Transparent slate - a modern material to create original roof

Clear slate

The most common material for the roofIt is a slate. There is a simple explanation - the material has many advantages. They are economical, practical, a number of technical characteristics that slate is rightly considered one of the best roofing for the cottages, country houses, garages and other outbuildings. And now, in addition to the traditional slate came a new, modern look of the material - a transparent slate, which is used for the device translucent roof. With it you can implement the most interesting design solutions.


  • Advantages transparent slate
  • Where applicable transparent slate?
  • Features a transparent roof mounting
  • Other transparent slate
    • Acrylic slate
    • Polycarbonate Roofing
    • A variety of plastic slate

Advantages transparent slate

Transparent slate almost differs from the ordinaryall they have in common, perhaps the only form of sheets and the name. Various of these two materials and properties. Transparent slate manufactured by extrusion of the homogeneous polymers. This roofing material is based on PVC, acrylic, and fiberglass.

Transparent PVC slate perfectly passes light,but at the same time is a sealed coating which protects the house from the wind, rain and low temperatures. Material is plastic, so it can be used to create a variety of complex shape of the roof - arches, domes, etc. The merits of the transparent PVC slates are many, such as, for example.:

  • high light transmission;
  • greater degree of flexibility;
  • elasticity;
  • resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • Resistance to UV rays: does not fade in the sun, do not miss the sun's harmful radiation;
  • sufficiently high strength not destroyed by hail, withstand strong winds and snow loads;
  • light weight;
  • excellent sound insulation properties;
  • environmental friendliness - the material is resistant to chemicals (offshore wind, acid rain, bacteria, etc.);
  • low flammability - a fire-extinguishing
  • ease of installation;
  • economy: sheets can be mounted overlapped and bent without the use of special fastening systems;
  • longevity - is not subject to corrosion and icing, can last up to 30 years;
  • beautiful appearance: rich color palette allows you to create even a mosaic, if desired.

But there is a polymer slate and a couple of drawbacks:

  • Firstly, you can not walk on it - so the roof will not sustain a lot of weight;
  • Second, change their size sheets underexposure to temperature greater than the structural elements to which they are attached, and this must be taken into account during assembly. In addition, this material can withstand operation at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 50 degrees, and is insufficient under very cold winters and hot summers.

Where applicable transparent slate?

Although this roofing material is rather unusual, it allows you to create eye-catching design of the roof, and therefore has a wide distribution. It is used:

  1. For the construction of roofs of various buildings.
  2. For the device roofing arched structures - warehouses or hangars.
  3. During the construction of gazebos, outbuildings, sheds, fences.
  4. For roofing in greenhouses and greenhouses.
  5. For the manufacture of awnings over the summer playground, sports facilities, cafes.
  6. For roofing indoor pools, pavilions public transport, car parks.
  7. For the device of interior elements - interior walls, showers, skylights.
Clear slate

Carport transparent slate - easy to install, durable and original


Summer terrace with translucent roof looks attractive

The transparent roof

Transparent slate is used to cover the roofs of car parks

Clear slate

Using transparent slate as an interior element - room divider

According to statistics, 75% of the totalimplemented a clear slate used in individual housing. The rest is accounted for by industrial facilities and other buildings. strength level of heat and sound dampening properties of the material allow to apply it only to those facilities, the quality of the roof which is not subject to special requirements.

Features a transparent roof mounting

Operation transparent roofing depends directly on its competent installation.

