How best to remove the tiles from the wall: dismantling techniques and tools

How best to remove the tiles from the wall

The tile you want to remove either beforerepair, or for the purpose of restoration surfaces. It would seem to break - not to build. However, not everyone knows how to remove a tile from the wall correctly, without damaging this very wall, and if necessary - leaving a whole and tiles. It is sometimes necessary piece of work, especially when it comes to expensive building materials. Next, consider all basic methods of removing a tile from the walls and floors with rooms.


  • Tools for removing of facing
  • How to remove the tile from the walls?
  • How to remove the tiles from the floor?

Tools for removing of facing

  1. Bit
  2. Drill with a drill 6 mm
  3. A hammer
  4. Putty knife
  5. Hammer with a nozzle-bit
  6. Protective glasses
  7. Mask or gauze bandage
  8. The scraper to remove grout

How to remove the tile from the walls?

In many ways, the choice of a particular method of dismantling will depend on how the material tiles affixed to the wall, and what result you want to get a result.

Features of dismantling depending on the material

  1. If a tile mounted on a cement mortar, yesmore literate, responsible masters, then remove it, without breaking, you are unlikely to succeed. We'll have to arm puncher with paddle-bit and get ready for the procedure to work.
  2. If the tile adheres to the wall or floor using the adhesive, there is a high probability that you will be able to remove it without splits.

Consider a few basic options for dismantling the tiles depending on the results that you want to get in the end:

1. You need to remove a few cracked tiles, while not hurting others. It takes a gentle approach because one careless movement can damage a neighboring tiles, and have to clean it as well. Sequencing:

  • using a special scraper, strip joints around the tile to be replaced;
  • to weaken removable tiles (if it was laid on cement mortar and rests on the wall very hard) you can drill holes in it using an electric drill with a drill;
  • gently pry the ceramic piece chisel and start tapping with a hammer tool, trying to split a fragment of the whole; Do this very carefully - so as not to damage the wall;
  • when the tile will be able to separate from the wall, proceed to remove the glue.
How best to remove the tiles from the wall

Hook the tiles neatly

2. You want to remove all the tiles, without breaking it to use in the future. This is possible only if it was applied to the adhesive or poorly laid. Sequencing:

  • Clean the tile joints;
  • Take a chisel with a thin blade or a spatula, gently move it under the tiles, then start gently tamp hammer;
  • the crucial moment comes when tiles recaptured 2/3 - should try to keep the far corners intact.

Important! Tile knocked from the top down

3.Vam need to remove all the tiles, with his its preservation is required. Sequencing:

  • arm sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust abundance and cover the surrounding objects and the floor with polyethylene; it is also desirable to use a respirator or a gauze bandage;
  • Take a packed punch-bit: place it at an angle to the tile, separate it from the wall;
  • then use the chisel and hammer to remove the remains of the wall of the solution.
Removing wall tiles tiles using a punch with a chisel

Removing wall tiles tiles using a punch with a chisel

How to remove the tiles from the floor?

You can accomplish this in two ways:

1. chopped 1 tile, and then the bit to hook the rest, using a hammer. You can also use the hammer.

Removing floor tiles using a punch

Removing floor tiles using a punch

2. The second method is designed for the case when the tile you want to save. What do we have to do:

  • take a bit more thin blade, hammer, spray bottle with water;
  • moisten the area around the tiles, wait a while, then re-moisten and scraper to remove grout;
  • attached to the tile chisel and start tapping around the perimeter of the tile;
  • if you feel that the sound at a certain place became deaf, then tile begins to move away, it is necessary to carefully remove;
  • clear solution.
Removing grout from the tile floor with a scraper

Removing grout from the tile floor with a scraper

Such straightforward manner describedabove tile can be removed from the walls and the floor surface. Expertise and skill required only when it is important to keep the tile, in other cases - only the strength and technology, allowing the most efficient to get rid of old coatings.

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