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Digest for artisan-lovers: how to make automatic doors with their hands

Build automatic gate with their hands -employment difficult, requiring certain skills and knowledge. And do not believe those who will convince you otherwise. However, to make the gate machine itself is more than real. This was, in fact, will be discussed in this guide. Want to learn about the types and methods of creation of an automatic gate? Read on!


  • Automatic gates - what are they?
  • The automatic swing gates with their hands - the budget and convenient
    • Automated Review

  • Automatic sliding vorota- design and furniture selection rules
    • Make sliding doors with their hands - step by step instructions

  • Garage automatic gate - quick facts
  • Swing gates from scrap materials

Automatic gates - which are

The fact that modern automatic gates -thing is incredibly easy, to convince anyone not required. They are in demand, and, of course, the market is full of proposals. However, all the variety of available models is easily divided into three main groups:

  • Swing automatic gate;
  • Sliding automatic gates;
  • garage automatic gate.

Production of these gates has its own characteristics.

And now - more.

Automatic Swing Gate

The automatic swing gates for country house

The automatic swing gates with their hands - the budget and convenient

This type of gate is the most familiar and popular because of its convenient and simple device. Prerequisite - free space for opening the gate.

Basically, the framework for such a goal is made of high profile stiffness. Then he sheathed the top - such as wood or metal panels.

A more expensive option, but it certainly is very beautiful - forged carved lattice.

wrought iron sliding gate

Automatic sliding gates forged always look presentable

Swing gates - the list of components:

  1. poles for mounting;
  2. set of loops;
  3. gate leaf;
  4. Stops: lateral and central;
  5. bolt;
  6. handle to open the gate;
  7. brackets for mounting the actuator to the posts and slats.
  8. actuators (two).

    Swing gates

    Swing gates - anatomy

Columns for fastening the gate can be done easilysteel pipe. If the gates are obtained very heavy, it makes sense to set in place the pillars U-shaped steel frame. This ensures that the gate will not lead eventually.

For installation support structure foundations swing gates (pillars or frame), we recommend the use of the foundation Sleeve.

gate concreting

A simple circuit-tip concreting gate. Pay attention to the pit for "banquette"

In recent years, for the strengthening of the gate leaves tospecial loop poles are used. They are supplied with bearings. In this case, the course of the gate will be smooth and easy. Typically, the number of loops mounted on the gate 4 or 6. This depends on the mass and size of the gate. Such loops are of two types: metal and plastic.

Door leaf (leaf) consists of a frame and panel filling. Filling is of three types:

  • sparse;
  • solid;
  • combined.

The frame is made of a metal gateProfile (angle and connecting). Section filling can be made of metal picket, sandwich panels, and, also, the aluminum roller shutter profile. Metal components of the gate should be primed and painted.

Sketch swing gates

Sketch swing gates with metal picketsided skin: a stone pillar-pillar, a wall, a 3-outer frame 5 side stops, the central focus 6. 7. inside edge hardness, 8. Linear automatic opening mechanism 9. The lower latch 10. automatic control unit

Lateral or central stops - requireddesign elements. In fact, this metal pins-limiters that prevent the gate leaf is out of range. Stops can be both permanent and removable.

The bolt and the handle for opening the gates is also worthattributed to the essential elements of the design, because, for any interruption to the electricity that we have, alas, not uncommon to lock and open the gate you have to hand.

The actuators and brackets to strengthen them,usually sold in the kit. Buy them separately, we do not recommend, because, drives and brackets from different manufacturers may not be appropriate in the parameters.

Mount lever drive to a brick wall

Proper mounting of the lever drive to a brick wall

Automated Review

Buy a set of automation portal today do not make the slightest difficulty. As a rule, automation kit includes:

  • right-handed and left-handed drive self-locking;
  • gate control unit (transformer and a control board in one case);
  • set of photocells (receiver and transmitter remote control, photocells);
  • nuts, bolts, bushings and keys for emergency release;
  • Set mounting plates.
automation kit for sliding gates

It looks like a set of automatic sliding gate

To select automatic swing device properly, a number of important parameters should be considered.

  • weight and area of ​​the valves;
  • the intensity of the opening;
  • ease of travel gate valves.

Let us examine them in detail.

The weight and area of ​​the gate leaves - parameters thatcan not be separated from each other. The reason is as follows. On the flap and the drive are strong wind loads. That is, if we put the automation, calculated on the weight of the valves up to 100 kg, and will take into account the area, the first strong wind will break the expensive device like a monkey newspaper.

To select the device correctly, you need to make simple calculations.

