Some examples of the design of stairs in the cottage and the apartment: a photo-selection options

Virtually none of the cottage can not do withoutstairs, whether input, floor or attic. Design stairs Cottage determined by the general architectural style and layout of the building, as well as price segment, for which the houses are built, or the financial capacity of the owner.


  • Types of stairs depending on functions
  • Variation depending on the location of the stairs
    • Outdoor stairs
    • The stairs in the hall
    • Backboard ladder
  • The impact on the layout of the apartment accommodation ladder

Types of stairs depending on functions

European architects who holdfunctional direction in his work, trying to avoid stairs as the element of the interior and decor. They operate on the principle of maximum convenience: the owner is enough to cross the threshold and he gets home from the street. But the Russians are not afraid of difficulties, however, since the 90s, a variety of ladders of various kinds and types from a variety of materials have become an integral part of the house.

Outdoor staircase in the country house

The building exterior staircase plays more as a decorative element or seasonal, and does not simplify the access to the room

The concept of "house" in Russia includes a smallmodest kind of cottages on private land, houses typical of rural development, as well as more similar to castles or palaces country houses that are being built in the elite cottage villages. Of course, in such a different type of houses and stairs assumed varied.

Stone stairs

Stairs made of stone, suggests respectability and solidity of the building

Design staircase in the house is very important,since this element should be to emphasize the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the plan is ideally fit into the surrounding interior design, consistent with the overall style of the house and perform a utilitarian function. All this means that the ladder should be beautiful, comfortable and safe.

Outdoor stairs

Most ordinary concrete steps decorated with backlit turn lane to the house in the original exterior element

Variation depending on the location of the stairs

Outdoor stairs

It all starts with the front door, which leads tostaircase, in some way playing the role of a social indicator - the higher and more luxurious it is, the greater a person living in this house. Entrance stairs in the house are usually made of stone or metal construction, at least - made of wood, as the outer wooden staircase is very difficult to maintain in proper condition.

Wooden external stairs in the cottage

The most common steps, executed in traditional Russian style, would require the owners for additional efforts to retain its original attractive appearance

The stairs in the hall

After overcoming the stairs leading to the house, we get out into the hall, which is likely, too, will be a staircase leading to the second floor.

wrought iron staircase

Openwork wrought-iron staircase with a complex pattern will be revealed in all its beauty only in the spacious and well-lit room

The presence of the second floor in the cottage explainedby several factors: the desire to get as much living space, not zastraivaya with the entire land; generally accepted standards by which to begin to build a one-storey house does not make sense; subconscious desire to rise above its neighbors.

Hall - the central areas of the house that determinesthe perception of the whole home, so the design of the hall with a staircase must be laid out in detail, even a minor detail can ruin the impression and leave a negative imprint in the subconscious.

Draped staircase

Drapery - one of the conflicting methods stairs finish: some believe drape luxurious and elegant, others find it old-fashioned and irrelevant

Staircase in the lobby

Installed in a spacious lobby staircase, made in the general style of the room becomes a home decoration

If the home owner is not confident in their designabilities, it is better to entrust the design of the stairs on the second floor of a professional, who will select the optimum combination of the type of stairs, her style and the material from which it will be made to this design is harmoniously blended into the interior.

The staircase in the Empire style

At first glance, this design looks bulky, but it is very well used by all the elements of layout

Half-floor staircase

Not taking up much space and without violating the integrity of the interior, this ladder performs its main function - connects the two floors

In addition, care should be taken to correctcalculating the stairs, because the central staircase is constantly on the mind, and errors in its design will throw even lay people in the eye. What will be the staircase in the lobby, largely depends on its area and ceiling height: elegant marble staircase requires appropriate surroundings and will look out of place in a small hall, a steep metal staircase with banisters of reinforcement will save money, but will cause irreparable damage to the interior.

Wooden stairs between the floors

simple wooden staircase is optimally suited for small spaces, is located along one of the walls

Backboard ladder

Design ladder in a country house allowsto realize the most daring and creative design solutions: Stairs its massiveness and solidity can remind the times of the Middle Ages, and may float in the air, reminding the house of the future of science fiction movie.

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase with wrought iron railings can be a key element of the interior in a spacious lobby with a high ceiling

A spiral metal staircase

A spiral metal staircase with access to the makeshift gallery gives the room a resemblance to a medieval castle

The most popular and the demand is considereda spiral staircase, which has for a long time has developed the reputation of a mysterious, enigmatic and alluring. Design spiral staircases can be made in a variety of styles, from simple to elegant, luxurious, yet they will always be one of the most original features.

Spiral staircase

Properly designed spiral staircase is not only decorate the interior of the house, but also will allow efficient use of living space

Wood - versatile material for interiordecorating and design of a wooden ladder can be developed so that it will fit perfectly with the interior of a classic style and a modernist style or high-tech.

Half-floor staircase

A wooden staircase in harmony with the ancient pattern

A wooden staircase

Original design solutions allow you to use the space under the stairs in the form of boxes for storage

stairs Interior design can be made indifferent styles, different materials, a ladder may be the most bizarre configuration, but in the pursuit of originality should not neglect the elementary rules of the ladder and the calculation of the safety requirements. Otherwise, such a beautiful staircase - pride of the host - could turn into a dangerous obstacle, and its basic function of connecting the two floors, will serve homely ladder somewhere in the back of the big house.

band staircase

Band staircase looks very unusual, but one awkward movement on it can lead to tragic consequences

A wooden staircase

Perhaps this ladder and looks attractive, but installing it violated basic safety

The impact on the layout of the apartment accommodation ladder

On the stairs in country houses of different pricesegments all clear, and depends on what the design of stairs in the apartment? First of all, from the layout. Some time ago, a popular trend was to unite the two multi-level apartments in one with a ladder.

Half-floor staircase in the apartment

Stairs to the apartments look easier and take up less space

After architects and constructionthe company considered it a desire of customers and began to design and build new housing with two-level apartments, the excitement has decreased, but have a staircase to the second floor apartment in the city are still many would wish. Variants of design choice in the case of combining two apartments are not as diverse as the country house, designer opportunities severely limited layout of houses, which were built during the Soviet period.

The staircase in the apartment

Compact stairs with railings made of glass does not take up much space, but it is quite cope with the role of connecting link between the floors

Usually it is a spiral staircase or odnomarshevayathe material that is most appropriate to the overall design of the apartment. In addition, not always possible to place it where I would like to master: somewhere it can not be installed because of the location of wiring and communications, where some of the violation of safety rules, somewhere impossible pereplanirovka.V new apartments, which are planned for the order, to take into account the client's wishes much more.

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