Can I hang wallpaper to wallpaper: the likelihood and significance

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper

Resolved - walls will be re-decorate wallpaper. Armed with the necessary quantity of brand new rolls, and wants to plunge into the "battle". After gluing process - real creativity, and this is due, primarily, to the stunning variety of textures and patterns. But a sensitive issue still causes the stop and scratch your neck - you can glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper or not? This dilemma. But its solution is obvious.


  • Old to new: whether pluses weighty?
  • Professional opinion on the "update"
  • Summing up

Old to new: whether pluses weighty?

Wallpapering at the wallpaper will save youa certain time period - stripping of the add, at times, the process is not fast. There will be piles of garbage and do not have to align the wall. Here, perhaps, and all the benefits. Dooming new wallpaper placed over the old ones, you run the risk of openly.

Professional opinion on the "update"

Ask the expert: whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper? In response, you will definitely get perturbed "no." What motivated such a categorization? Firstly, the absence of any guarantee that "svezhak" in general will be held at the old coating. Second, the possible "surprises" in the form of bubbles and other delights can not be overlooked.

Therefore, to be an exceptional "alteration"with all its consequences: loss of valuable time, financial loss, and not a little spoiled mood. Of course after the "fiasco of wallpaper," everything is possible, in principle, leave "as is", but unless you were in such a repair finals?

Removing old wallpaper with the help of a tool

Removing old wallpaper with the help of a tool - a laborious "dirty" process, but mandatory in accordance with building regulations

Only the complete removal of all the old coatingIt is a guarantee of quality, "clutch" new paintings to the wall. To thoroughly clean the walls of it, you will need a special water and solvent-separator. Prepared according to the instructions, apply the solution on the wall, and wait until it permeates the entire structure - you make sure to get rid of even the real "hard nuts". If necessary, the manipulation may be repeated several times.

Bare walls with a high probability will look unattractive and need to be adjusted. All deficiencies should be corrected before pasting.

Preparing walls for wallpaper

Preparing walls for wallpaper - the key to long-term service and flawless finish

Summing up

Of course, you disable wallpaper glue wallpaper on onenot entitled. And if all of you are committed to the experiment, remember - the new wallpaper can be "placed" on top of a paper-based predecessors. In all other cases Non-woven vinyl-old material must be removed.

Remember! To glue the new wallpaper on the old in any case, reduce the period of the first service.

Even if your "current" wallpaper around the perimeterRooms are kept "on the conscience", it is impossible to predict their reaction to the adhesive. In a duet with a new canvas, they can simply peel off the walls. The spectacle is still something!

Wallpapering the prepared surface

Wallpapering the prepared surface ensures high quality results

The only situation where "new to old"It can be considered a reasonable option - it is living in a rented apartment, and then, if the "new" - the budget class. In all other cases, will own peril.

Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and try to take for themselves the optimal solution. Though Wallpapering and is one of the most common home repair activities, it does not carry out the same every month?

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