Foundation for the furnace: calculation, technology, examples of different variants of the device

Foundation for the furnace

Currently, there is a wide choice offabricated metal furnaces for baths, welded sheet steel and cast iron. However, they do not hand over their positions, and brick oven, which adorn the bath their massive forms and retain heat for a long time. In any case it is necessary to perform the installation of the furnace design foundation for the oven, the size of which depends on its weight. The correctness of the calculation and compliance technology construction of a foundation base will protect the furnace from the distortions of cracks in masonry, the complete destruction of the building.


  • Calculation of the foundation for a brick oven
  • Stages of construction of the foundation under the stove
    • Driving to the base unit
    • Columnar construction furnace foundation
    • Installation of piles for the foundation

  • The device of rubble concrete foundation
  • The basis for the metal of bath furnace

Calculation of the foundation for a brick oven

The length, width and depth of the foundation baseIt depends on the size of the furnace and its future weight. For an evaluation of this indicator should be remembered that one cubic meter of brickwork around pulls 1350 kg. This value is already considered the weight of bricks and mortar, walking on the sealing of horizontal and vertical joints. Knowing the volume of the furnace, it is easy to calculate its weight by multiplying this value by 1350. If the weight of the furnace design is less than 750 kg, it is possible to do without a separate device foundation. On such a small furnace usually takes no more than 200 pieces of bricks. Therefore, as their base used asbestos sheet, laid on a clay solution, which is located on top of a sheet of corrugated iron.

Reliable foundation under the stove in the bathMade of bricks must be placedbelow the ground freezing in the area. In this case, you can avoid the impact of seasonal movements of soil on the furnace design, as it will be artificially raised to a strong base under it.

Important! The depth of soil freezing in each region has its own value. To find out accurate information on this subject, it is necessary to use reference books.

Stages of construction of the foundation under the stove

  1. The work begins with the digging of the excavation, levelingits base and laying of sand and crushed stone layer. After tamping satisfied with the sole, using the broken bricks and rubble. Then pour the liquid sole cement mixture.
  2. Then spend laying solid bricks orrubble, and the monitor so that the rows were straight and correct. Do not forget about the need for bandaging joints. The outer rows are placed on the cement under the shoulder blade and the inside - back filling. The upper area is flattened by applying a layer of cement. It is necessary to achieve the ideal horizontal surface, so that all work is carried out with the help of the rules to the level.
  3. To protect the oven from bannuyu penetration of ground water, be sure to stack double layer of roofing material, which serves excellent waterproofing.
  4. After lay out one or two of a number of brick upfloor level. You can count on this device is the foundation ends. He is given time to dry, and the achievement of safety. Further work is carried out by laying a brick oven.

Driving to the base unit

  1. The sole of the rubble.
  2. The underground part of the masonry.
  3. The upper section.
  4. A layer of waterproofing.
  5. Kiln masonry.

    Driving under the basement oven bath

    Driving under the basement oven bath

Important! The foundation for the bathhouse furnace in any case is not combined with the base of the foundation, erected for the bath walls. Even with the close proximity of leave a gap of a few centimeters, which is filled with sand or fine gravel.

Columnar construction furnace foundation

Pier foundation under the stove reduces the volume of excavation and saves materials.

Thus in addition to the four pillars of the device undercorners of the furnace is necessary to conduct the installation of a base mounted on the support. As the base, ready to use concrete slab or frame, which are welded steel profiles. At the same time remember that the cooker must be greater than the size of the furnace, which enables it best to keep the weight of the furnace design.

Columnar construction furnace foundation

Columnar construction furnace foundation

Poles or piles acting as a reliablesupport for the foundation plate, make it possible to avoid the effects of the seasonal movements of soil, occurring as a result of swelling clay and loamy soils during strong frosts.

Installation of piles for the foundation

  1. Drilled to the desired depth in the ground cylindrical hole whose diameter is about 20 cm.
  2. At the bottom of the pit to sleep obtained crushed stone layer Crushed carefully ram 10-15 cm thick..
  3. The drilled hole insert a tube of roofing material, which serve as formwork.
  4. Pour the concrete mix.
  5. Allow the concrete pillars, piles for ten days to dry.
  6. After the expiry of the allotted period begin to install a reinforced concrete slab.
  7. On the top edge of the foundation waterproofing suit, using all the same roofing material, missed hot bitumen and laid in two layers.