Assume that the average wind load in yourarea is 50 kg / m. If you want to install standard gates of corrugated board with the size 2x2 m leaf, the wind load will be 2h2h50 = 200 kg. Now add the actual weight of one leaf (100 kg) and obtain the final value of 300 kg. In this case, considering the safety margin, it is necessary to mount the actuator, designed for sash weight of 400 to 800 kg, and similar wind load. Then, your gates will serve long.

The intensity of the opening - is expressed as the ratio of the actual work in an hour. Expressed as a percentage. For example, 30% per hour. These data can be found in the data sheet.

Field Notes: How to use this option? Suppose, on the opening of the gate leaf takes about 20 seconds. The same number - at the closing. Total 40 seconds. Then, allocate 30% of the 60 (the number of minutes in an hour) and get approximately 18 minutes. Now we have only one thing remains - to turn 18 minutes a second (1080) and divide that value by 40. We see the result, the number 27. Thus, the gate will be able to skip the 1 hour 27 machines. For private home ownership - more than enough. And for the garage cooperative - will be small.

The automatic swing gates for the garage

The automatic swing gates for the garage: the outside is almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary. Automation is visible only from the inside

Easy move the gate leaves - this optionIt depends primarily on the correct installation of poles and loops (without bias) and the magnitude of the frictional force in the loops (solved timely lubrication). In addition, this option is affected by weather conditions: frost, snow, ice creates additional resistance. Therefore, you should choose the drive with power reserves. Otherwise, the winter will have to help the gate manually, and this will agree, is not out of a dream.

By type automatic device for swing gates are divided into:

  • Linear - these drives are called as "worm". They work on the principle of lengthening / shortening of the stem, which is driven by the worm gear;
  • Lever - the principle of operation of these drives is similar to the principle of the human hand. Long operating lever consists of two parts connected by a movable joint.
gates with automatic linear actuators

Swing gates with linear actuators automatic

Linear actuators are ideal for swing gates, shutters which open to both sides of the yard. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Lever Automatic allows you to open the gates, suspended at a distance of 20-40 cm from the edge of the column. This type of automation can be mounted on stone columns, pillars facing woodwork.

As for brands, producing automation forswing gates, it is important to only your preferences and wallet density. For our part, we advise you to pay attention to the production of «Came Group» Italian company. This company specializes in the manufacture of electric only, and for 30 years of existence on the market has learned to do it well.

By the way, Came - it is the first company that came up with remote controlled gates

Automatic sliding vorota- design and furniture selection rules

It is this type of gate is now the most popular. Yes, if you compare with hinged doors, the sliding will be more difficult due to the need for special fittings. But nowadays you can buy anything you want, and that, in the recent past, an expensive and rare design element, has ceased to be a rarity.

What are the advantages of sliding gates? They are many. We will list the most obvious:

  • the absence of the guide as the bottom of the opening gate, and at the top - it removes restrictions in the height of the entering vehicle;
  • efficient work of automation - this eliminates the need to leave the car to open the gate;
  • simplicity in service.
components for automatic gates

All that is needed for the manufacture of sliding gates - Picture-crib

Make yourself sliding gates notbe difficult for anyone who knows how to deal with the grinder and welder. However, despite its trendy, they have two major drawbacks: the more "biting" the price of automation and availability of space for the rollback sash. Otherwise, everything's great - this gate will serve you faithfully for decades. On average, the operating system of the sliding gate is designed for 50,000 opening / closing cycles.

The choice of material for sewing the sliding gate depends entirely on your imagination. It may be:

  • corrugated board;
  • metal fence;
  • tree;
  • forging;
  • a metal sheet;
  • polycarbonate.
Gates made of polycarbonate

Gates made of polycarbonate looks very modern way

By type of construction, these gates are divided into 2 types:

  • with whole cloth;
  • with built-in gate.

A set of accessories for sliding gates consists of

  • roller carriages;
  • upper support rollers;
  • forme rollers;
  • 2 traps - the upper and lower;
  • guide profile;
  • rubber plugs.

On a note: Price set of hardware depends on the weight of the gate, the length of the guide and the manufacturer. For example, for gates up to 400 kg with a guide in the 5 th set of accessories of our production will cost, on average, 5 700-6 000. A similar kit for gates up to 800 kg will cost 2 500-3 000 more expensive. Set overseas accessories of good quality, for example, Rolling Center (Italy) lighten your wallet at least 20 thousand rubles.

In short, "Think for yourself, decide for yourself."

forging and polycarbonate

An interesting option for the gate cladding: Forging + polycarbonate

Make sliding doors with their hands - step by step instructions

Step №1 Determine the dimensions of the gate. The length, width and height of the movable flaps determines the weight of the gate, and, consequently, the choice of accessories. It depends on the size of the gate, also the distance value required for sliding the shutter. Ideally, it should be one and a half times greater than the aperture gate.

