Strengthening the foundation - a review of ways to restore the damaged base

Strengthening the foundation

Owners of older homes often facesuch a nuisance, as cracks in the walls. Even in new homes, unfortunately, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Most often this is due to subsidence of the foundation and its subsequent damage. Solve the problem will only partial or complete consolidation of the foundation. We offer you our help to understand more thoroughly in this issue.


  • Causes damage to the foundation
  • Ways to strengthen the foundation
    • Classic versions of the repair of the underground construction
    • Strengthening the foundation of CFA piles
    • Replacing foundation

Causes damage to the foundation

The reasons for which is the destruction of the base of the building, a few:

  • Errors in the design.
  • Violation of technology of laying the foundation.
  • Significant changes in the main characteristics of the soil have occurred since the construction of the house. These changes include the increase in the level of groundwater, soil waterlogging or swelling soil.
  • Buildings surrounding area or laying of communications associated with large-scale excavations.
  • A significant increase in the load on the foundation as a result of renovations and alterations.
  • Internal and external dynamic effects (vibrations).

Ways to strengthen the foundation

Ways to strengthen the foundation, fortunately, includesin the sphere of interest of scientists, builders, so there are new materials, technologies and equipment. But the time-tested methods do not hand over their positions.

Classic versions of the repair of the underground construction

The most popular way - laying a new foundation along the already existing. Strengthening the foundation of their own hands, as a rule, is carried out this way.

Here's how:

  • In the corners of the building is necessary to dig a large pit,of approximately one meter on, so as to expose a corner of the foundation. Pit must always be deeper than the old foundation is not less than 50 cm.
Pit, designed to strengthen the foundation

"Undermining" under the corner of the house

  • Now you need to make bulk armirovochny framework for the concrete pad. To do this, reinforcement by welding or binding wire is necessary to construct a lattice with cell 20h20h20 see.
Armirovochny framework for strengthening the corner of the house

Future armirovochny frame

Important! Do not skimp on the frame. Produce it must be because of the valve, as its shape and composition of the steel is ideally suited for this. Do not just significantly increase the size of the cell.

  • Lower the grill in a hole and pour concrete. Such constructs are called "bulls".

Important! Since this requires a strengthening of the foundation of the house of the old basement outcrops, stretch, this process is not recommended at the time.

In most cases, the "bulls" enough. But if you want assurance that the foundation again 'float', have built around the perimeter of the building reinforced concrete Laying nets, which will connect the "bulls" in a single system:

  • Conditionally divide the perimeter of the house on the part of 1.5-2 m.
  • At one of these parts along the basement dig a trench width of 40-50 cm and a depth equal to the depth of the old foundation.
  • Drill a hole in the body of the foundation and insert pieces of rebar or metal rod 30-40 cm long.
  • The trench install the surround frame, made according to the technology described above.
  • Fill the hole with concrete.
  • So, piece by piece, it is necessary to strengthen the entire foundation.

Important! You can not expose the adjacent piece of the foundation to complete drying of the previous ties. At this time you can do work on the other side of the house.

In this way, the strengthening can be accomplishedthe basement of a brick house, the house of concrete blocks or wooden frame, not only in the case of the destruction of its foundations, but also for redevelopment, leading to an increase in the load on the foundation.

Important! All concrete work is recommended to conduct at t from +5 to +30 degrees. It is not recommended to start as the strengthening of the foundation at a time when the probability of heavy rains. Public foundation under the influence of rainfall could be seriously damaged.

But a slightly modified scheme of this method:

Turn-based scheme to strengthen the foundation

Turn-based scheme to strengthen the foundation

Strengthening the foundation of CFA piles

Drilling basement one of the most advancedmethods. Strengthening the foundations of the old house on this technology can not be done alone, but on the work of specialists prices are high. The method is as follows: through the existing foundation on both sides inclined drilled hole with a diameter of 25 cm.

The depth of the well is determined in each caseseparately. Drilling continues until the soil until a solid is obtained. Then poured into a well and the cement slurry from the submerged cage reinforcement. Thus, after drying concrete house is based on a lot of concrete piles, the number of which is also calculated individually.

Strengthening the foundation of CFA piles

Driving strengthening CFA method and special equipment

Replacing foundation

When strengthening the private home of the foundation is no longermake sense, make a full or partial replacement. The process is a long and very laborious. Its essence is that digging a trench along the foundation at the site of 1-2 meters, the old foundation is completely removed, and poured new in its place.

This is not all the methods used tostrengthening the foundation. The main time to find the destruction of the basement and take corrective actions. Otherwise, the process may be irreversible, and then will be much easier to build a new house than to repair the old one. The first signs of impending problems are cracks in load-bearing structures and skewed door and window openings. As soon as you find any of these signs, you should carefully examine the foundation and to take measures to strengthen and reconstruction.

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