Stairs to the attic - how to choose the right design and to make installation

Stairs to the attic

Attic - is an essential attribute of any house. The house in which there is an attic, partly loses its appeal. Attic, a kind of family archives, you can use in different ways: to put it seasonal things (like sleds summer and last winter), to arrange a warehouse of what "might come in handy someday," to equip a room for games or shop for the home owner . But, in any case, the attic should be mandatory and should therefore conduct a ladder on it. Traditionally it is believed that this staircase to the attic should cause a whole range of feelings and emotions associated with secrets and riddles (you can not take off for years with her spider web), be sure to have a squeaky step, but can be limited, and simpler options.


  • What are the reasons to start when choosing a design?
  • Types of non-stationary attic stairs
  • Features mounting technology

What are the reasons to start when choosing a design?

In general, all the attic stairs is easy to fall intofixed and folding of different versions: two-section folding, three-four-part sliding attic stairs and ladders, equipped with an electric drive.

View of the attic stairs depends on several factors,you need to consider when choosing. The first factor - the availability of free space. If floor space allows, it is possible to set a ladder up to the attic the same as the other staircase in the house - from the same material in the same style, the same size. In this case, it will not be disturbed the harmonious unity of the design and interior of the house that for many owners, especially the owners, is the determining factor.

Fixed ladder

Stairs, corresponding to the general design of the house, looks good, but takes a lot of space

If space is not so much and I want tomake room for something more important than a ladder, you can use more democratic options such as folding attic stair set. These stairs do not have such an external monumentality and firmness, as fixed, but they are no less reliable and safe, and in some cases are the ideal solution, for example, if a family has young children, who have nothing to do in the attic with a view to their own safety.

And immediately the question arises - who willuse the stairs more often? If this will be the elderly, it automatically increases the requirements for comfort and safety ladder. In addition, it should give the impression of a strong and reliable, even a cursory examination. If children are present, then care should be taken to limit the possibility of unauthorized access to the stairs and to the attic, because the safety rules normally observed in the house, often unwittingly violated in those areas, which are from time to time.

Types of non-stationary attic stairs

Folding attic stairs with his hands -It is feasible, subject to availability of certain construction and engineering skills. However, many manufacturers offer such structures already in finished form and the price is quite affordable, so the choice is up to the home owner.

Retractable stairs to the attic have oneimportant advantage - they absolutely do not violate the interior of the house, because they are not visible, they are hidden in the attic of the hatch cover. This remarkable feature immediately appreciated designers who are free from the problem of decoration and finish this part of interior decoration of the house.

attic stairs

Perhaps this staircase and serves as a decoration of the room, but it is hidden in the attic hatch after use

One of the modifications is a folding ladderextension ladder to the attic, which makes sense to use where there is not enough space even for a compact folding. If conventional folding ladder sections consist of 3-4, the slide consists of two and is therefore even more compact. The producers claim that it has no effect on its quality, durability, reliability and safety. These ladders are ideal for cottages and for those cases where there is no need for constant access to the attic space.

In modern homes as the entrance to the atticseldom used attic door - it is impractical in terms of efficient use of space. Much more convenient and practical loft hatch with a ladder attached to it in such a way that the ladder is folded and hidden in the ceiling.

Sunroof attic stairs

Fixed on the cover of the attic hatch ladder is compact and after the use of hidden in the ceiling

Important! Hatch to the attic with staircase necessarily need to insulate, because the probability of the loss of heat through it is quite high. In addition, no extra precaution is to install the lock on the door to strangers could not get into the attic of the house or in a house with an attic.

Features mounting technology

It so happens that none of the proposedoptions for producers, for whatever characteristics are not satisfied with the owner and then the only way out is self-installing attic stairs, but it will be exactly as you need.

In fact, the attic stairs with their hands - not such an impossible task for a person having a specific construction skills. When calculating the stairs need to be taken into account:

  • the distance between the rungs: large distance between stages significantly impede climbing stairs, too little will make it not only inconvenient, but also dangerous;
  • the strength of the lateral and vertical beams, which determine what kind of load can withstand the staircase;
  • angle at which the staircase will be installed(The best is 60-75 degrees angle). By increasing the angle of the ladder ceases to be comfortable and safe, with a decrease will occupy considerably more space and can not fit in the allotted space to her.

To make installation of attic stairs passed quickly and without confusion, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and materials:

  • special foam;
  • Well tested protractor;
  • set of wrenches;
  • hacksaw;
  • set of screws;
  • screwdriver.

Stairs to the attic with their hands should meetspecific requirements and it is necessary to remember during operation, since the safety of its operation depends largely on the implementation of these rules, and in case of its failure to blame but myself, nobody will. So, the stairs to the attic, made with his own hands, must be:

  • durable and safe. If possible, it would be nice to equip it with additional handrails, handrail and non-slip on the steps;
  • convenient and easy to operate, so that she couldused by all those who have a good reason to climb into the attic (with the exception of small children, which no adults in the attic doing nothing);
  • ergonomic and compact, otherwise you can simply set a fixed ladder and do not waste time and energy on useless and bulky structure;
  • fireproof. This moment is often overlooked when building a ladder made of wood.

Folding, they are also folding attic stairshave another important characteristic: their design allows you to add or remove sections, depending on the height of the room, which is quite difficult to do with an installed stationary ladder.

For absolute and unconditional comfortideal for attic stairs with electric drive, which is controlled by a remote control or a dedicated button on the switch. Furthermore, such ladders are usually made of metal, which greatly enhances their fire resistance.

Taking into account all factors and balanced approach to the choice of the attic stairs, its installation will not pose too much difficulty.

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