With the construction of light-transmitting roof need to comply with certain conditions prescribed for this type of coverage:

  • to reduce the load on the material, the angle of the roof must be greater than 8 degrees;
  • the radius of the arch created by the compounds should be at least 2.5 meters;
  • sheets stacked on lath by partial mutual overlapping width of about 20 cm;
  • preferably the use of wooden crates,treated with preservative, but if a metal crate, cover it with foil of aluminum or painted with white paint to avoid overheating of the metal;
  • sheets adjacent rows shifted by half the length of the sheet relative to each other; The shift would eliminate the imposition of a four-corners;
  • Slate sheets are placed perpendicular to the furring strips, fixing their produce from the bottom up;
  • fastening screws for fastening is made in 3 waves, and at the cornice ridge - wave 2;
  • before screwing in the screws slate sheets make holes with a diameter of 3 mm larger than the diameter of the screw. The holes are drilled not less than 40 millimeters from the edge of the sheet;
  • at the junction of the material to the wall or leave a gap chimney three millimeters;
  • for fixing one sheet is consumed approximately 20 screws;

Cut, drill and saw a clear slate recommended using a circular saw, jigsaw and a hacksaw with fine teeth.

It is important to know! Can not walk on the transparent roof to move on it is necessary to use wide plank length three times greater than the length of the sheet.

Other transparent slate

Acrylic slate

Acrylic colorless, is characterized by goodelasticity, can withstand heavy loads. He is better known under the name Plexiglas. Sheets of acrylic is used to create lightweight roof. The service life of this type of transparent slate of 10 years.

Clear slate

Clear acrylic slate well passes ultraviolet rays, it is suitable for the roof over the device pools

The channels that make up sheets filledair and separated by rigid ribs. With low weight, the material is durable and has good thermal insulation properties. Acrylic slate well lets UV rays, so it is used for the roof solarium and swimming pool equipment. But under a roof Interior items prone to burnout.

Polycarbonate Roofing

More significant has transparent qualitiesslate, which is made of polycarbonate. His term of service -15 years, therefore the demand is more than the acrylic. In addition to the properties of excellent transparency and durability, this slate is almost does not burn, can tolerate exposure to aggressive chemicals, has considerable resistance to wind loads.

The use of transparent slate

This lovely transparent canopy on the balcony will attract the eyes of passers-by

A variety of plastic slate

plastic slate Production is carried outextrusion. The pellets are heated up to a conversion setting in the molten plastic which is pulled through the extruder subsequently. In the process of pulling the plastic cools, gaining the necessary strength, it sets the extruder and the width of the sheet form. At the end of the technological cutting line is determined by the length of the sheet.

Transparent roof

Colored plastic slate creates amazing lighting effects, making the room bright and cozy

The shape of the plastic slate is flat,corrugated and trapezoidal, color - white or color. Also it can be as simple or reinforced with fiberglass. Made of fiberglass slate polymeric material reinforced with fiberglass. This heat-resistant material can be used in a greater range of temperatures: from -40gradusov to + 140 ° C, is therefore considered more reliable and durable. Fibreglass comprises metal and polymer quality, that is has a high strength at a small specific weight. Thanks to this type of glass fiber reinforcement slate withstand strong winds, hail, and snow, it does not warp easily. On its surface are not going to contamination, so it always keeps a well-groomed and attractive appearance. With a variety of colors create unique lighting effects. This roof will emphasize the fashionable architectural trends.

Light-transmitting roof

The transparent roof lends the individuality of the building

A distinctive feature of fiberglass slateIt is that it transmits sunlight spectrum required for biological activity of plants. Therefore, many greenhouses covered exactly this material.

Light-transmitting roof

Fiberglass slate favorable for biological activity of plants - it passes the sun's rays corresponding spectrum

The current roll of fiberglass modification slate roof simplifies installation and reduces the lack of overlap Coverage. The web rolls has a length of 20 meters and a width of 1.5 or 2 m.

This need to know! Choosing the material for the device transparent roofs, necessarily need to take into account the climatic conditions of the region where the object is erected. With heavy snowfall should strengthen the supporting structures, and in extreme heat you need to take care of protection against overheating. Therefore, the installation translucent roof should be carried out in accordance with the project, observing the technological standards.

Transparent slate is available in price and quality,attractive for customizing the building, and ease of installation makes it ideal for a wide range, both in the municipal building, and from private developers.

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