Ladder with their hands - from the design to the railing in 5 steps

Ladder with their hands

Stairs - obligatory architectural elementmulti-story and attic houses, providing a link between the different levels of being in the premises. Must it in the first place to ensure the comfort and safety, the second - to fit into a composite picture of the interior. Without compliance with the rules and without production calculations staircase built with their own hands will be, at least, fail to require global rework and costly rework. To eliminate the need to improve the failed attempt, it is better to do all initially, focusing on building codes.


  • What is going to build a ladder?
    • Arguments ladder material selection
    • Maximum simple design
  • Building a ladder with their hands
    • Design and project requirements
    • To prepare the necessary material
    • Properly done stringers
    • Installation steps elements
    • Establish the balusters and handrails

What is going to build a ladder?

The simplest solution will be modular stairs -with their hands they only need to collect from manned parts, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. Ready-made kits are available for assembly and screw propulsion variants are equipped with a complete set of fasteners and structural components.

Modular stairs with his hands

A spiral modular staircase going to the principle of children's designer of fully prepared for the installation of the constituent elements

Arguments ladder material selection

For the construction of welded metal stairsnecessary skills welder and inverter unit. Learn the basics of the weld can be the case on their own, but for building presentable initial course design is not enough. Pouring concrete construction often determine the operating conditions. Stairs made of concrete equip two, three-storey houses made of bricks, concrete blocks, gas-silicate panels. In addition, the cold concrete structure still have to sheathe timber or other material to coat. The result is that have to do double duty.

The construction of concrete stairs with wood paneling

The construction of concrete stairs with wood paneling on the financial and labor costs is equivalent to the production of two separate structures

Attention. In two, three-storey cottage in accordance with fire safety requirements must be installed concrete or metal stairs to ensure the evacuation of the upper floors in case of fire.

For those who need staircase to the attic constructed by their own hands in a rustic wooden building, it is necessary to prefer wood. The material is light, is simple to handle, will not push overlap.

Council. For the arrangement of the new low-rise wooden buildings recommended by the stairs of wood due poststroitelnoy shrinkage. It is difficult to predict how see reduced ceiling height, and what the difference is between a concrete or metal staircase and ceiling.

There are a lot of useful information on how toconstructed of wood stairs with his hands: video courses, milestone descriptions. Possible errors in the manufacture of wooden construction, it will be easier to fix. In the end, not too expensive and will be a complete reworking of the remaining elements after failing to always find a use.

Maximum simple design

Those who wish to learn how to make your stairshands for the first time, and make a reality of ideas no one advises to start with a complex screw type. If the limited size of the room does not allow you to choose a simple flat option is better to buy ready-made kit modules, or turn to the builders.

Pologoye "means interfloor posts»It takes a lot of space, but the ascent and descent especially when it will be most comfortable. Optimally, the angle of inclination of no more than 37 ?. The slope of 45? automatically translates the design into the category Extra. Going down will need to forward your back on it. The slope of 40? not too convenient for the descent.

How to build a ladder their hands: the design - a mandatory step

Shallow ladder with a slope of no more than 37degrees - the most comfortable and user-friendly design, its disadvantage is too large square structure, if there is insufficient space for its installation will have to build a ladder with two marches or helical

If the firm is the question "how to make a ladder on a limited size area" should be preferred to the construction of the half-pace the landing or zabezhnymi steps.

Attention. Between the direction towards each other marches straight distance should be at least 100 mm.

Building a ladder with their hands with no errors

Building a ladder with their hands with no errors: between reaching "meet" each other marches, leave length: minimum 10 cm, 15 cm recommended

ladder can rely on their carriersbeams, stringers, can be attached to the bolt-Bolz wall may be connected to two lateral string. Consider the example of the construction of stairs with stringers.

Building a ladder with their hands

Regardless of the presence or lack of experiencemanufacture of stairs with their hands any webmaster should begin with calculation and design. The project should focus on the safety and the creation of better conditions for the move.

Design and project requirements

  • The design is to keep the load in excess of the average weight of a person with an average build.
  • The ladder must be equipped with guards, the location of which must be taken into account at the stage of the project.
  • Fences must be equipped with handrails and balusters, the distance between standing next balusters must be less than the size of the baby's head.

Note. To protect the stairs to prevent threatening situations users can not balusters and continuous "canvas" of plexiglass or mesh, if small children are in the house.

  • The height of the structure is calculated from the finishing floors of both floors or according to their estimated marks.
Features of the design ladder design

It should be taken into account that the height of the structure is calculated from the finishing floors of both floors, and the height of the passage must be more by 5 cm of the height of the highest member of the family

  • By the standards of the sum of the width of the tread andcorresponding riser height should not exceed 50 cm (possible minor deviations). Recommended height of the riser in the range of 14-17 cm, width 25-32 cm tread for a full foot support.
  • Passage height 1.9-2.0 m. The amount depends on the user growth is calculated taking into account the growth of the highest member of the family + 5 cm.
  • A comfortable interior staircase width is the distance between the wall and the handrail or between two rails of 0.90 - 1.00 m.
 Basis levels for stairs

stages of calculation is based on a simple principleformula: the sum of two times the height of the riser and the tread width should vary between 60 - 64 cm - More than a simple option to fold the riser height to the width of the tread, the amount of which shall be approximately 50 cm

Design - the most important stageladder structure. Approved during the construction of the stairs will make mistakes with their hands in a waste of time, effort and money. Projects of all stairways run along the lines, regardless of the material, and identical rules, and calculations.

To prepare the necessary material

Finally decided that build a ladder theirhands of lumber. For the production of stringers suitable pine boards with a width of 40 mm. Riser, from which you can install and give up, can also be made from softwood. Optimally, if the tread is made of solid woods.

Council. It is better to buy ready-made stage of plywood, laminated veneer lumber by like the bars of a different fiber direction. They will not warp, crack, crack.

Properly done stringers

According to the projected size stagewill draw curve. Then apply markup on board and drank a kind of jigsaw teeth on it. Those who wish to know how to build a ladder their hands with no errors and rework, surely guessed that all the elements must be symmetrical. So, the first beam sawed with teeth will serve as a template for the production of a second, and if the width of the stairs will be 1.20 or 1.50 m, and the third.

Making stringers

To begin with the production of stringers, for the production of which need a template with the exact dimensions of steps, and then in the beam are cut teeth for installation steps

Installation steps elements

Treads and risers to the stringers fastened with nailsand self-tapping screws. Master who chooses not to use the factory-ready components, need to cut it out and even these elements made for them patterns.

Fixing elements stages

Elements of the steps are attached with nails and screws, the tread may be composed of two boards

It considered more reliable structure for carryingwhich beam is first adjusted simple triangular or more complex fillies. For their mounting and dowel and require pre-made grooves.

How to make a wooden ladder with curly filly

Scheme: how to make a ladder with a more robust sculpted wooden filly

Establish the balusters and handrails

To install each baluster will useanchor or stud. First, by marking "plant a" glue on the pin end, which take root across the tread then kosour, then tighten it and probably on the free end of baluster. Similarly, the set fence posts between which a baluster. At the end of posts and balusters are equipped with handrails.

Terms of installing fencing elements

Terms of installing fences elements: for precise marking on glue "must be mounted" studs, then they need to tighten and fasten to the remaining end of the baluster

The process of building stairs autographicIt can not be classified as a simple, but highly complex task and it also is not. The main snag is proper design. And then the lead performer must meticulousness and accuracy, and probably all turn out.

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