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What linoleum is better to choose for the house: the choice of guidelines, tips, rules

What linoleum is better to choose for the house

There is hardly a more democratic and morepopular floor covering than linoleum. Inexpensive, easy installation and maintenance, and a variety of textures and colors just do not know borders: here and "cheerful" and abstract floral prints, and ethnic ornaments and patterns, and wood, and stone, and ceramics. List the advantages of continued wear resistance, good thermal insulation, sound insulation and efficiency, thanks to which we can see the linoleum on the floor of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops, cafes, hotels and, of course, its plank in their homes. The range of types and brands of floor covering is so diverse that sometimes even experienced professional can be difficult to figure out how to choose the linoleum, but the average citizen and can not speak. Let's try to simplify the problem of choice, solving it in stages from the point of view of certain criteria.


  • Correctly select size
  • Choosing the type of linoleum
    • Characteristics of natural linoleum
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), linoleum
    • Alkyd (Gliphtal) linoleum
    • Pros kolloksilinovogo linoleum
    • Practical rubber linoleum

  • Selection Criteria - Operating conditions
  • Principles of choice of adhesive for linoleum
  • Rules of drawing and color selection

Correctly select size

Luckily, that we did not buyinsufficient or excessive amounts of linoleum, it is taken care of manufacturers from us only required to follow the simple rules of choice. The fact that the width of all types of linoleum, offered for sale, typically corresponds to the standard width of the space in modern homes. It is in most cases eliminates the need to weld or glue the individual web material, you just pick up the appropriate width linoleum.

While in the recent past, linoleum laidon the floor like a carpet, and then waited until it will shrink, now this stage is abolished. Shrinkage modern linoleum any length or width and does not occur buy material reserve is not required. That is, you have to buy linoleum 3-meter width for a 3 meter wide room. However, the length of the rooms in our homes, not all is clear: the length of the two parallel walls may be slightly different. Moreover, such a defect is often invisible and is only detected when laying floor covering, so that the stock of 10 cm in length with the purchase of linoleum can not hurt.

Correctly select size

Purchase of linoleum standard width corresponding to the width of the room eliminates the need to weld or glue the individual web material

The modern market offers the following rangestandard width of linoleum: 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3; 3.5; 4; 4,5 and 5 meters. However, not all manufacturers adhere to this size range, limited only by the release of the most popular coating width 2 and 3 meters, which is suitable for laying without joints on the floor in most areas of modern apartments.

If you have to decide what to choose linoleumfor the complex geometry of the room, in this case without a floor plan showing the exact size is unlikely to do. Well, if the maximum width of the non-standard rooms coincides with the width of linoleum: enough to buy a roll of material to length and cut out it in accordance with the configuration of the room. If this is not possible, it is logical to choose linoleum abstract pattern and put it in any convenient manner, not focusing on one line size, length or width.

Simple guidelines when choosing linoleum, which get rid of possible problems:

  • check to see if the surface of the material liked cracks, blisters, NOT, and fragments of another marriage;
  • if you buy a few rolls, check the labeling of each and belong to the same party: different batches of the same type of material may have different nuances;
  • check whether there is a health certificate at the desired material;
  • buy linoleum only in shops that guarantee the quality of the material.

By measuring the space and determining the required number of linoleum, you can start his or her choice on the form.

Choosing the type of linoleum

In the manufacture of the material, the following types of linoleum:

  • Natural;
  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC);
  • Alkyd;
  • Kolloksilinovy;
  • Rubber.

Characteristics of natural linoleum

It can be called the founder of the vastthe family of this type of flooring - it produces more than a hundred years. The raw material is only natural materials are used for the production of linoleum. Of linseed oil, wood flour, cork oak, limestone powder, wood resin mixture is prepared and applied it evenly on the cloth from jute fiber, and then dried. The result is a very durable, eco-friendly material with excellent properties:

  • good insulation;
  • a high degree of sound absorption;
  • anti-static;
  • good bactericidal properties.
Choosing the type of linoleum

The color range of natural linoleum - a characteristic natural shades seovato-beige and brown tones

Because of the use in the production of onlynatural raw materials and a homogeneous material structure, colors and variety of natural linoleum patterns rather meager. Basically it is typical of natural shades seovato-beige and brown colors, plain, marble stains or spots. A significant drawback of linoleum is also considered him a high cost, which is comparable with the prices of natural wood, stone and ceramics.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), linoleum

This is a large group of modern polymeric flooring. In terms of durability, the following types of linoleum of PVC:

  • domestic;
  • semi-commercial;
  • Commercial.

