How to make a foundation for a bath with his hands, the choice of the optimal variant of the base

How to make a foundation for a bath with his hands

Technology Construction log steam roomsIt is rooted in the distant past. Previously, bath set on the rocks, covered with clay. Sometimes they placed directly on the ground to obtain a pre-from oak wood, prone to decay to a lesser extent, the lower crown. These methods are used today, but if you want to build will last for many years, it is better to install it on a dedicated foundation for a bath.


  • What you should know about when choosing a foundation soils
  • What better foundation for a bath
  • The initial stage of laying the foundation - the markup
  • How to make a foundation for a bath yourself
    • Belt type design
    • pier foundation

What you should know about when choosing a foundation soils

The main purpose of the foundation - evenload distribution building on soil layers. When the choice of basis it is important to take into account the characteristics of the soil, determine the depth of the foundations. Light, damp earth often requires additional reinforcement, whereas this does not imply clay.

Unstable heaving soils can be a littleequalize at the very beginning. To do this in the calculation of the foundation are making use of gravel or sand, which will serve as a cushion for concrete. Before filling of bulk materials moisturize than provide compression and compaction of the material. Among other things, heaving soils obliges to pay special attention to strengthening using armatures. Despite the fact that this part of the project rather expensive, additional reinforcement design will give additional security.
Clay rocks get rid of unnecessary manipulation, because gravity clay more compacted.

When choosing a foundation is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances

The choice of foundation is necessary to focus not only on the properties of the soil, but also on the type of building materials

Climatic factor is also important. It must be remembered that after the winter the soil thaws and begins to move.

If in the course of these nuances are not taken into account, the appearance of cracks on the bearing walls and the foundation of the body to avoid the unlikely.

What better foundation for a bath

Choosing the type of foundation depends on the characteristics of the soil, which is not difficult to determine. To study the need to dig a small hole and make a soil analysis of the visual.

  • when it detects the components of forest, garden or marsh land suitable monolithic strip foundations. The basis for it - sand pillow;
  • on soils with clay, coarse sand, gravel erect tape or pier foundation. They are considered to be ideal for the construction;
  • in the presence of the rocky rocks, fine sand, you can choose any type of foundation.

The selected building material for the walls is also important. So when using a timber or brick blocks, the best option - strip foundation for the walls of the timber - the base of the columnar type.

The initial stage of laying the foundation - the markup

First of all, deciding on an independentlaying the foundation for a bath need to partition the area under it. To do this, select a site with a slight slope (not north), which will ensure the flow of rainwater and meltwater in spring. To mark the territory, keep in mind that the width of the base of the future must be greater than the width of the walls is 10 cm.

To use the following tools will be needed: tape measure, string, building level, with the right angle triangle, wooden pegs.

With the help of pegs need to identify internalcontours. You must first identify the first corner, to drive a peg and put on a triangle. On one side of the outer length of the longitudinal walls is marked, on the other - transverse.

Praivlnaya markings - half the battle

Foundation for a bath: the site layout

The next step - setting castoffs from boards and bars. The structure must be located at a distance of 2 meters from pegs driven into. Boards are fixed at a height of one and a half meters from the ground.
The axial dimensions of the base is transferred to the upper edges of castoffs. The wooden structure hammered nails and pull between the cord so that it is placed exactly over the pegs.

This sequence applies to all parties to the future bath. Then using plumb marks the contours of the inner surface.

How to make a foundation for a bath yourself

The most suitable type of foundation is called the tape and columnar. Consider the device technology.

Belt type design

Construction of strip foundation is not too much trouble, but it will require a lot of material. He laid sploshnyakom around the perimeter of the building.
Needed components: sand, cement, gravel and water. Strip foundation can be built in several ways:
1. filled in layers in the trench rubble and sand. The layers of compacted, moisturize. Their thickness to the earth's surface must be 15 cm. Then, on the basis of cement applied to the solution, and then the base is made, insulated against moisture with a double layer of roofing material.
2. Sand and gravel in the trench is filled up to half. The surface is leveled, it laid the bricks in a row. Then it built a wooden decking - the form of concrete, which after solidification removed.
3. If the soil tight, you can build the foundation of the construction of the formwork. The slots are filled with sand and tamped. Poured into the mold sand layers, moisturize, tamped again, and then pour the concrete.

strip foundation Fill difficulties does not represent

Fill strip foundation in the wooden formwork

After 3 hours of work a strip foundationWe need to impose vlagopropuskayuschey material: burlap, wood shavings, sawdust. Drizzle with water and cover with polythene. After 7 days remove the formwork - the foundation is ready.

pier foundation

The construction of such a foundation is made up of pillars,are placed in areas of maximum loading (at the corners). The distance between them should not exceed 2 meters. Supports constructed of metal, wood, stone, brick, asbestos cement.

Pier foundation for a bath

The supporting tables are arranged in areas of maximum load

The most popular type of pier foundation - fromasbestos-cement pipes filled with concrete. By them it is necessary to drill a hole with a diameter of 25 cm and a depth of 1.5 m. Strictly vertically mounted tube, and the distance between them is filled with concrete so that it fills the lower portion of the wellbore. Then fill with concrete solution tube, leaving the top to 15 cm Finally, -. It is inserted into the center of the pipe metal rod. This foundation is good for baths from the logs.

Stage basement safelypassed, the answer to the question of how to build the foundation for a bath with his hands, - obtained, which means that you can begin to masonry walls. Self-construction of baths - a laborious process, but the result - a beautiful and durable bath - really worth it.

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