Rooftop terrace - the perfect complement of modern apartment

Limitations and cramped conditions inmodern cities make urban residents to use all available space. One of the most successful ways to get in the center of a small lawn with a gazebo and lawn - is to build a terrace on the roof. This additional useful dwelling area can be used for various purposes, including for arranging the solarium, sports fields and gyms. But in most cases, on the roof terrace - the perfect complement of modern apartments in the form of rest areas with a small garden in a metropolis.


  • Features lay on the roof terrace
  • The device under the roof terrace
  • Which material is selected for the flooring?
  • The roof over the terrace and the parapet
  • Design terraces

Features lay on the roof terrace

The device on the roof terrace of the house is connected with the decision of many questions:

  • Roof safety assessment under the terrace;
  • choice of flooring;
  • right exit clearance from the house to the roof-terrace;
  • fencing device;
  • definition of design and style.

First of all, it is necessary to assess the place whereterrace will be arranged. This can be a roof of a house, but it can also be an extension to the roof adjacent thereto or garage. Undoubtedly, the best plan terrace house design stage, but many acquire such a lovely area to relax in a long time already built house. To decide what you need to purchase materials should evaluate the building itself, which is planned to build a terrace. The building with a solid foundation for building a serious stand and easy extension does not stand a lot of weight. In the second case, it is recommended to strengthen the construction of additional racks. Only after calculating the maximum permissible load can begin planning terraces filling.

A solid foundation makes it possible to arrangegarden, greenhouse, a small fountain, and, why not, even a swimming pool. Less durable construction allow their owners to settle for an easy platform for a summer vacation.

Roof Terrace

Seating area with a wonderful view of the city

The device under the roof terrace

The flat roof, which will continue toused, called the accessible roof. Although it is called a flat, a slight slope of 1-2 degrees still need to be done to avoid the accumulation of rainwater. For its formation is used, as a rule, polystyrene or expanded clay.

Important! In mid-operated roof is necessary to arrange a funnel on which will drain the excess moisture. In addition, using aerators (special plastic pipes) mounted ventilation system.

For a flat roof base using concrete slabs, steel sheet and can be. Then the cake base mounted roof, consisting of several layers:

  • vapor barrier;
  • waterproofing;
  • thermal insulation;
  • of roofing material.

Vapor barrier layer stacked from a special membrane material, which, depending on the future operation conditions, is fixed by any of the following 3 methods:

  1. Fixing ballast. The method is cheap and effective, but creates an additional burden, so not suitable for roofs of light structures.
  2. Bonding using bituminous glue. Effectively with strong wind loads.
  3. Special screws mounted membranes of PVC and TPO.

As a heater for the terrace are usuallyusing polystyrene or mineral wool. More preferred is polystyrene, as better able to withstand considerable loads on the roof with its operation. Insulation placed in 2 layers.

Which material is selected for the flooring?

The list of materials suitable for floor terrace, quite varied and far more than the usual list of flooring for residential premises. Among them you can find:

  • tree;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • gravel;
  • pebbles;
  • rubber cover;
  • a natural stone;
  • composite materials;
  • green lawn.

The most popular coating for wood terraces,to be exact - decking. It is no secret that the planks of wood are practical and easy to use, fit perfectly into the natural environment look beautiful. The most commonly used board from larch, which is known for its resistance to moisture and rot resistance processes. Floor boards of exotic wood looks flawless, but worth respectively.

Roof Terrace

Wooden floor - the most popular coating for terraces

The most economical cost of different woodconifers - spruce, pine, but this material can not be compared for resistance to weathering with larch. This option, however, may be quite acceptable, with good handling of the board with special impregnations. It should be noted another big plus wooden flooring terrace - its light weight. That is why spetsialitsty recommend it for light construction.

For floor terrace is important and such a time,as the direction of the boards. For example, for a square terrace boards direction does not matter. But for narrow and long terraces preferred is a transverse direction, since in this case it will be wider and visually look like joints between the boards will be less noticeable. In addition, the location of the cross boards makes it easier to design with flowing curves and angular terraces.

Ceramic tile, though, and hascertain advantages, but it weighs a lot, and work on its installation is expensive. For the outdoor terrace is necessary to select a matte tile with a rough surface to avoid slipping when wet. Coverage of natural stone on the floor of the terrace may only need to take it into account the load on the ground.

Roof Terrace

Ceramic tiles - a good option floor terrace

Rubble and gravel - an unusual choice. Outwardly, this coating looks impressive, but its maintenance requires regular. The rubber coating on the terraces there is not so often this material is appropriate in cases where there is created a place for sports, gyms. For terraces, organized for rest, preference is given, as a rule, natural materials.

In recent years, more and more popularare composite compositions - the real competitors of natural materials. When manufacturing wood combine them with polymers. Externally Composite decking (decking) looks like natural wood, simulating the texture and color, but has a high resistance to external factors and mounted much easier.

Grass on the terrace - a magnificent spectacle. This is a small corner of nature on the roof of a contaminated city.

Roof Terrace

Grass on the roof terrace - a magnificent sight

Live greenery pleases the eye and gives comfort, and provides protection from prying eyes.

The roof over the terrace and the parapet

Another important element is the terrace exitat her home. For reliable protection against the weather is better, of course, equipped with a covered structure. The terrace can be left open or close the roof - fully or partially. An interesting option is a retractable or removable awning. If desired, the terrace can be completely glaze, install a fireplace, grill for barbecue. But this version - the most difficult. The roof above the terrace is arranged in the same way that and the roof over the house, with the same requirements: it must withstand a load of wind and snow, have a good waterproofing. In this case it is necessary to choose a light material, so as not to increase the load on the supporting structures of the house.

Roof Terrace

Matt Retractable awning will protect you from the sun

Much easier to build a temporary retractable cloth canopy that will turn if you want a sunny area in a comfortable corner for tea, and vice versa.

Roof Terrace

Parapet - mandatory part of the roof terrace

A mandatory element is kryshi- terracesparapet. Fencing will ensure the safety of people. There are many options: railings can be made of wrought iron elements in the form of a wooden fence, glass, or brick walls as an extension.

Roof Terrace

Bright colors decorate the terrace and pleasing to the eye a rest

On this parapet on top you can plant bright fresh flowers that adorn the terrace during the flowering period.

Design terraces

Since a roof terrace designed for recreation, furnish it try to create as close to nature.

Roof Terrace

Terrace overlooking the pond

The walls, entwined with a beautiful maiden grapes,pots with trees, flower beds, bubbling mini-fountain will help to relax, feel the unity with nature. It is important to choose the right garden furniture. It must be resistant to moisture. It is appropriate to look at the terrace of a portable lightweight furniture: wicker chairs and tables, chairs and furniture made of metal or plastic.

There are many options for finishing the terrace,You can choose any, it all depends on the financial capacity of the owner and his imagination, but also what kind of load can withstand roof structure and foundation of the house.

Roof Terrace

Design Option terraces

Roof Terrace

The roof terrace allows to enjoy the sun at any time of the year, and sofas bright colors always cheer up.

Roof Terrace

Variants of furnish terraces - a lot of it depends on the owner's wishes and possibilities

Device terraces on the flat roof businessdifficult. Creating a high-quality design can ensure only professionals in this business. Proper design, precise calculations, knowledge of the characteristics of the process will create a robust design, which will delight the owners for many years.

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