How to choose the color of the wallpaper: useful tips

How to choose the color of the wallpaper

The most "prominent" and the outstanding portion of any room -this wall. They are attractive or not finish at once is evident, therefore, the right choice of wallpaper, their color gamut - a matter of priority in creating the interior. Stop on any particular type of wallpaper helps us experience or views of professionals, but with the "coloration" falls harder. How to choose the wallpaper and do not dissolve in their boundless ocean? This question is certainly concerned about those who want to bring into your life a maximum of comfort and harmony.


  • Prioritize: look at the pattern
  • How to choose the color of the wallpaper?
  • Pick up coloring for rooms

Prioritize: look at the pattern

Even before the climax is going to the storeclearly understand to what exactly you are expecting from the wallpaper. It is an illusion to reduce, increase the space? Hide faulty surface of the walls? Easy - free open virtually unlimited opportunities for "visual deception."

Wallpaper in the living room: a large colorful pattern

Large colorful pattern visually reduce too much space

A large pattern visually reduces the size of the room. If you luxurious apartments boast can not, it is better to divert his attention to the samples of fine and rare pattern.

Until now, a cozy room began to seemunusually large and extremely spacious - look closely to the "striped" wallpaper. Vertical lines as it narrows the room, pulling her in height. Exactly the same wallpaper can be saved from the very low, as if pressing on his head ceiling.

Horizontal stripes, but guess inBasically, it is easy, on the contrary optically reduce the distance from the floor to the chandelier. But remember: the more they are wider, the smaller the effect is observed. Equal checkered pattern gives the impression of a massive, heavy ceiling. "Diamond" can visually expand the space.

Owners of flats with narrow rooms andinaccessible ceilings is to experiment - for example, the paste over two-thirds of the walls with wallpaper saturated colors, and the remaining portion (adjacent to the ceiling) to make light.

Remember! Small room - bright wallpaper, fine pattern. Large room - rich colors, large pattern. Close-pattern itself must be calm colors.

Spotted wallpaper - the best option to hide flaws walls. Solid glue is only exemplary smooth surface.

How to choose the color of the wallpaper?

After all, it is even more important than the image. Individual taste, of course, the prerogative, but certain factors lose sight of is not necessary. This functional purpose of the room, and its orientation to the horizon. Blue, blue, green wallpaper preference for "south" of the room. Warm colors brighten "North" room and compensate for the lack of light emitted by the sun.

You can not give up in larger rooms bydeep, rich colors. In a small room is too much "paint" will create a sense of closeness, stuffiness - and, as a consequence, the loss of the joy of finding it.

Beige wallpaper in the bedroom: tranquility and elegance

Beige wallpaper in the bedroom: tranquility and elegance

The color of the wallpaper have to "fit in" with the shades curtains, furniture, carpets, various accessories. The room should be "completed" the creation of the art repair.

Pick up coloring for rooms

Each of the rooms is to find your color scheme.


Red - banned. It is designed to boost, but not for the rest. The bedroom is more appropriate calm and gentle tone that promote relaxation: beige, peach, blue.


Green, olive, pistachio wallpaper sticked in "food zone" will contribute to the full digestion. Not excluded, and pastels; It is appropriate in the kitchen white.

Color solution for the kitchen

Green food coloring helps to improve appetite


Cold, deep and extremely bright colors are best avoided. But the interior, however, has to be "alive" and naughty. The best option for the child will become yellow, moderately-orange, green wallpaper.

Bright wallpaper in the nursery

In the children's organic look cheerful sunny colors: yellow, orange, pistachio color

Living room

How to choose the color of the wallpaper for the room? It was then, at last let your imagination run wild. You can venture on the bright color of the wallpaper, the main thing then balance it with furniture and other attributes.

Try to keep a smooth color transition between adjacent rooms.

Do not chase fashion. Follow your taste, guided by the "strong" and "weak" side of the room, ask the opinion of other members of the family - so you will be able to fill their homes aesthetics and comfort.

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