Protective and decorative trim of house foundation - stone panels, siding

Protective and decorative trim of house foundation

In the construction of a country house any importantdetail. It does not matter whether you build a wall, or just paint them - all you need to do with a special tenacity and precision. So finish the house foundation and requires special attention, because of the choice of finishing materials will depend directly on indoor comfort and strength building. What are the modern ways of finishing the basement there? What to choose from the variety, which now offers the manufacturer? And most importantly, that it is better and why? Let's face it.


  • Facing panels of the foundation - a fresh look at simple things
  • Finishing the basement siding - an old friend is better than two new ones
  • Facing stone - a classic is always in fashion

Facing panels of the foundation - a fresh look at simple things

The foundation of any building moresubject to the adverse effects of the environment, rather than the other components of the building structure. In addition, it is accounting for much of the physical damage, for example, fulfilling the usual work on landscaping the site, you can inadvertently engage the cultivator or something else the lower part of the house. Along with this, the foundation of the main bearing member, and therefore requires much more protection than the other parts of the building.

That's just hard to protect the foundation of hishome, really do not want to spoil its attractive appearance and turn the original design creation in the dull misery. Among the huge range of finishing materials plinth panels are located in a special account in the majority of designers and builders, because they have a number of advantages:

  1. Thick plinth panels are able to withstand considerable loads.
  2. Retains its original appearance for decades.
  3. Completely inert to bioreagents and various chemicals.
  4. Socle panels are fireproof and cold-resistant.

Typically, the insulating layer panelmade of PVC - material of the future. This panel is a kind of puzzle that is assembled from equal-sized cells. They are fixed with screws to a wooden or metal sheathing, which is set in advance.

Decorating the house foundation panels

basement finishing Option house plinth panel under a rock

Finishing panels allows the foundationat the same time to "kill two birds with one stone" - to give the building a complete aesthetically pleasing appearance and to protect the foundation from the effects of natural and human activities. And due to the color and structural imitation of natural materials (stone, gravel, marble, brick, etc.) panels can be decorated home in a variety of stylistic directions: from modern to classic. In addition, this finishing material makes it easy to hide most of the architectural flaws that may occur during the construction of the foundation.

The panels Socle is the perfect solution for those who value their time, for their installation does not take much time.

Finishing the basement siding - an old friend is better than two new ones

Siding can rightly be considered universalmaterial, because they can decorate any surface. He may have the most diverse decorative surface to imitate the brickwork, timber ship, oil shale or natural stone raw. And so working with him is a pleasure, because for its installation will require only your head and some tools that will be found in your pantry.

Ground siding has several advantages:

  1. It is durable and can withstand heavy loads.
  2. It does not fade in the sun.
  3. Easy and simple to install.
  4. It protects the foundation of the house from moisture.
  5. It has a long service life - 40-50 years.
  6. Resistant to shock and other hazards.

If you naively thought that now it was aboutconventional siding, which is used for the walls, then you are wrong. Ground siding, though outwardly resembles the facade, much more durable and reliable, in addition, it is made by a slightly different technology with the addition of special substances that give it such characteristics.

The most optimal variant for finishingthe foundation is a stone siding or brick. Behind can be attributed to "put - and forget" category to the high color stability and excellent resistance to external influences siding "on a stone." The vinyl material of which is made of such a siding, do not need to paint, caulk the seams, and perform any other work related to the upgrade finishes. Even after several decades of vinyl siding does not crack and successfully prevents contact the foundation with groundwater and salt, which remain Paulsen frosty winter.

Decorating the house siding foundation

Option basement finishing basement siding under a brick

This finishing material is lightweight, thatgreatly simplifies the installation process and has virtually no effect on the power of the power structure of the building. It is thanks to such characteristics, ground siding - an ideal material for lining foundations of old houses, whose age is already far beyond ...

If we talk about the cost, the basement finishingsiding will cost slightly more expensive than the same operation, but with PVC panels. Probably for this reason, some buyers prefer the latter. However, as practice shows, the siding is much more reliable in operation.

Facing stone - a classic is always in fashion

Natural stone - it's always fashionable andmodern. In the past, living in the stone house was considered a privilege of the rich and noble persons. But nowadays exterior finish basement with natural stone - too tough for almost everyone, it's not necessary to buy expensive marble slabs, it is possible to confine and quite affordable sandstone.

Decorating the house with natural stone foundation

Respectable natural stone cladding

Finish foundation stone looks expensive andsolid and protective properties of the building material for many centuries are the standard of the highest quality. However, even such a seemingly ideal finishing material has its drawbacks:

  1. Natural stone is quite heavy and facing work with it will require you to the skills and dexterity.
  2. For the installation of stone tiles need not onlyorganization of a special reference frame, but also the use of additional fasteners - glue, cement-sand mortar, metal hooks, etc.
  3. Natural stone is very much "bite" in the price, therefore, map their income with future expenses.

    Finishing the basement with natural stone

    Natural stone on the foundation

But, despite these factors, many stillgive preference to stone, because it is always the height of fashion, looks luxurious and stylish, perfectly protects the foundation from various weather phenomena and physical influences on the part of man.

If the funds do not allow you to buy onecoveted natural stone, you can purchase a synthetic analogue simulating natural. From a distance (and too close) to distinguish natural from artificial stone is very difficult, and it is several times cheaper. Another important advantage, which has a "fake" - light weight and ease of installation. Such characteristics can not but rejoice, because for a very reasonable price you can buy excellent facing material, has all the advantages of natural stone.

Of course, finishing the basement with his own hands, inEither way, you will require accuracy, patience and skill, but nobody said it would be easy. The construction of his house - it is always difficult, but it's hard sometimes.

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