The basis of carpet: what it is and what is best to choose

Basis carpet

Increasingly, instead of modern designtraditional carpet used carpet. Unlike its "ancestor", it does not have a complete picture or story and clear boundaries, but it has other advantages. Quality Carpet - the basis of a cozy and functional interior. Cold floors - the problem of the many apartments. Some of it is solved by the heating system, but for those who think this option is too expensive and troublesome, the best solution - the carpet.

They can quickly and easily cover the entire areaFloor, regardless of the surface, to insulate it and get an additional decorative effect. This coating is characterized by wear resistance, strength, durability and has a multilayer structure: pile, primary base, secondary base and reinforcing layer. In this article, we will talk about what kind of base is at the carpet and which is better to choose, but first we'll figure out what the material is.


  • Carpeting: market range
  • What is the basis of carpet
    • Attractive hand jute
    • Rubber (rubber) base
    • Felt is a natural or synthetic?
    • If the basis of textiles
    • Characteristics of Foam
  • Reference selection - properties of the substrate

Carpeting: market range

Carpeting differ in the wayproduction, they can be tufted, flocked, needle-punched and fabric. The latter method has a long tradition, with its pile is formed by weaving threads and tying knots, ends trimmed. Tufting technology is that after the foundation thread vkalyvaniem, it is still fixed by means of glue. With its help produce vorsovannye, loop and other floor coverings. With needle-punch method using special needles with barbs in multiple piercing captured and intricately entangled fibers, the product looks like felt and does not nap, it is characterized by high wear resistance.

Flocking: via electrostatic villi "aligned" based on PVC and secured by adhesive. Carpet may have a single-layer or two-layer substrate. Single-layer often consists of a dense synthetic fabric woven with fibers and latex fixed. In bilayer carpets wrong side closed with latex. Despite the fact that the carpet service life, its aesthetic appearance and comfort of use by 90% is determined by the quality of the pile, the base also is of great importance.

Types of carpet

There are many types of carpet, which differ in manufacturing technology, texture, appearance,

What is the basis of carpet

Carpet Manufacturing begins with the manufactureprimary backing and securing her nap. At this stage the thread has not firmly attached and can be easily retrieved. Their fix fixing composition and applying a secondary backing. During operation, the impact on the floor can be very intense and thus the requirements for strength and durability increases. Particular attention is given to secure the strands, which is carried out using an adhesive composition based on polymers with the addition of latex.

Once the pile is properly fixed,carried out applying a secondary backing. In most cases it is latex foam or textile layer which is in direct contact with the floor. Thanks to this interlayer carpet gets elasticity, slip resistance and shrinkage, additional sound and heat insulation.

The basis of the pile and provides fixesstability in its shape. It can be woven and nonwoven. Tissue kind manufactured for the most part of polypropylene. Nonwoven - from the same polyamide or polypropylene. The last of these is characterized by low ductility, which prevents the use of a coating on its basis, in cases where additional forming (for example, in upholstery surfaces). In the market of construction and finishing materials, you can see the carpet, having a different basis: jute, rubber, foam, textiles and the felt. Jute felt and base may be made from both natural and artificial materials.

Basis carpet

On the market a carpet having a different basis

Attractive hand jute

Natural jute - a natural material. It is environmentally friendly, but has several disadvantages: the fibers wear out quickly, rot, mildew can appear even when excessive moisture. Artificial jute obtained from synthetic fibers. It humidity resistant, does not shrink, wear-resistant, but can not tolerate frequent cleanings using detergent cleaner. The material is rugged, it can cause damage to the top layer of flooring: parquet, laminate, linoleum.

Rubber (rubber) base

Carpeting on the rubber base is used more oftenall in areas where the load on the floor above the average: offices, public buildings, etc. it is an ideal for them. The basis is a special rubberized material. Such a foundation is prepared by impregnating a water-resistant secondary layer of rubber adhesive or nylon-based mixture, followed by vulcanization. The top layer - often needled pile type that has excellent dirt repellent and long retains attractive appearance. This structure ensures high performance.

Felt is a natural or synthetic?

Natural felt - the material from the past. Now the popularity of its synthetic analogue. The base of the artificial felt has good sound-proofing, insulating properties and-dust. Carpeting on the basis of the felt is easy to cut, fit and not "fray". In the care of it is simpler than the same coating on natural felt, when cleaning it can be wet. And, although it is much more natural, modern carpets often release is based on it. The material on the basis of natural felt warm and soft, but difficult to care for, is capricious and has the same drawbacks as the natural jute.

If the basis of textiles

The textile base is used at releasecommercial or contractual cover. Woven carpet is the basis of a mesh, which was later sewn vorsovannymi thread. They are the most expensive, but have a number of advantages, the main of which is the ease and accuracy of installation.

Characteristics of Foam

Cover foam (latex) are basedexcellent sound absorption properties and have good insulating properties, providing a high level of comfort in the room. Lateksirovanie well reflected in the strength of the coating and special additives can impart a coating of fire resistant and anti-static properties.

Among the main disadvantages of this coating can beinclude the fact that in about 6 years after laying the latex loses its elasticity, the base becomes brittle, crumbling and appear on the cover of a dent.

How to choose a carpet

The choice of carpet depends on the purpose of the room in which it will be laid, and from the bottom

Reference selection - properties of the substrate

Selection carpet depends onpurpose of the premises in which you plan to use and the basis on which it is planned to lay. Stacking does not require capital surface preparation, it can be spread on top of the flooring and linoleum, and you can remove the old paint and lay directly on the concrete base, not really bothering to its alignment. Do not use carpet in a bathroom, kitchen and places with constant high humidity, for them there are more practical coverage.

If you plan for any reason laycarpet on the more expensive coverage, such as parquet, it makes sense to use a carpet on a felt basis, as a coating on a rigid foundation can scratch the paint and require costly repairs. You can, however, take advantage of special substrates, but this additional cost.

For areas through which the dailya lot of people, it is convenient to choose carpet with rubber or rubber based. It is perfectly clean, not afraid of water, durable, long retains the original appearance. This carpet is used in entrance halls, public buildings and even outdoor summer venues. Suitable and he as a rug in the car.

Carpets in interior

Carpeting is able to give the interior comfort, but at the same time practical and functional

Carpeting on natural jute or feltbasis should be handled with care and only dry-cleaning, so it is inappropriate to lay in areas with high traffic, but if you are looking for a beautiful, warm and comfortable flooring in the bedroom or the office, it will be quite appropriate. For children's rooms is better to choose a coating on a synthetic basis, as paradoxical as it sounds. There are several reasons: they do not cause allergies, easy to clean, attractive and soft. Only it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material. Best believe carpet manufactured in the USA and Western Europe.

Floor - an important element of living spaceat home. From what kind of finishing for him will be chosen, depends on the mood of the tenants and the "mood" of the interior. A successful floor covering should not only please the eye and be pleasant to use, it should correspond to the functional purpose of the room. Carpet is a cover that can give comfort to the interior, fill the space with heat and at the same time remain practical and functional.

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