom interior 10
Beautiful interior 1
Beautiful interior 2
Beautiful interior 3
Beautiful interior 4
Beautiful interior 5
Beautiful interior 6
Interior design 1
Interior Design 2
Interior Design 3
Interior Design 4
Interior Design 5
Interior Design 6
Interior Design 7
Interior Design 8
Interior Design 9
Interior Design 10
Beautiful interior 1
Beautiful interior design 1
Beautiful interior design 2
Beautiful interior design 3
Beautiful interior design 4
Beautiful interior design 5
Beautiful interior design 6

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