Modular stairs - a brief overview of the features and tips for professional assembly at home

Modular stairs

Building a country-2 3-storey housetownhouse or even a small attic at home determines the need for a ladder structure. The design provides a comfortable safe movement, and simultaneously performs a decorative function. Natural demand for it is not only the aesthetics and reliability, but also the opportunity to create the optimum configuration. Because most people prefer to install modular stairs to the second floor or in the attic: they meet all consumer needs list. Moreover, consisting of modules to build a simple architectural element can be, without the services of builders.


  • The reasons for the popularity - overview of benefits
  • Variety of designs and different methods of assembly
    • What is a modular staircase?
    • Types of Modules and their differences
    • Forms supports modular stairs
  • To delve into the details of installation work

The reasons for the popularity - overview of benefits

Modular ladders were inventedin the 80s of the last century in Italy. After the start of the domestic market almost immediately began to actively displacing massive analogs of concrete and other materials.

Modular stairs photo

Modular stairs to the second floor, in the attic or in domestic premises on country mansion, designed for permanent residence in duplex apartments, country houses

A reasonable explanation for the popularity of the advantages inherent in the list are:

  • available for the majority of citizens the cost;
  • an opportunity to establish, build modular stairs with his hands, not having the skills and some experience;
  • successful compatibility with an overwhelming majority of finishing materials and interior elements;
  • opportunity to collect module straight, U-shaped, helical, angular and combines several design configurations;
  • equipping the premises with any ceiling height.
Modular stairs pictures - examples of variations with different accessories

Modular stairs - photo options using different components: steps, fencing elements, handrails

The modular concept allows ownerschoose the best option in their opinion handrails and other elements in a number of modifications to vary the height of the steps, adjusting the size of the physical parameters of a user.

Modular design with different pitch and tread

The modular design can be adjusted according to the physical parameters of the users by varying the size of the step and tread

Variety of designs and different methods of assembly

Stylish, one might say, elegant, modularladder to a country house - the best option, combining strength with reasonable space savings. Universal system suitable for resettlement, a presentable living rooms and utility rooms. They are attracted by simplicity of design and simple mounting technology.

What is a modular staircase?

"Modular" - defining word, expressivewhich characterizes the concept. Going modular system of compatibilizing components, the first and last of which are attached to the floors and take on all the burdens of the main load. Between them is a solid metal frame (chain or spinal kosour), it is intended for the installation steps.

Assembling the modular ladder

Assembling modular stairs top view, which allows to understand the principle of modular connection

Note. On attached to the base or to the landing module, be sure to set the first "guiding" stage.

Calculating the number of medium-sized units produced,based on the value interstorey distance, geometric parameters of buildings and a predetermined angle of inclination, according to which will be the installation of modular staircases with U-shaped, straight or angled geometry. The height of the helical structures are calculated based only on the performance of the distance between floors.

Types of Modules and their differences

To make use of modular connectionstube of super alloy steel. In fact, the most important stage - the construction of the frame, that is, serial installation, alignment and careful mounting of modular components and supports in a kind of "backbone". To properly mounted frame attached stage for the production of which is used as a high-priced and cheaper grades of wood. Then mount balusters and handrails, they can also be made of expensive materials, or budget.

Modular stairs with his hands constructed from modules

The module - a component of consistently collected data elements like the body Ridge - kosoura

Quality build modular ladderensures longevity of service plant and operational safety. This process requires scrupulous observance applied to the finished set of instructions and responsible performance. There are three types of modules for the construction of staircases, depending on which is performed and the connection assembly.

  • Cast or welded unit with two oppositeParties which are arranged pipes of different diameters and different heights. After combining the long tube of one module with a short pipe element following it, and placing it in the desired position of the user connection is fixed by tightening the screws.
A simple modular design

Modular ladder cottages, country residential building with fixing screws

  • The module consists of two separate components: weldment with two short sides and pipes long tube equipped with a flange (flat plate) for fastening stage. On the bridge parts with two side pipes have holes for tightening bolts. Most often at this circuit is constructed modular spiral staircase since rotated relative to each other such modules can be as you want.
Modular spiral staircase

The design with the pinching units - the best option for the construction of a spiral staircase

  • The module of a large number of individualelements without welds. Details are interconnected by means of pins, threaded rods. This is the most difficult to install option, but the most aesthetically pleasing, as all hardware is hidden inside kosoura.
Modular stairs with his hands to give each owner can construct

Modular kosour, elements of which are connected by pins, all the elements which fasteners are hidden from view

There are wooden modular system components are symmetrical on both sides are equipped with holes for mounting them in metallic studs.

Forms supports modular stairs

Universal modular metal ladders must have a bearing, which are used as:

  • intermediate pipe-rack resting on a base, they are placed after 4 - 7 modules depending on the design features;
  • brackets, mounting which is made to the supporting wall.
Modular stairs for cottages and country houses

Frame modular ladder must necessarily have a rack-support or rely on the bracket

Bearings can not be used only when a step edge rests on the wall to which it is attached via corner or anchor.

To delve into the details of installation work

Choosing a modular staircases for the cottages, the ownersmostly prefer screw designs, occupying minimum storage space. The technique of their construction can not be called a very simple, but who knows how to use the tool head and the man's instructions to handle the assembly in the state. However, for the assembly he needs a partner. The sequence of operation:

  • Define the location of the central support,representing a vertical rod. To do this, pull the cord diagonally in the opening two upper floors, which should lead stairs. From their point of intersection of a plumb line down, it will indicate where to install the thrust flange (II structure).
  • Mount the thrust flange, the center of which shall coincide with the point found. Fixation is made to the accompanying set of screws through the holes designed for them.
  • We define the position of the first "guide"level, placing it on the first floor. After that step is necessary to put on a fixed flange with an already installed on it balusters. Then, insert the central support-rod into the flange through the first stage.

Attention. Vertical installation of the central rod should be checked after mounting the first and each subsequent stage.

Installation of modular stairs with his hands

Installation of modular screw design: the first point for the installation of the bottom flange of the module looking for with the help of cords crossing diagonally and plumb

  • The next step on the vertical rod shallwear and help pull down partner, located in the opening overlap. Then a similar sequence. All the steps necessary to firmly tighten the nuts at the locations specified by the manufacturer.
  • After completing the installation of the total number of steps to mount the rod landing and fasten it to the wall opening.
  • Finishing Touches - fastening elements fences, handrails and decor, if available.

Compact modular staircases photo exhibitin various variations. There is, perhaps, all these premises, it is impossible to arrange that with their help. Thoroughly executing instructions all the items, reliable solid ladder to provide a vacation home can be anyone.

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