Important! To ensure the free shrinkage between the base and the ground is necessary to leave a gap.

If the soil conditions allow the use ofshallow buried foundation, the plate is placed in a shallow trench on the hard-packed gravel. In this case, installation of piles can be avoided. And reduce costs to the foundation under the brick oven.

Foundation for the furnace in the form of a reinforced concrete slab

Foundation for the furnace in the form of reinforced concrete slab - a standard version of a reliable, enduring aggregates with any weight

The device of rubble concrete foundation

  1. Spend layout excavation, the size of which must exceed the specified rate of 10-15 cm.
  2. Next, fill a 15-cm layer of gravel and carried him ramming special hand tool.
  3. Make the casing of the boards, which is a box without a bottom, the size is equal to the future of the foundation.
  4. The walls inside the formwork waterproofing, which is lined with their roofing material.
  5. On the base layer is laid large stones, the optimal value of the diameter of not more than 15 cm.
  6. The voids between the stones gravel poured.
  7. A layer of poured cement-sand mortar,prepared in the proportion 1: 3. The solution should resemble the consistency of thick cream. If the foundation of a large area, then a second layer of stones spread only through the day. Otherwise, all the work is carried out in one day.
  8. Filling construction is completed at the moment,as to the level of the finished floor is seven centimeters. The surface is carefully checked at the building level horizontal. If any deviation is added to the mortar until the instrument displays the correct result.
  9. The leveled and screeded concrete foundation close the polythene and leave for a week to complete the concrete dries.
  10. After the completion of works on the foundation base dismantle the formwork.
  11. At the base of the sides of melted tar applied in two layers.
  12. The gaps between the walls of the excavation and foundation base to sleep fine gravel or coarse sand.

    Features of laying the foundation for the furnace

    Features of laying the foundation for the furnace

Important! To prepare the solution become Portland cement not less than 400.

The basis for the metal of bath furnace

Many novice builders are wondering how to do a foundation under the stove, made of sheet steel.

The weight of the finished stoves usually does not exceed 150 kg.

The foundation for the metal furnace for a bath

It will also be needed for a bath for metal furnace foundation

In this case, the foundation carried out as follows:

  • dig a trench with a depth of two feet, and the width and length dimensions depend on the particular metal furnace;
  • aligned on the bottom fill a 30-cm layer of gravel, which is properly tamped;
  • top layer of compacted crushed stone fillcement-sand mortar, prepared at the rate of one part cement - four parts of sand; Water topped up as necessary, until you can reach a creamy consistency;
  • suspend work on a day during which the cement hardens;
  • further over the frozen layer lay two pieces of roofing material, thus providing basement waterproofing;
  • then fill the pit with concrete mix and test horizontal on a level surface;
  • using red burnt brick masonry make several rows, thereby deduce the foundation base to the level of the finished floor.
The scheme for the foundation metal of bath furnace

The scheme for the foundation metal of bath furnace

Important! The concrete is made from cement, sand, gravel and water, and the first three components are taken in the ratio of 1: 2.5: 4.

The quickest and easiest method of makingfoundation is elementary concreting dug pit. In this case a brick is laid in a pit oven reinforcing cage, which is filled with concrete up to ground level. Sometimes the work is done without formwork. After the report to the foundation brick, which does not reach the level of the floor 10 cm. Latter brick row is aligned on the surface of the grout level. Covered by two layers of roofing felt or roofing material for waterproofing. On top lay a thick dry boards with applied waterproofing or box is constructed of brick, the size of which corresponds to the base of the furnace. The box is filled with slag or brick battle.

If the foundation of a device is performed in the wetground, it is usually replaced by a brick a brick-Zheleznyak. At the same time the lower part of the base of the foundation is poured concrete or rubble concrete and brick upper suit. When this solution is added in addition to sand (9 parts) and cement (1 part) lime putty (1 part). For dry soil, you can use the clay solution, in which the cement is added.

Getting to the construction of the foundation with his own hands,do not try to save on the quality of materials used. Because of the strength of this structure will depend on the service life of bath furnace, and therefore the most baths. After the oven is the "heart" of the structure, treating both body and soul.

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