Commercial linoleum intended primarilyall for industrial premises and has a very high degree of wear resistance. But wondering how to choose the linoleum, safely choose it for corridors, halls and other facilities frequented his house. Commercial linoleum is homogenous, does not differ a great choice of colors, or multi-layer heterogeneous - wear-resistant material on a very solid foundation.

Semi-commercial linoleum flooring is durable, wear-resistant,characterized by a wide variety of colors and is designed for areas with high traffic. If, for example, for a floor in the living room of your choice fell on the linoleum - which one is better? Choose Semi-commercial: this is a great flooring for rooms where there is heavy furniture, chairs and tables are moved on wheels and constantly "marking" a lot of people.

Household linoleum characterized by the widestcolors and a variety of colors, but not wear resistant. This is the choice of people to decide how to choose linoleum for the house to repair looked presentable, but the cost is inexpensive. Choosing household linoleum is justified for the floor in the bedroom or in the preparation of low-cost apartments for sale or to rent out, but in the kitchen or in the hallway of his lay not worth it.

Choosing the type of linoleum

Household linoleum characterized by the widest range of colors and a variety of colors

At the cost of all kinds of PVC linoleum can be attributedto the average price category. This material, in spite of artificial nature completely environmentally safe, but quite sensitive to very low and very high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

Alkyd (Gliphtal) linoleum

It has a very affordable price, high sound absorption and good heat resistance, but very sensitive to low temperatures and brittle, prone to deformation and fracture appearance Teschin.

Pros kolloksilinovogo linoleum

manufactured on the basis of nitrocellulose. Its advantages - beautiful decorative shine and elasticity pleasant, but it is prone to shrinkage, fire hazard and very poorly tolerate sudden changes in temperature.

Practical rubber linoleum

or Relin produce a syntheticbitumen and rubber. It is water resistance and elastic. In accommodation Relin due to bitumen fumes is not used, but for the garage, workshop and other ancillary facilities it is suitable.

Selection Criteria - Operating conditions

Depending on the intended conditionsoperation, optimal for a particular room linoleum can be selected by marking in accordance with the European classification system, and supported by our country.

Selection Criteria - Operating conditions

When choosing linoleum check the markings on the reverse side of the roll

Thus, the European classification divides the space into three types:

  • Residential, which corresponds to the number 2;
  • Office - indicated by the number 3;
  • Production - their number 4.

The degree of intensity of the load on the flooring is also referred to the figures:

  • 1 - low;
  • 2 - average;
  • 3 - high;
  • 4 - very high.

The corresponding markings on the linoleum, as well as onlaminate looks picture-icon with the image of the house, and the men of numbers next to the picture - it's a hint producer, a linoleum choose in a particular case.

By labeling can be determined that the linoleumClass 21 is suitable for the bedroom, to the kitchen for a small family better to put linoleum 23 class, and a large family house is unlikely to fit the linoleum below 31 class.

Selection Criteria - Operating conditions

The European classification system of linoleum - is the tip manufacturer, a linoleum choose in a particular case,

Guess whether linoleum withstand the onslaught of highloading feet or heels heavy furniture can be looked onto the base material: the higher the density, the higher the wear resistance of the floor covering. In general, the heavier the linoleum, so it is more durable, but this figure is difficult to verify in the store and compare with peers. An alternative method for estimating densities - finger pressure on the material. If the surface is elastic and under pressure does not change its thickness, density means the foundations responsible operating standards.

Principles of choice of adhesive for linoleum

Along with the choice of flooring must still decide how glue glued linoleum. As a general rule, for each type of linoleum pick your kind of glue, guided by the following principles.

Linoleum on the basis of tissue is placed on a so-called cold mastic, consisting of bitumen, turpentine and mineral spirits.

Warm linoleum on the felt basis teplozvukoizoliruyuschey paste on any base adhesives based Bustilat.

Dispersion adhesive composition is considered to be universal, by which can be firmly glued linoleum any kind and to concrete, and wooden base, and cement-sand screed, chipboard and plate.

Rules of drawing and color selection

When deciding which linoleum to choose forApartments, try not to forget that this is not only a new quality of the floor, but also an important element of the interior that can fill the premises with completely new content and create a special mood in it.

Rules pattern selection and color linoleum

Linoleum light cool shades visually increase the room and fill it with warm shades of comfort

Linoleum light cool shades visuallyincreases the space and fill it with warm shades of comfort. Monotonous repeating floor pattern calms person, bright, contrasting details of the pattern is filled with energy. Middle-sized abstract print linoleum profitable emphasize the decorative elements of the interior and set off the extraordinary dignity of furniture.

Choose linoleum with natural, clear,modern pattern, with marked relief, with no sleek shine and increments the print no more than 100-150 cm. And if this material does not emit noxious fumes, and on it bearing the logo of the manufacturer, then you have made a practical and high-quality purchase.

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