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What tool is needed for laying laminate: Information to help handyman

By and large, lay laminate flooring - businesssimple. Of course, those skilled in this field will need a minimum time for the production of this work, but also people without special training can cope with this task. However, he will need more time for this, but you can save a decent amount for the installation of laminate flooring. Having familiarized with the basic rules and stacking technology, you need to figure out which tool is required for laying laminate.

Tool for laying laminate

1. Jigsaw

JigsawThis tool will need to be sure, heIt is the most important in this work and is used to accurately cut the last of a number of boards. The cost of such a tool depends on the capacity and functions of popularity. For the apartments, where a small amount of work, enough to buy jigsaw with a small capacity - 400-500 W (it is in the range of $ 40-50). Cheaper tools do not need to buy, because it can not withstand long-term stress and is quickly damaged. It is necessary to get and a set of nail files.

2. Hammer

A hammerWhen laying laminate podbivaniya it is used for the panels, in order to eliminate gaps therebetween. To do this, fit a wooden mallet or hammer weighing 0.5 kg.

3. Elbow


No less an important tool for laying laminate. Suitable metal corner length of 30-35 centimeters.

4. Pencil building

Pencil building

It is necessary for the application of markings.

5. Roulette construction

Roulette constructionNecessary at an early stage whenfloor area measurements are made. Its length is determined by the size of the room. Usually it is enough to 5m. Wizards prefer to use tape measures with a lock.

6. tamping bar.

tamping bar It is used for tamping panels. It is better to use special plastic bar is provided with the mounting kit. Its special shape allows to compensate the impact, damage to the lock warning laminate boards and their surfaces. The edge of the bar has to be applied entirely flat, so that adjacent to the panel, without damaging it. Therefore, the use of the bar instead of the usual special piece of board is not allowed.

7. Limit or wedges

wedgesThey are placed between the wall and the slats in order to meet the technological gap. If this is not done, and expands, pushing against the wall, it can swell at high humidity laminate.

8. Metal Bracket

metal stapleShe inciting an end the last panel in the row. One side of it clings to the edge of the slats, and on the other side of its inciting hammer. Do not use staples instead montazhku - can damage the edge of the board, and if the wall is plaster, then it will deteriorate.

Set for laying laminate

Metal braces, wedges and tamping bar - all this makes the mounting set for laying laminateWhich costs about $ 10.

9. Saw


The door is mounted, generally after layinglaminate coating. But if it has already been established, in order to put the panel under the door frame, it will need to file. To do this, use a hacksaw with fine teeth and a broad canvas.

10. Punch

drillExperts recommend the use of the work (for installing baseboards) better than a weak professional puncher is used for concrete walls than amateur hammer drill.

11. Mitre (uglorez)

MitreIf the corners of wooden (or MDF) skirtingstandard (90?), washed down can be done with only a hacksaw and a miter box. And in cases where the value of the angles of the walls more or less than 90 ?, without ugloreza can not do. Plastic plinth mounted with the help of fittings.

12. Screwdriver

ScrewdriverGreatly facilitates the work for laying plywoodon the wooden floor, installation of interior screwing thresholds and baseboards. If there is no screwdriver, fit and Reversible screwdriver, well, if such is not available, installation of a plinth can be simple to perform and (Phillips) screwdriver.

13. Knife

KnifeIt is necessary for opening the packaging laminate, but also for cutting the substrate. You can do the usual kitchen, but it is better to have a knife assembly.

When laying laminate need also such tools and materials:

  • drill to punch (5h35 and 6h40mm);
  • Scotch;
  • dowel-nails (5h35 and 6x40 mm);
  • Construction knee (a knee-protecting).

So, for laying laminate yourselfyou must have sledujushie tools: tape measure, jigsaw, hammer or mallet, square, building pencil, hammer, hacksaw, miter box (or uglorez), the standard set for laying laminate, screwdriver or a screwdriver. This set of tools will cost about $ 80.

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