Step №2 Set the supporting pillars. As a material suitable:

  • steel pipe profile;
  • oak beams;
  • channel;
  • pole made of concrete or brick.

The main rule when installing - supporting columnsbe deepened into the ground at 1 meter. Otherwise, the next winter or spring supporting pillar can be displaced vertically and spoil the geometry of the carcass. This will negatively affect the opening of the gate.

"Stool" in the assembly

Here is the "stool" in the assembly prior to pouring the concrete foundation

For proper installation of the column do the following:

  • dig a hole depth of 120 cm;
  • be laid on the bottom of the "pillow" - dumping of sand and gravel thickness 15 cm, it is well compacted;
  • set post and fill it with concrete (cement grade of at least M-300).

Step №3 Make a foundation for the goal. This - the basis of the whole structure. First, the foundation holds the weight of the gate, and he will agree, is not small. Second, the foundation is laid, "stool" - channel on which will move roller shutter gate.

To lay the foundation you need to do the following:

  • Dig a pit and build.


  1. Length = 50% of the size of the gate-opening.
  2. width (cm) - 40-45;
  3. Depth (cm) - 100-120.

Form U-shaped trench as shown in Figure After trench is ready to do dumping. The amount of "cushion" - as when installing pillars.

  • Produce "banquette". Required channel (width 20 cm) and metal fittings (section 10-12 mm). The valve must be cut into the "sword" of length 100 cm, and then welded to the shelves sill;
  • Set "banquette" and pour concrete.


  • After pouring the concrete need to settle. The minimum time for curing 6-7 days.
  • Top "banquettes" is set flush with the road (ie, on the same level).
  • To avoid cracking the concrete need to be watered daily with water.
depth bookmark metal poles

In this sketch clearly visible depth bookmark metal poles - 120 mm. This value can be changed for the regions with a high index of soil freezing

Step №4 Manufacturing base frame. The frame for sliding gates can be done easily from the profile of the steel pipe (eg, profile for doors).

manufacturing stages:

  • Profile cutting to the desired length for the segments;
  • Remove rust from the pipe (you will need a packed Bulgarian "metal brush");
  • degreasing solvent or gasoline pipes, Corrosion-resistant primer;
  • assembling the frame by welding;
  • cleaning of welds and corrosion finishing coating the entire skeleton.

Useful tips:

  • For external frame loop, select proftrubu section 50x50 mm or 60x40 mm.
  • suitable tube 20x30 mm or 30x40 mm for stiffeners.
  • Elements of the guide frame and collect in a staggered manner, because of the heating door leaf necessarily will lead.
manufacturing carcass sliding gates

The distribution of the material for the manufacture of the frame sliding gates

Step №5. Painting Rooms' frame and door leaf.

The color can be applied immediately after dryingground. Inexpensive and practical option - alkyd enamel. To the gate looked richer recommend applying at least 2 layers of paint. After application of each paint layer, it should be dry.

Selecting Sewing material - especially individual case.

Attach material to be an inner pipe (ribs frame stiffness). To use the assembly screws or rivets.

sliding doors made of metal

Driving convenient and affordable sliding gates of metal

Step №6. Installation of doors.

Installation is carried out in the following order:

  • set to "banquette" rollers and dressed them in guiding the door leaf;
  • strictly by the level exhibited gates (can be used as a regular two-meter level, and laser);
  • we catch to u welding lower roller carriage;
  • welds the upper rollers (support and end);
  • welded to the supporting pillars the lower and upper traps;
  • install automatic;
  • experience gates boast neighbors and proud of ourselves!

These gates will cost you a half to two times cheaper than "store."

swing gates with brick pillars supporting

Driving classic swing gates with brick pillars supporting

Garage automatic gate - quick facts

Typically, garages gate set of four types:

  • classic swing;
  • Sectional folding (by means of springs and guide systems are raised up);
  • lifting and turning;
  • Rolled.
Sectional automatic garage door

Sectional automatic garage doors: inside view

For independent manufacturing of best fit the first three types.

Rolling gates to make their own hands is problematic, because they are composed of a plurality of slats that are made only in an industrial environment.

Hinged garage doors are built on the sameprinciple as the exterior. For the production of sectional doors, you will need a lot of details that have to buy at the store: fabric, guides, shafts, hinges, balance spring hangers, etc. Therefore, these gates is best to book in the finished version - is more reliable and, oddly enough, more economical.

Hoisting-and-over garage doors

Hoisting-and-over garage door - note: in this example, the automation has been installed correctly

Hoisting-and-over doors are made up of externalframe, whole cloth, and automation, which lifts up the canvas, in the "ceiling". This is a very simple and effective gate, the main drawback of which - expensive equipment.

Our verdict: if you really want to make automatic garage door yourself, reliably and cheaply, pay attention to the classics. Be of good cheer!

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