Roof sandwich panels - the building elements full readiness

Roof sandwich panels

Sandwich panel roofing - ergonomicmaterial consisting of two sheets of cold rolled steel coated protected. But the main secret of these unique products is the fact that between the sheets is a heat-insulating filler, for example, polyurethane, mineral wool. It is a worthy alternative to traditional roofing materials, becoming more and more popular. But what have the significant advantage of sandwich panels as they are laid on the roof, we'll continue.


  • Important information panels such as "sandwich"
  • The advantages of sandwich panels - now why their application is overdue?
  • Types of polymer coatings for roofing panels
  • Features installation of roofing products - valuable tips

Important information panels such as "sandwich"

Sandwich panels are layered products consisting of galvanized sheet steel and insulation.

Device sandwich panel

Sandwich panel layout - design, well thought out to the smallest detail

It is completely ready to use materials that do not require an external / internal processing, that is, they can be used immediately after manufacture in the factory.

It is important to know: the quality of the roofing panels affects the production method because the best products are obtained by the assembly on an automatic line.

In the production of sandwich panels hugeThe effective action of the adhesive with which are connected all the components and construction become a single element. On automatic lines using two-component polyurethane adhesive: it is mixed before application to the surfaces to be glued, and the whole process is controlled by the programmed automatics.

It is worth noting: when choosing a metal plate is better to prefer a bright palette, because then the sun is well recognized, and the sandwich panel is less heated and deformed.

This building material is used inarrangement of constructions erected on the frame-panel scheme. If we consider this point in greater detail, it should be noted that the panels used in the construction of such facilities:

  • buildings for agricultural purposes (vegetable stores, poultry farms);
  • logistics centers;
  • administrative offices;
  • sports complexes, swimming pools, arenas;
  • gas stations, car washes;
  • energy facilities.

The advantages of sandwich panels - now why their application is overdue?

The use of these materials it is advisable for many reasons, including the need to include the following aspects:

  • high thermal insulation characteristics;
  • light weight - reduced costs for loading, unloading, delivery;
  • savings on a foundation - a comprehensive application of roofing, wall panels does not require geological studies, because they do not have a foundation of considerable pressure;
  • long life - the life of the panels is more than 20 years;
  • corrosion resistance to aggressive environments;
  • Sandwich panel roofing sizes can be different, depending on the wishes of the customer. But the standard dimensions as follows: thickness of 40-160 mm, length - up to 16,000 mm, width - 1000 mm;
  • various colors;
  • speed, ease of installation - the work is done in a small brigade as soon as possible;
  • Environmental security - a fact confirmed by the fact that the sandwich panels are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, as well as "clean" rooms;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Special attention should be paid moresome important nuances. Firstly, the sandwich panel having as a basis of mineral wool, polystyrene, increase of noise isolation. Second, the tool joint reliability is highly valued. The most modern and practical is considered to lock Z-Lock, suitable for vertical, horizontal installation. Advantages of using such a tool joint are obvious:

  • joint tightness - this parameter is reacheddue to the lack of openings. Also important is the antikapillyarny effect, which is caused by a large depth of rolled and metal parts, reverse profiling;
  • ease of installation, lock the stocking density;
  • increased level of protection against damage;
  • the possibility of sealing tapes.
Locking compound sandwich panels

Lock Z-Lock - a modern technology which ensures maximum tightness

insulating core type also matters because the materials have different properties. For example, in the case of mineral wool, are meant such positive qualities:

  • mineral wool - the fibrous material derived from basaltic rocks;
  • flammability - matching the safety rules;
  • optimally suitable heat and sound insulation properties;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • biological stability, durability;
  • compressive strength increases with increasing amount of fibers oriented vertically.

Polystyrene foam is also often used as an insulating core, because it has such advantages:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • excellent strength - the material is used as an element capable of carrying the load for a long period;
  • moisture content - 3-6%;
  • at combustion produces carbon dioxide and water, i.e. the material will not support combustion.

Sandwich panels have certain limitations inPlan walking on the roof. Walking on the panels can be, but that the wooden stairs at right angles to the span should be routed. In general, the panel categorically can not be used as a working area and walk on them only when absolutely necessary.

Types of polymer coatings for roofing panels

To protect metal plate panels from corrosion and environmental influences, various polymeric coatings are used in the production of sheet steel. What are the most common:

  • Polyester - a popular coating gives the sheet resistance to ultraviolet radiation, to the corrosion processes;

It is important to know: with such a coating material can be used successfully in all regions of the country.

  • Pural - during manufacture polyurethane coating is applied and the modified polyamide. Steel with Pural coating suffers diurnal temperature changes and long retains the original color;
  • polyvinylidene - durable coating,almost does not fade and has the unique ability to samoomyvaemosti. This is one of the most durable coatings applied even on the coast.

Features installation of roofing products - valuable tips

The complex work associated with the installation of a sandwichPanels should be conducted in view of the project, which contains information about how to mount panels on the type of fixture, its quantity. To everything was done at the proper level, you need to know the intricacies of placing these products, in particular, refers to the following rules:

  • the rise of the panels is carried out using special equipment (vacuum lifters);

It is important to know: the capture of the sling surface of the panel is not allowed.

  • Cutting panels are electro fret;
  • between the supporting structure and the panel is desired laying tape, performing the role of the seal;
  • you can not make installation, if the wind speed is more than 9 m / s, or when there is a thick fog;
  • a protective film on the inner side is removed prior to laying;

It is worth noting: on the outside panel of the film must be removed after the installation process.

  • fittings are used for additional protection from the negative effects of contiguity environment.
Installation of sandwich panels

Installation of roof panels must be carried out with skill

It should also be noted that the film is removed quite easily if the storage of products was observed mode. In the case where there is excessive adhesion, must carry out the following steps:

  • heat the surface of the panel building dryer or heat gun;
  • remove the film;
  • remove the remnants of the adhesive solvent.
Screws for sandwich panels

Screws for sandwich panels do not require pre-drilling

A few words must be said about the self-tapping screws,which are used for mounting panels. Their main feature is the presence of two threads: the first secures the panel to the design, the second is intended to secure the hard outer sheet in order to prevent its oscillation. Screws are made of carbon galvanized steel and are characterized by ductility, corrosion resistance.

It is important to know: the sealing washer is used to solve the seal at the base of the screw problems.

Roof sandwich panels from steel sheets are many positive indicators, therefore they are widely used, and their popularity is steadily increasing.

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