What you need to know about installing standing seam roofing

Reliable roof - a prerequisitewell-being in the house. That is why many people prefer to use metal sheets, good in our time laying seam coating has become less time-consuming for her. Yes, and the right roofing tool is now easier to find, not to mention the team of professionals. But even if you are going to entrust the work of professionals, and is the very least a little understanding of the issue - in order to avoid various kinds of pads and misunderstandings.


  • Seam roof - general concepts
  • Advantages and disadvantages of standing seam roofing
  • The basic rules of standing seam roofing installation

Seam roof - general concepts

Coating the roof, made of metalsheets, connected by a special joint (seam), and is called standing seam roof. Varieties of this type of roof is enough that there was a reasonable choice - both in assets and in appearance. The main separation is based on materials and comprises:

  • copper - coated premium characterized tremendous durability and luxurious design

Copper seam roofing preimum class

  • zinc-titanium - a reliable and highly aesthetic roof

Zinc-titanium - reliable and aesthetic seam roofing

  • galvanized steel - the most common material of the last century, unfortunately, is not the most durable, but relatively inexpensive and

Seam roof of galvanized steel

  • steel with polymer insulation - roof with an extensive choice of line, both on the properties of the polymer, and in color

Seam roof made of steel, coated with a polymer

  • ordinary aluminum or plastic coated - easy, reliable enough and not very expensive coating

Seam roof made of aluminum coated with a polymer

In addition to the material, and is unlike the methodcompounds wherein four types of seam weld used: single, double, standing and lying. More details of the device and the differences can be seen in the figure.

Varieties rebate

Advantages and disadvantages of standing seam roofing

Before starting the procurement of materials, you must still make sure that the right choice was made. So read carefully - suddenly learn something new.

Seam roof is considered one of the most reliable coatings for the roof because of the following qualities:

  • highest tightness of the roof over the entire surface of the folded seam is provided, as well as hidden system mounts and lack of through-holes
  • strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and durability are achieved by a material (metal) and its coverings
  • additional rigidity to the canvas roof give the seamed edges, they provide the same direction at once the rain and snow moisture
  • aesthetic appeal and modern look make it possible to perform roof in any style decision

The advantages of true moderntechnology for manufacturing sheets of appropriate length with edges folded under the right seam, so-called paintings. Moreover, this procedure can be performed either on a stationary production - to order or directly to the construction site where erected your home. The figure - a machine for the manufacture of films.

Machine to form the pictures

However, as with any other material, seam roofing is not without drawbacks. And these include:

  • the high price of high-quality and attractive appearance coating (copper and zinc-titanium), which is offset by the ability to choose a steel or aluminum polymer insulated
  • rather complex mounting technology, which requires not only adequate practical skills, but also the availability of a special folding equipment

By the way, the second position becomes absolutely insignificant, if you use the help of qualified roofers, plumbers, who have both the experience and the right tool for the standing seam roof.

The basic rules of standing seam roofing installation

Describe here the complete installation of the algorithm will not- If we happen to such a need to clarify better with a knowledgeable person who has hands-on experience. But the main points that are worth paying attention to, describe.

Thus, the installation begins with seam coverproper preparation crates, which will be produced and laying patterns. Here we must clearly understand that the basics of reliability depends on the strength and durability of the roof itself. So batten material must be really high quality. If you are using wooden blocks and boards, they should be properly dried out and impregnated with compounds that prevent the rot, fire and insect infestation. Crate itself must be sufficiently frequent to when walking on the roof of thin metal sheets are not deformed until the damage. The areas with the largest load (the edges and bends) lathing is better to do all the solid, for example, make a tight boardwalk or even pave the OSB-plates. If any of these conditions, your roof will live just as much a crate. Due to the folded roof bars decayed will be deformed, resulting in disruption of the integrity of either the metal sheets or seams. Deformation (with consequent damage) will face, and when too large crates step.

Laying on the standing seam roofing lath

In addition, it is better to equip a ventilation andteplovlagoizolyatsiyu. If the house to the inner surface of the roof will penetrate the moisture, condensation can significantly affect the service life of metal sheets, because the main anti-corrosion coating applied to the outer side of the sheet.

Waterproofing crates

When fastening of the roof is the main conditionuse of capping, screws, screws and other small things from the materials of corresponding metal paintings. That is, for copper plating and copper-clamp is needed. Imagine what would happen if the copper interconnect galvanized or vice versa? Yes, very simple physics - a galvanic cell. It is clear that under such conditions, seam roof greatly reduced service life. By the way, to comply with mounting technology necessary to consider another point. There are two types of capping - stationary (simple) and floating. If the pattern length is not too large, easy-clamp is applied. However, in the case of very long sheet metal fixed-clamp may cause considerable deformation - as any metal tends to compression-expansion at temperature changes. It was then used by the floating-clamp, which has an ample supply of free wheeling. Both types of capping can perfectly see in the picture.

Clamps - fixed and floating

As mentioned above, seam weld providesConnection tightness sheets together. The most common (due to increased reliability) connection method is a double standing seam, single is only used on a simple slope of the roof with a slope of 14 degrees or more. recumbent folds often used for horizontal seams (Compound sheets in length), but the method Mounted Roll when pictures correspond roof length, they are practically not necessary.

Then follows a very stacking patterns and theirFold - quality Closed grooved joints, which occurs with the help of special equipment: a framework to close the seam. Of course, a qualified roofer quite close seam quality manual framework, but in our time came, and automatic equipment, which greatly facilitates the folding, especially in large areas of the roof. Violation of folding technology will lead to a lack of integrity of the roof.

And the last point - the installation of paintings in complexlocations. Valley, razzhelobki, pipes for various purposes (from the chimney to vent) developing are such that to preserve the overall tightness of the coating. The device aprons, eaves, cornices are not too complicated, but the practitioner cope with this business faster and better than the novice master taught. Remember that it is in these places the most difficult to comply with all rules of installation, and any mistake will lead to loss of tightness.

As you have seen, we are only reallyquality work in compliance with all rules of installation standing seam roofing give a reliable result. Otherwise, be prepared to immediately begin to repair the new roof - and in some cases, the repair can be more expensive than the initial installation. So it is better to entrust the job to professionals - firstly, the greater the likelihood of ultimate success, and secondly, in the case of an error it is possible to compensate for it by the performers. Good luck and a strong roof over your head!

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