How to choose a slate paint for the reliable protection of the roof

The market of roofing materials today is verydiverse. But often, as in the past, found the house covered with slate. This roof is relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble. And in order to improve its performance characteristics and give the gray material, attractive appearance used paint for Slate. How to approach this process and what better to choose paint for Slate - it is necessary to talk separately.


  • Paint - an effective means of protecting slate
  • Classification slate colors
  • How and when to paint slate roof?
  • Summary

Paint - an effective means of protecting slate

Slate - a classic version of the roof, his positive qualities are time-tested. It:

  • water resistance;
  • frost;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • combustibility;
  • Thermal shock resistance.

But, like any other material, the slate is not deprivedSome drawbacks: it is covered with time harmful asbestos dust crumbs to health as a result of the impact of climatic conditions on its surface microcracks appear, on the north side, he often covered with moss, getting unattractive "turned green" appearance.

Paints for slate

After many years of operation, the roof is covered with slate unpleasant grayish-greenish patina

To avoid these troubles can be, providing protection for the roofing material.

The most affordable and easy way to keep the slate -this paint. Paints for slate roof will not only give a more attractive appearance, but also improve the water repellency of slate, eliminate the formation of harmful dust, thus preventing the roof from premature failure and extending its service life. Modern paints also contain additives and mold fungi, which provide bacteriological and biological protection roof.

Paints for slate

It looks like an old slate before and after dyeing

If you plan to cover the new buildingslate, it is better to think of his painting - in this case, the sheets can be painted on the ground, and then lay on the crate, as already arranged to paint the roof is much more difficult.

If the house is already old and want to reviveroof, you must first make a small revision, and then refine it. But all the work is to talk in order. First you need to decide what to paint slate, to choose the right paint, because of its basic characteristics and average consumption.

Paints for slate

Colored slate roof improves the appearance of the house

Classification slate colors

There are several types of paints for slate:

1. Acrylic or water-dispersion paint. It needs to be applied to the primed surface of the roof. Slate acrylic paint has the following advantages:

  • It protects microcracks on the surface of the sheet of water;
  • Water from the slate, painted a paint flows better, and this is a big plus for flat roofs;
  • winter with the snow coming off the roof is better, and it significantly reduces the load on the bearings.

2. Enamel for slate (fast drying) also has a number of advantages and good reviews:

  • due to high content of bindersubstances, the paint film is obtained smooth, characterized by high water repellency and high resistance to weather effects;
  • obtained by coloring the coating has high durability;
  • pigments that make up the paint protects the slate roof from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

3. Liquid plastic - A synthetic material that is producedon vinyl chloride, polystyrene or bitumen basis. Its main advantage is an attractive price. But weathering liquid plastic is inferior to a large extent with acrylic paint on the slate, and in addition, is very harmful to health.

The construction market offers today a large range of colors for slate as foreign producers and domestic.

Paints for slate

Special paints for slate offer both foreign and domestic manufacturers.

The main colors of foreign production can be noted:

Dachbeschichtung (Germany) - One of the most expensive imported paints. It has high technical performance - adhesion, strength, durability coatings.

Kilpi (Finland) - High-quality acrylic paint for almost any roofing material.

Eter Akva (Sweden-Finland) - Water soluble paint based on modified acrylate, characterized by high resistance to aggressive alkaline media.

Polifarb-Akrofarb (Poland) - Quick-drying, acrylic dispersion base, its distinctive feature - the brightness and saturation of colors.

And here are some of the types of products manufactured in the CIS countries:

Polifan (Russia, Kolomna). Its main advantages are: color fastness, abrasion resistance, durability.

Akrilama Slate (Ukraine) - Acrylic water-dispersion paint slate.

Unisal (Belgorod, Russia). In its basis - water dispersion of acrylicelements, high-quality pigments. The paint has high resistance to weathering and intense sunlight.

Bhutan (Moscow). The basis of the latex paint composition of the mineral silicon additives. Slate, a colored paint becomes resistant to frost, to various atmospheric influences.

When choosing paint important role slatePrice plays, for example, from foreign products is the most expensive option - "Kilpi" and "Eter Akva" - half the price. But domestic manufacturers of paint will cost somewhere in the five times cheaper than imported counterparts.

How and when to paint slate roof?

If the question is, what kind of paint to paint the slate alreadyresolved and the material was purchased, you can begin the preparatory work. First of all, you need to check every sheet for cracks and damage. If there is such sheets, they must be replaced. You must also ensure that all the slate plates are securely fastened.

Slate, which was originally paveduncolored, after some time, covered with dark greenish patina that form fungi and lichens. Growing moss not only detract from the appearance of the roof, but also accumulates a large amount of moisture, increasing the load on her feet. So before you start Slate staining procedure, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

How to remove plaque from the roof? This can be done in several ways, depending on the thickness of the layer of plaque:

  • using a brush with metal bristles on dry or moist surface;
  • Using a drill or grinders with a brush attachment;
  • Compact high-pressure car wash.

The first two are rather laborious, althougha drill process a little easier. The third option - cleaning with high-pressure cleaning - the most effective, especially if there is where to get professional model washing.

Clean the surface of the slate plaque, necessarilyyou need to treat it with an antiseptic to prevent re-occurrence of fungi and lichens. Antiseptic solutions are typically sold as a finished product and also in the form of concentrates which require dilution with water. Antiseptics applied using a roller, brush or sprayer.

Paints for slate

Dye slate comfortable using the gun, but you can also use a brush or roller

To slate paint is flat,Priming compositions are used. Getting into the pores of the material, primer strengthens its surface, it contributes to a better paint adhesion to the slate, removes dust. In addition, it significantly reduces the ink consumption by the roof covering.

Important! Before beginning staining enamel should be a good stir and add organic solvent to penetrate deeper into the surface of the roof structure.

According to the rules, Slate coloring is carried out in twolayer. The first layer - the start - is the basic and applied after complete drying of the primer. Ink flow to it - at least 2.3 normal. The second layer - the finish, it is necessary to try to apply evenly. This can be done by brush, roller or spray.

Most people have a question: Is it possible to paint slate in any weather? As experts recommend, Slate painting must be done in a warm and dry weather.

Paints for slate

Painting slate is preferably carried out in dry, sunny weather

Practice shows that the slate, painted in the spring, has a strong and durable protective coating. This job is not worth perform in rainy or very hot days.


Paints for slate improves the appearance of the roof andat the same time creates a protective coating that increases the life of the material. In addition, the ink layer prevents the formation of harmful asbestos dust on the surface of the roof. Paints for slate to buy simple, important to examine before it its basic characteristics, average consumption, and then select the appropriate version of domestic or foreign manufacture in the right quantity.

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